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#WeinerGate Fallout: Democrats Criticize Weiner for Missing Israel Day Parade UPDATE: Breitbart Releases 2nd Photo

Posted on | June 6, 2011 | 34 Comments

Jennifer Epstein at Politico:

Rep. Anthony Weiner was MIA at this weekend’s big Israel Day parade in New York City, drawing fire from members of his own party who said he should have shown up.
With the scandal still swirling and questions unanswered over a lewd photograph of an underwear-clad man sent via his Twitter account, Weiner canceled all his planned public appearances over the weekend, including walking in Sunday’s Celebrate Israel Parade along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a show of solidarity with the Jewish state that he has attended in past years. . . .

Read the rest of that. Avoiding the media is not an option for a member of Congress and yet, under current circumstances, Weiner can’t face the press. Recent major media headlines about the scandal:

Rep. Anthony Weiner doing his
best to let lewd Twitter photo
scandal sink his political career

— Mike Lupica, New York Daily News

Rep. Weiner skips two high-profile parades
New York Post

More evidence that Weiner sent
infamous Tweet unearthed …
as his exes tell all

— U.K. Daily Mail

Keep in mind that these reports were all published before we knew about the most recent revelations.

UPDATE: Now Breitbart releases the second photo reportedly sent from Weiner’s AOL e-mail account. This is starting to look very bad indeed. Bryan Preston at Pajamas Media comments:

I mused the other day that Weiner was using twitter and its direct message capability to build himself a cyber harem. If that’s what he’s been up to, it helps explain both the unusual number of attractive young women among his followees, and why he won’t answer whether the original photo is of him or not. He’s aware that whether or not that particular photo is of him, there are others out there that are definitely of him.

Weiner could be in for a very interesting week.

UPDATE II: “How Many Wiener Pics Did The Weiner Prick Send If The Weiner Prick Did Send Weiner Pics?

UPDATE III: Professor William Jacobson predicts: “This is the day after which not even Debbie Wasserman Schultz can save Weiner.”

And Ace of Spades notes that the media think they’ve already done too much WeinerGate coverage — so when they cast their eyes on the latest developments, they’re going to be really pissed.

UPDATE IV: P.J. Salvatore at NewsBusters highlights a writer for Gawker (!!!) defending Breitbart:

You know, one thing I do take issue with is . . . at first people didn’t take the story seriously because it showed up on Andrew Breitbart’s website, and they say he has a history of trying to smear people. I think even if that’s the case, it was very quickly that you could have looked into this story and verified it for yourself.  . . . And I think it is important for people, even if a story burbles up through an untraditional, non-mainstream medium, if it seems like a real story, I think people do have an obligation to investigate it.

The effort of certain liberals to try to ignore the facts because they didn’t like the messenger was a perfect example of how bias distorts the news.

UPDATE V: Ed Morrissey on the second photo: “It’s not exactly a professional Congressional outreach, and the sexual innuendo is more than a little creepy under the circumstances.”

UPDATE VI: Linked by Donald Douglas at American Power — thanks!


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