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Rule 5 Sunday – Did Somebody Say Cheesecake?

Posted on | December 19, 2010 | 16 Comments

Let’s warm up with some choice links from Yankee Phil, who proffers some Yahoo! girls and a rather nice agglomeration of Rule 5 linkagery.

Left Coast Rebel goes back into the pages of history to bring us Pamela Anderson’s Playboy cover and the Anita Ekberg shot it was modeled on. He also thoughtfully provides some illustration for the NOW v. Hooters kerfluffle.

Soylent Green seems to be rather excited about the new Tron movie, and is not shy about sharing the reasons why. Not content with that, he demonstrates that the cuties of Tron look even better without the special effects, although sadly, not all of them are becorseted. Finally, a very important PSA!

Proof Positive also takes note of the Hooters controversy, before moving on to Carmen Electra and a look back at a true classic, Raquel Welch.

Fishersville Mike, in the spirit of the season, offers us a gift suggestion in the form of a video.

Troglopundit, overcome with the defeat of his beloved Pack by the miserable, mangy Lions, nonetheless manages to think of the needs of Katy Perry and single girls everywhere.

Boom3 takes us back to the days of Harry Truman, Lauren Bacall, and a fresh young face not yet known as Mrs. Joe DiMaggio.

Mind Numbed Robot, despite his busy week at his lab & experimental brothel, manages to alert us to Brooke Burke. Much obliged, O Man of Metal!

Finally, at Dustbury, Mr. Hill draws our attention to “some f*ing model”, in addition to Lesley Stahl, whose body has aged well (if not her mind) and Angie Harmon.

Thanks to all for their links! For next week’s Boxing Day Rule 5 linkagery, send your links to the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox!


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