The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The U.S. Crumbles, While President ‘I’ Candy Couches It On ‘The View’

by Smitty UPDATE: CNSNews dropped the page, for whatever reason. I updated my URL to point to Google, and my source article is the second link. UPDATE II: Aha, a ruse! Thanks to Thane Eichenauer in the comments. CNSNews reports the Lakota Sioux, led by Russell Means, have called it quits for the second time. […]

Insults Too Grievous to Be Borne Gladly

The dark mood is on me again, and I keep stumbling across occasions to remember injuries and insults heaped up like a gigantic mountain of humiliation. An inferno of rage burns in my gut, and restraining it takes a constant, conscious effort that exhausts me. Serial betrayals by backstabbing two-faced “friends” — well, I must put it […]

A Venn Diagram Might Be Helpful

LAS VEGAS, Nevada Last night at the CNN debate, somebody said, “Hey, have you seen Erik Telford?” “No, is he here?” “Yeah. He was on Twitter asking who was coming to Vegas for the Western Republican Leadership Conference.” Well, I’d been busy covering the debate and hadn’t seen the Twitter message, and by the time […]

What Tabitha Hale Said

I had called the Interactive Media Coordinator for FreedomWorks to explain why I wouldn’t be able to attend BlogCon — Where All the Important  Bloggers Will Be — and, although I wasn’t taking notes, the conversation went something like this: TABITHA: Hi, Stacy! I’m sitting here having lunch with some friends of yours. We’re laughing behind your back. ME: Of course you […]

Where All the Important Bloggers Will Be

FreedomWorks made sure that only the very best bloggers were invited to speak at this weekend’s conference: Erick Erickson, Matt Kibbe, Steven Crowder, Stephen Kruiser, Mary Katharine Ham, Melissa Clouthier, John Hawkins, Jim Hoft, Bill Whittle, Steve Green, Scott Ott, Matt Lewis, Caleb Brown, Will Lutz, Philip Klein, Lee Doren, Jason Mattera, Cord Blomquist, Max […]

Event To Build Character Scheduled On Ann. Of Famous Speech On Character Denounced By Those Lacking Character

by Smitty This blog is looking forward to having a fine, American, a-political time at Glen Beck’s 8/28 event. From the 8/28 page: What can I bring? You can bring small umbrellas, bottled water (plastic bottles only please), bag lunches, snacks (e.g. Stacy’s vanilla pudding), lawn chairs, cameras, blankets, small coolers, backpacks, and flags. Also, […]

‘When I Was Younger, So Much Younger Than Today . . .’

On this date in 1965, the second Beatles movie, Help! premiered in London: Of course, I found out about this on Twitter.  Something else I saw on Twitter was this article by my young friend Chris Moody: With the turn of a phrase, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann seemed to sum up last weekend’s RightOnline conference, an […]

Right Online: Seen and Heard

Just a few photos from the Right Online conference at the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel. Matt Lewis of Politics Daily gives a seminar on blogging, Twitter and other forms of online communication. With Andrea Shea King of The Radio Patriot and Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey said Allahpundit couldn’t make it […]

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