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Posted on | April 16, 2011 | 12 Comments

by The Blog Kitty

It all clicked. I get it. The point of the Obama/Trump birther conspiracy. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Hawaii’s most famous son. Jon Meacham, useful idiot par dreck-sellance gives us the clue here:

But that’s another story. Little is known of the story of the native-born clause. As reconstructed by Akhil Reed Amar of Yale, the provision is rooted in the framers’ fears not of immigrants, who were allowed to hold any other federal office, but in anxieties about imported noblemen.

Now, it can be revealed. The Obama birther business is all merely a front. To what end, you ask? To trick states like Arizona into writing legislation that could apparently cause difficulties for a sitting President, and whip his followers up into a froth. Then, like Meacham, they scream about the need to amend the Constitution to remove this archaic restriction. It all seems so nice. So reasonable. So only-the-most-raaaaacist-twit-in-the-country-could-argue-against-it.
And so it is done. And then what happens? Does the Ruling Class install Prince Charles over the old colonies, to tidy their atrocious accent? No, something more. . .spooky. . .

Past all this nonsense, here is the rub: we have 330+ million citizens. The argument that the Constitution should be amended should be built upon the argument that the opportunity costs of such an awesome candidate existing elsewhere in the world outweigh the political costs of Amendment, even in the face of all of the other issues currently besetting the country.
No, I don’t think such an übermensch exists, and I hope that this post has blown the idea out of the water on both silly and practical grounds.

Update: Memeorandum thread.
And it looks like Da Tech Guy is playing this one straight:

Trump’s shots have become body blows that are lowing the president’s defenses and Public Television that has always been there to help defend the democrats who fund them are going to try to soften the blows.

Trump is not my choice for the nomination, he’s not even in my top 5, but he has done serious damage politically to President Obama and as long as he is in play he will continue to do so. As Rush Limbaugh has said, the media will tell you who they fear, right now they fear Trump.


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