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Irony Alert: Meghan McCain Criticizes Sarah Palin for ‘Attention-Seeking Antics’

Posted on | August 17, 2011 | 19 Comments

New idiocy frrom the world’s dumbest dumb blonde:

Much of Sarah Palin’s allure seems to fade by each passing talking point of Michele Bachmann’s that goes viral. And with each passing day, Sarah Palin looks more and more like a confused woman who can’t decide which way to go. The last thing our country needs right now is a president who can’t make up her mind or make tough decisions. As Americans, we live in perilous times and what we need is real leadership. Republicans really have a chance to win the White House in 2012. We don’t need to be distracted by Sarah Palin’s attention-seeking antics anymore, unless of course she actually decides to stop flirting and finally make a move to announce her candidacy.

Yeah. Meghan’s an expert on “attention-seeking antics.”


  • Anonymous

    New idiocy frrom the world’s dumbest dumb blonde:

    Ahem (Debbie Yenterman Putz)

    If you haven’t heard, the economy’s only bright spot over the last several months – hair coloring sales have been booming.  Millions of blondes have gone bru, red, blk  …….  I think they can at least, share the credit.

  • Lady Liberty 1885

    I loathe Meghan McRino… so much so, that I think this poster I made of her is obligatory here:


  • JeffS

    Meghan, please call Playboy, stat.  They’re running a story on “Mindless Bimbos in Politics”, and they can’t find a Republican to show they’re fair and balanced. 

  • Dennis Belcher

    Wait, Wait. I can’t catch my breath and I can’t see through the tears. Oh forget trying to hold it back. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Doug Hagin

    She is a walking billboard for birth control

  • Wadikitty

    Oh look – a photo of the three biggest boobs in America!

  • Wadikitty

    She’s not a Republican, she’s a media Republican.  An entirely different thing. 

  • Anonymous

    Like maybe Megan, like knows inside stuff, like stuff we never saw before. You know like, like eating with like plastic spoon. And her boobs are like tiny. Like she doesn’t even have like boobs, yah know?

  • Adjoran

    Poor Meghan!

    She’s just a few drunken Tijuana weekends, a few acid overdoses, and a few multiple-partner nights from becoming Amanda Marcotte.

  • RichG.inIN

    Who is the attention whore here? A dumb blonde with PDS (Palin Deragement Syndrome) Meghan McCain.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Meaghan McCain is fat. That means she is probably full of self-loathing and projecting her hatred of herself on any conservative female star who rises in her sight. It’s one thing to be a Republican woman who wants to be accepted by the “mainstream” as defined by the Hollywood and political elites. But hell, this is John McCain’s daughter. She was there first hand to see them stick the knife in the old man’s gut and twist as they slowly pulled it out. Did she not notice any of this, or did she think maybe if she doubled down on his efforts it would work out better for her, as long as she didn’t run for office?

  • JeffS

    True.  But she claims to be Republican, and that’s good enough for the MSM.  And Playboy.

  • alwaysfiredup

    I’ve now seen this meme in several places today, including National Review: Palin is just seeking celebrity and toying with voters and fans.    Let me note that if you just assume Palin is going to get in the presidential race, every single one of her moves makes sense.  If you assume she’s not, however, the most likely explanation for her moves is that she’s a publicity wh0re.  So everyone jumps on the attention-wh0re angle, completely bypassing the perfectly logical explanation for the one that involves moral turpitude.  It’s insane.

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  • Garrett York

    I will definitely pay attention to Meghan McCain’s opinions the second I decide I want a stupid, spoiled attention whore’s input.

  • Rose

    Meghan McCain is a disgrace to her father’s good name.

  • OCBill

    She probably thinks safe sex means having a padded headboard.

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