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Pamela Geller Denounced by Notorious Sock Puppeteer Glenn Greenwald

Posted on | August 4, 2011 | 9 Comments

“Any media outlet that gives air time to Pam Geller . . . is disgraceful,” says the man who has spent years covering himself with disgrace and yet frequently gets air time on MSNBC.

Joe Fein has more at Valley of the Shadow.

Meanwhile, ignoring the Greenwald fatwa, Geller rolls out her new book.


  • Anonymous

    NOT a Greenwald sockpuppet.

    (Mainly because he doesn’t pay. Of course, if he did pay, he couldn’t afford it.)

    Is there anyone on the left who hasn’t taken a moment from their busy day to make the sign of the cross at Pam Geller, and say nasty things about her?  I swear she’s one of the bravest women in the world.

    Greenwald?  Just don’t say “boo!” to loudly at him.

  • Anonymous

    One of these days we’ll find one of the pics Herr Greenwald has posted to one of his Facebook followers.  Just a big smile on his face and his sockpuppet.  Small.  But standing proud.

  • Anonymous

    Pamela has an army that has her back, stand strong Pamela!!

  • Peter Ingemi

    I guess my show will be disgraceful on Aug 13th.

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  • Adjoran

    Having a gutless, lying eunuch like the despicable Greenwald as an enemy is a resume enhancement among decent people.

    Geller’s stature rises every time one of the filthy leftist scum of the earth defames her.

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