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Florida Republican’s Ad Depicts Children Enslaved by Obama and Alan Grayson

Posted on | January 24, 2012 | 24 Comments

Children are shown as slaves forced to pay for deficit spending in a new advertisement for a Republican congressional candidate in Florida.

Turn This Ship Around” is the title of the 30-second video for Mark Oxner, a businessman seeking a House seat in Florida’s new 27th District, where former Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson is hoping to get back in Congress after being defeated in his 2010 re-election bid.

The Oxner ad depicts Grayson as the pet parrot of Obama, who captains a ship aboard which the beneficiaries of federal bailouts and subsidies enjoy a luxury cruise. But the video then shows miserable children below deck, chained to oars as if on a slave galley. The ship is finally revealed to be the U.S.S. Constitution, renamed the “ObamaBoat” and sailing off the end of the Earth. Watch the video:


Progressive Woman 1: I just love this ship. I got corporate subsidies just last week!Progressive Woman 2: I got free healthcare for life!
Progressive Man 1: My bank was bailed out by this ship.
Progressive Woman 3: This ship stimulated my husband’s solar company.
Old Woman: How did this boat pay for all this stuff?
Captain Obama: Ahhhh, no questions on this ship!
Progressive Parrot Alan Grayson: Bawk!
Progressive Slave Driver: Earn, earn, earn! Don’t you care about the banks? Don’t you care about the ninety-nine percent? Earn, earn, earn!
Mark Oxner: Let’s not enslave our children with debt. It’s time to turn this ship around. I’m Mark Oxner and I’m running for Congress. Go to my website and get involved. I’m Mark Oxner and I approve this message.
Progressive Parrot Alan Grayson: Bawk!

Learn more at Mark Oxner’s campaign Web site.


  • John LaRosa


  • richard mcenroe

    Do I detect a certain lad’s delicate and understated touch in this production, Mr. Fawkes?

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  • Adjoran

    Yes, the deft production is, ehr, a big clue.

  • Edward

    It’s amusing but the ship type is wrong.  They should have used a Roman or Greek style galley.  For one thing it’s a better known class of ship due to use in movies and it would lead directly into the image of “galley slaves” etc.

    Another thing is that they could have stolen a page from the very popular Titanic, with built-in allusion, by having a line of lefties at the bow all waiting in line to reprise the “I’m flying” scene.  Then having one of them suggest to a member of the crew “flog’em and make it go faster”.

  • Anonymous

    Ixnay on the adlay, says Mr. Fawkes.

  • Adjoran

    IIRC, the district will be different than the one Grayson won before, more balanced.  Not more balanced by party registration, more balanced mentally.  Good news for Oxner!

    It seems to me that in any district not comprised primarily of the criminally insane, a montage of Grayson quote clips would be sufficient to keep that villain away from the halls of power. 

    As we say in South Carolina, “Dat boy is tetched!”

  • Anonymous

    Everyone’s a critic!

    Did you notice that Guy Fawkes is wearing a fedora?

  • Chip Jones

    This would be hysterical had I not spotted one of my grandchildren rowing….#justsayin

  • Anays Polido

    I noticed the ship is the USS Constitution.  I believe it is the oldest naval ship still afloat and was named by George Washington.

  • Adjoran

    Eallyray?  Well, we need to sign this guy up, too!

  • Adjoran

    It’s the Obama economy – who can afford the full Cavalier hat?

  • Bob Belvedere

    If I were Shakespeare, I’d say: ‘Ere, it lingers’.

  • Anonymous

    It has a Pirates of Penzance feel to it, rather than Shakespeare, but that is fine with me too!  It is a great concept.  

  • Quartermaster

    It’s the oldest Navy ship still in commission in the world.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Did you notice that Guy Fawkes is wearing a fedora?

    I DID! I recognize a cute little kid who I remember seeing slurping a slurpee from the “Best dad in the world” a while back too.

  • The Wondering Jew

    Great concept– execution a little too cutesy for my taste– but still a great ad. . .

  • Bob Belvedere

    She is the oldest Navy ship still afloat.  HMS Victory is the oldest commissioned ship, but she is in dry dock and has been since the 1920’s.

  • Bob Belvedere

    It catches your attention and makes you want to see it again.

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  • Anonymous

    That ad shows why I call them Copperheads.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    You know, they could do other ads along the same theme.

    I liked the allusion to the Constitution — very poetic.

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