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AttackWatch: Cynthia McKinney Calls BHO A War Criminal

Posted on | September 15, 2011 | 10 Comments

by Smitty (via PJ)

Dear old Cynthia,

“Our president is committing war crimes,” McKinney, an unapologetic supporter of departed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, told the crowd. “What does that make him? A war criminal.”

At another point in her speech, she has this to say about Obama: “If you’re the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, then make peace.”

See, Cynthia:

  • Moammar Gadhafi is a Bad Man. You mark yourself a Bad Woman, or a Foolish Woman, to support such.
  • Engaging in an act of war is not, itself, criminal. If you have specific evidence, Cynthia, you need to get that into a court. Merely ‘crying wolf’ about criminal acts would increase the deflection on your beclownment meter, if you weren’t already torquing the thing into a crescent.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize ceased to be meaningful around the time Yassir Arafat received his. Do you still think it meaningful, or that BHO is somehow deserving thereof?

Poor, confused ‘Tripoli’ (Trippy) Cynthia. Is she the black ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda?


  • Joe

    Kudos for Cynthia for at least being consistent. 

    Consistently bat shit crazy that is! 

    I wonder if this is some astro turfing strategy of Axelrod to make BHO seem more moderate…but doing an Occam’s razor analysis, it is probably Cynthia just being completely nutters as usual. 

  • Adjoran

    You don’t need to tell Cynthia McKinney that Qadaffi is a bad man – or Arafat, or Saddam, either.  That’s why she supported them all.  She is an evil, Jew-hating ‘ho’.

    Her father is the same way, I suppose she gets it from him.  She’s so crazy she managed to lose her safe Atlanta House seat over it.   Black Democratic voters have overlooked all sorts of crimes and craziness, but they threw McKinney out on her butt.

  • Chuck Coffer

    Don’t forget Castro.

  • Anonymous

    Technically correct.  Gunrunner counts as an unprovoked act of war targeting civilians by any legal definition.  And he did just hand a mess of SAM’s to AQ in Libya.

  • Randy G

    BO is a criminal, and McKinney is full blown fruitloops. Is she headed back to Gazza?

  • Nobody

    “You lollygag out onto the field! You lollygag around the bases! You know what that makes you?”
    “Damn right!”
    — Bull Durham

  • JeffS

    I’d class her as “Eat Shit and Bark At The Moon” crazy, myself.

  • elaine

    Not exactly an “Atlanta” seat, as her district defined gerrymandered, moving along 1-20 to take in parts of Atlanta, Augusta, and then going down to Savannah.

    As many blacks as they could cobble together…

  • Joe

    I was just trying to be generous to her.  You are more accurate!

  • M. Thompson

    Cynthia McKinney:  There’s not an Anti-American Dictator she doesn’t love.