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RINO-Lanche: Three ‘Evil State’ Republicans Endorse Mitt Romney

Posted on | October 5, 2011 | 34 Comments

And by “Evil State,” of course, I mean Florida:

As Mitt Romney continues his Florida swing today with a visit to Tallahassee, his campaign is announcing endorsements from three Republican state House members who are in line to become speaker in coming years: Reps. Will Weatherford, Chris Dorworth and Richard Corcoran.
All three were backers of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty before Pawlenty dropped out and endorsed Romney.
Another key Pawlenty supporter, former Jeb Bush campaign chairman Phil Handy
, also signed on with the Romney campaign this week as a co-chairman of Romney’s Florida advisory council.

Remember when T-Paw sold out to Romney? Well, these are the sellouts who supported the sellout, and we should not be surprised that the sellout’s sellouts sold out, too.

So, if you’re a Florida Tea Party activist, now you have a list of three RINO backstabbers who need to face primary challengers in 2012.

Question 1: Did Weatherford, Dorworth and Corcoran all support moving up the Florida primary to Jan. 31? I think they did.

Question 2: Do we now know why they supported moving up the Florida primary to Jan. 31? I think we do.

Question 3: Will you spit on the ground the next time you hear the names Weatherford, Dorworth and Corcoran? I think you should.



  • Anonymous

    Hang on a minute.  Why would anyone be surprised that former T-Paw supporters would support Romney? OK, I get calling T-Paw a sellout for his endorsement, but doesn’t Occams Razor (or maybe, in this case, Hanlon’s Razor) say that supporters of squish/RINO T-Paw would naturally support squish/RINO Romney?

    I don’t think that weakens your conspiracy theory about moving up the primary date for Florida (but then, I don’t think there’s a there there either way 😛 ).  Or maybe you just enjoyed typing sellout so many times in a row.  I sure enjoyed typing “there” many times in a row.

  • Anonymous

    Matt, remember that the whole rationale of the Pawlenty campaign was that he was supposed to be the “conservative alternative” to Romney.

    Some conservative. Some alternative.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but…did anyone actually fall for that line?  I mean, after seeing and hearing him?

    Personally, I knew very little about him back in…May or so.  I heard lines like that and thought, “OK, let’s give this guy a chance, and see what he’s about.”  Then I saw what he was about.

    But, point taken.

  • Joe

    T-Paw, is that something you stick inside a Mitten? 

    If the glove fits…

  • Joe

    Remember when T-Paw was the protege of the Other Other McCain?  Remember he was on the short list for Veep (along with Liebermann) until Saracuda leaped over them both. 

    And did you ever expect Jeb Bush to be for anyone but Romney (other than perhaps Chris Christie)? The Bushes has a big falling out with Perry.  And the Bush Family is not the sort who would back a guy like Herman Cain…too conservative for their tastes.    So the fact that T-Paw and Bush are not leaning to Romney…well I am am shocked.   

    But I agree Florida is evil.  And I suspect you are right about shennanigins. 

  • Joe

    But you know the best revenge, Herman Cain either beating (wouldn’t that be sweet) or coming close to Mitt Romney in Florida.  The state will have half the delegates.  If Herman did well he woudl get the press and momentum, not Romney. 

    Tea Partiers have to really push for Herman. 

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone see the Reagan/Bush debate vid over at AoSHQ?

    You can see this coming on strong: Reagan agreed with Perry.

    But let’s n0t act like that was before “W” mentioned the ‘A’ word and, waa-laa, 35 Million illegals.  No, Then is Now, if you are ridin’ the train to moderateville.

  • ThePaganTemple

    I don’t want to count Bachmann out yet, but she is really going to have to get her shit together. The best way to do that is by doing something I don’t think she wants to do, which is go after Romney, which is what she should have done in the last debate instead of wasting her time with superfluous attacks on Perry. Why can’t you tell these damn women anything?

  • Anonymous

    We need to push for Conservatives, period.  There are still twelve freakin’ “debates” scheduled.  Bachmann is on Greta tonight, she could say something that either wipes her out, improves her chances, or keeps her where she is.  Same with any of these candidates.

