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If It Weren’t Public School Doing It …

Posted on | October 23, 2011 | 57 Comments

. . . what would you think about someone who wanted to talk to your 11-year-old about masturbation, anal sex, “doggie style” and how to perform oral sex if you’ve got braces? Welcome to New York City in 2012:

New York City 11-year-olds will soon be learning sex education from workbooks that include instruction on “mutual masturbation, French kissing, oral and anal sex, and “intercourse using a condom and an oil-based lubricant.”
The shocking revelations were uncovered in “recommended” workbooks reviewed by The New York Post. . . .
One of the preferred resources for students is Columbia University’s website, “Go Ask Alice,” the Post reported. That site includes discussions on topics ranging from “doggie-style,” oral sex with braces, fetishes, and “sadomasochistic sex play.”

The New York Post reports:

Starting in the spring, the DOE will require one semester of sex ed in sixth or seventh grades and one in ninth or 10th.
It says schools can pick any curriculum but recommends the widely used HealthSmart and Reducing the Risk programs and trains teachers to use them.

Seriously, if any random stranger tried to talk to kids about stuff that schools teach in sex-ed classes, parents would be calling the cops. It’s just downright creepy to teach this kind of stuff to sixth-graders.

Where’s Chris Hansen when we really need him?

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57 Responses to “If It Weren’t Public School Doing It …”

  1. miriam sawyer
    October 24th, 2011 @ 9:33 pm

    Luckily it is being taught in public schools, so the kids will never learn it, just like they don’t learn math or history.

  2. Jarrett Plonka
    October 24th, 2011 @ 10:59 pm

    If their teachers’ skill in teaching math/English/geography is anything to go by,  New York City is headed for world where 50% of people don’t know how to get off.

  3. Plutarch
    October 25th, 2011 @ 1:32 am

    It’s not the sex. It’s the depravity. The system is insane.

    The entire culture of administrators, advisors, consultants, spurts and ex-spurts — they’re batshit crooked crazy. All of them. “For the children” is nothing but a euphemism meaning “For my pocket”.

    From the university that clones the eunuchs and drones to the mighty Big-E “I am better than you because” crowd,  the system is completely insane. The credentialed Big-E illuminati is a friggin’ clown society of hacks on the take — desperation and greed draped in happy face and costumes of officiousness to mask the predator subculture that has bilked trillions from the taxpayer and ruined the professional life of many an excellent teacher.

    Find good teachers for your child K through 5, then get them out of there.

    Unschool if you can. Homeschool if you must. Do not let these idiots have at your children. These are not the schools parents knew in the 1960s.

    Read the works of John Taylor Gatto. Take responsible action to protect your child.  Save them from the modern day prisons that have replaced the great tradition of The American School.

    Overall, they are less trustworthy than your child learning at home. Better a child learn liberty, integrity, self-honesty and personal independence. No matter what, your child will learn, as children have done from the beginning of humanity; learning, original children who grew up authentically to create the accomplishments and discoveries that modern others can only teach about in the modern university that extrudes today’s teacher.

    The learning child predates “a teaching professional” by at least 100,000 years. The learning child is not the product of schools, but the other way round. Compulsory schools are a perverse deviation from the history of schooling and a betrayal of the learning child.

    Compulsory schooling past grade 5 is wholly experimental. Incarcerating children in day prison conditions to employ adult overseers is the racket our children have been incarcerated to serve.

    Give them your child and they will teach your child to be reduced, to be duplicitous, to conspire and abet sloth, to misuse power, to stop thinking, to indulge in mediocrity, vanity and pettiness, and abandon or quash their authentic identity.  They already have each child’s identity prepared for them, and that identity must fit the demands the institution has planned for.

    Keep your precious children home. Do not abandon them to the petit dictators and corrupt subculture of these compulsory, experimental institutions.

    Or, you will send them because you do not trust them to learn. But they will. Watch what the others teach them. They learn either way as children always have from the beginning of humanity.

    Trusting your children to learn is one thing. Trusting them to learn from corrupted bureaucrats, fools, tyrants and atomatons presiding over the feedlots of compulsory, incarcerated education is entirely another.

    Pray for the thinking child. Secure for them the Liberty to grow authentically into their own as a critically thinking, reading, writing, competent child.

    They have plenty yet to learn as adults. Let’s set them at it with their minds still turned on.

  4. Plutarch
    October 25th, 2011 @ 1:49 am

    This title just occurred to me:

    “Compulsory School Sexualization”

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