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New #WeinerGate Allegations?
UPDATE: Weiner’s Photo: ‘It’s Me’

Posted on | June 6, 2011 | 48 Comments

UPDATE 8:35 a.m. ET: Andrew Breitbart has released the first photo, reportedly sent to a young woman via Anthony Weiner’s AOL account, “after she asked him to confirm that he was taking photographs contemporaneously, in conjunction with their apparent online communications.”

UPDATE: Boston talk radio host Michael Graham:

This helps explain why Weiner hasn’t just admitted a juvenile mistake and moved on. There are apparently many more “mistakes” out there in the ether of the internet just like it.

UPDATE II: Linked by The Lonely Conservative — thanks!

PREVIOUSLY (6:59 a.m. ET): Ace of Spades rolls out the new “burning shorts” alert to tell us about the latest exclusive from Andrew Breitbart:

Weinergate Bombshell: New Woman
Comes Forward Claiming Cache of
Intimate Photos and Online Communications
with Beleaguered Congressman

When yesterday’s baseball trip caused me to remark that it was a welcome relief after a week of Weiner, Dave C commented, “Might be short lived,” and linked to Ace of Spades:

Patterico: “Betty” and “Veronica” Said
They Had DM’s With The Comely Coed
Talking About Flirting With Weiner

Groan. Indeed, the L.A. prosecutor has waded into the tall grass to question Tommy Christopher’s previous exoneration of Anthony Weiner on the accusations — promoted by @PatriotUSA76 and @goatsred — that the congressman had exchanged inappropriate DMs with two teenage girls.

Interestingly, Patterico’s re-examination of this accusation involves yet a third teenager, who was the subject of my May 30 post:

The Curious Case of the Weiner-Following
(And Weiner-Followed) Teenage Girl

So there were at least three minors, fans of Weiner, whose involvement in this story have raised questions. But yeah, Weiner’s got his private security firm investigating this, so there’s obviously no need to get law enforcement involved . . . Dan Collins comments:

As many people have stated, the Congressman’s own behavior has been the most damning evidence against him. The sudden doubling of the number of people he was following on Twitter, in order to dilute the focus on the original 91 is a part of that, of course. The lies about hacking that turned into lies about pranking are another part. His ridiculous claim that he’s hired a private security firm in order to prevent federal resources from having to be consumed with this matter is another, and his behavior toward the press, whom he habitually courts, yet another.

But wait — there’s more! Matthew Boyle at the Daily Caller:

New #Weinergate info revealed:
Porn star Miss Ginger Lee appears to have gotten
more than one private message from Weiner

This is one of those situations where we don’t know what we don’t know, yet what we do know is sufficiently suggestive that speculation necessarily runs rampant. Last week I contacted a congressional staffer to ask if a certain member of Congress would be issuing a statement calling for an investigation of the allegations against Weiner. I was told no, but: “If that changes I’ll let you know.”

Well, has it changed yet?

UPDATE: Linked by Da Tech Guy — thanks! Ace of Spades comments:

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz chose the wrong time to call this a “personal matter,” and blow it off just because he’s a Democrat.

UPDATE II: A new Mememorandum thread, with comment by Donald Douglas at American Power and Dan Collins — and by Dan Riehl, who is probably privy to the content of the yet-to-be-disclosed messages.

UPDATE III: Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit proclaims “Weiner Is Cooked,” which remains to be seen. As I observed at The American Spectator, Congress is in recess this week, which means that this scandal will need a week’s worth of “legs” if it is to be the subject of congressional inquiry when the recess is over.

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