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Herman Cain: The Third Koch Brother?

Posted on | November 4, 2011 | 13 Comments

An accusation to which he’s proud to plead guilty:

After a tough week of media scrutiny, Herman Cain retreated to friendly turf Friday with an address to a conference sponsored by Americans for Prosperity . . .
Liberals have criticized Cain for his connection to the group, funded in part by Charles and David Koch, energy moguls who own one of the largest privately owned companies in the country. The Kochs bankroll many conservative and libertarian causes. But on Friday, Cain was anything but apologetic.
“I’m very proud to know the Koch brothers,” Cain told the crowd. “Just so I can clarify this for the media. This may be a breaking news announcement. I am the Koch Brothers’ brother from another mother. Yes. I’m their brother from another mother! And proud of it!”


  • Zilla of the Resistance

    That is freaking AWESOME! Leftist heads everywhere explode. Love it. 

  • mark

    lord, make this man president.
    (also…make the pic of the girl in the bikini, to the right, larger.)

  • johnchagen

    I like both parts of your comment but i “liked” the comment for the 2nd part

  • Tiny Card


  • mark

    i went away, and now it is some other girl…
    i’ve been pawing at the screen, trying to make her come back.

    no luck.

    i imagine the ad is a modest revenue producer.  basically, getting paid to show pictures of hot women.  I love this country.

  • Anonymous

    Paul bots will not be pleased.

  • The Wondering Jew

    I’ve got to say– it’s terrible politics for the general– and I don’t support Cain– for a lot of the reasons Ace has enumerated. 

    But as a matter of principle, I love this. . .

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  • Anonymous

    There simply is no way to avoid connections to all that the moonbats find evil, might as well embrace what and who we are. It also gives HC something that the media will want to talk about that he’ll want to talk about.

  • Jorge Emilio Emrys Landivar

    Um, the Paul supporters including myself are huge fans of the Koch brothers.  They give lots of money to libertarian interests.

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  • ThePaganTemple

    And why should we avoid it? The more we’re upfront with who and what we are, the more the progressives will be upfront with the fact that they’re raving lunatics.

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