    Cain, for example, has lost some of us due to his remarks about taxes (and his terrible “666” plan).

  • Joe

    K Bob, what is terrible about the plan?  As opposed to the current tax code.  I think a plan where everyone has skin in the game is a good thing. 

    I see problems with 999, but at least it is a plan.  What exactly is anyone else’s plan?  Let’s start with Bachmann. 

  • Anonymous

    This post demonstrates why RSM is one of the best reporter-analysts (not) in the business.

    And, without question, RSM has by far the highest ROI of all political analysts/pundits. For every $1.00 of value generated by RSM (political research, reporting, analysis, and predictions), RSM receives from the establishment media infrastructure, the equivalent in intellectual value, of only a few pennies on the dollar (in the form of linkage love, intellectual credit, etc.).

    In contrast, Jennifer Rubin gets paid, who knows, maybe about $400,000 a year (in salary, speakers fees,  etc.), plus receives another $200,000 per year of value in undeserved intellectual credit, yet only generates about $12.46 of actual intellectual value.

    In other words, RSM is being milked like an Armenian goat, so we should hit the freakin’ tip jar (or access the Amazon link)!       

  • Joe

    Maybe she has the hots for Perry?

  • Joe

    That was a powerful post but some of the imagry I could have done without.

    Okay…I have to ask.  Is that raw milk they are getting from RSM?  The Madison Komissars are waiting for him.  He better stay out of Wisconsin! 

  • Anonymous

    There’s no way to talk about Jennifer Rubin living high on the hog without using graphic imagery.  

  • Anonymous

    Also, if the moderates are using whatever Reagan might have said in 1980 as the standard, can we apply that across the board?

  • Joe

    I agree about Rubin (you may be right about the amount of scratch she is pulling in), but milking RSM like an Armenian goat?  Dude…TMI! 

  • ThePaganTemple

    Or maybe she has the hots for the idea Mittens might pick her for VP?

  • Anonymous

    Heh. Good one.

  • Anonymous

    National Sales Tax. Extremely bad idea. I’d much rather have to cope with Obama’s stupid, but temporary, tax policies than have an NST attached to our prosperity forever.

    His plan has exactly one aspect that I like, and that’s the near-certainty that it could never pass through Congress.

  • Adjoran

    Got math?

  • Adjoran

    Isn’t it amazing that these few Romney conspirators were able to force the whole Florida legislature to change the primary date – again, like they did last cycle?

    Either Romney is super powerful, or somebody is paranoid.

  • Anonymous

    At least you didn’t say “under” the hog.  ‘Cause then that would be some difficult imagery to process.

  • Anonymous

    …you must vote fer Mitts!

  • Anonymous

    Ya don’t suppose ol’ Jeb may have worked the phones a bit, eh?

  • dad29

    FWIW, in Wisconsin an ex-State Senator (Ted Kanavas) is now Romney’s co-chair/Wisconsin.  That follows his decision not to run for US Senate in the (R) primary.

    Plants him firmly in the RINO camp, as had long been suspected.

    When Tommy Thompson (spend-and-borrow R) decided to run, the Establishment money went to Tommy and Kanavas was out in the cold.

  • Left Coast Red

    Not gonna venture into the Perry effluvia…..but, damn, Reagan was ON IT!!

    Could use another like him……..jes waitin’………………….

  • Left Coast Red

    Imagine Cain debating O.

    OOooooohhhhh bbaaaaaabyyyyy!!!!!

  • Joe

    I am not thrilled about Mitt, but I will vote for him if the choice is Mitt or Barack. 

  • Joe

    Adjoran/K-Bob, I doubt it will pass but I like the idea of everyone having skin.  A tax plan that raises taxes for half the electorate is going to have as much attraction as when Steve Forbes raised it.  And I hear K-Bob, a national sales tax has to be combined with a constitutional amendment (either greatly restricting or repealing income tax).  If it did pass it would raise roughly the same as the current tax structure.  But even Herman Cain said it is a start, not a final plan. 

    I do not think it is going to happen.  Not anytime soon anyway.  That said, I like Herman Cain disussing it. 

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