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Saint Charles, Martyr of LGF

Posted on | February 7, 2012 | 16 Comments

Because there are so many important things to blog about — hey, CPAC starts Thursday — I seldom take notice of Charles Johnson’s idiocy anymore, but His Weirdness has once again been pursuing his sick obsession with Pamela Geller. And when Donald Douglas of American Power called him out for it, Charles predictably played the victim card.

Having spent two years waging an online campaign to destroy Geller and the counter-jihad movement — his pathetic vendetta failed — Charles keeps projecting his own hate onto her, so that he sees no irony when he claims she is “spew[ing] hate” at him!

Pamela Geller will be at CPAC, hosting a panel Friday afternoon on “Islamic Law in America,” and I can guarantee you that event will be packed. In fact, I’d bet at least one presidential candidate might drop by.

Jazzy McBikeshorts? That bloated loser couldn’t fill the corner booth at Denny’s with his supporters.


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  • Anonymous

    If that sewage sucking junkie keeps this up I shall do to his “prose” what I did to his “photography.”

    Then he shall have been utterly described and have nothing.

  • Anonymous

    CJ: “I used to be somebody! I used to be somebody, do you hear me? Do you hear me? I’ve been there! I used to be somebody, G*d damn you! I’ve been there before! Don’t walk away! ”

  • Adjoran

    On behalf of Denny’s managers nationwide:  thanks for nothing!  Now we’ll be inundated with undulating lizards trying to test your hypothesis . . .

  • darleenclick

    Charles who?

    I recall a time when LGF was one of those anti-jihad, mugged by 9/11 blogs that also helped catch Dan Rather when he tried to sway an election with a fake memo

    But somewhere, insanity sucked out Chuck’s brain.

  • Rightklik

    Charles Johnson is despicable. God only knows how he fell so far, so fast.

  • Captain K

    The photography analysis was a classic. Must have got to him, too — no more “Overnight Bicycle Gear” type posts.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it did get to him. He waited a week or so just so it wouldn’t be too obvious but then the bad photography quietly went away.

  • Rose

    Someone asked us if we had any socks to spare, for a foray into the swamp, but none in twenty did. What once was sport is but a distant memory, reawakened with wry smiles from time to time by posts like this. Charles who? Is exactly what we said, too. NO one even TRIES to get in there anymore. LOL

  • K-Bob

    That smacks of piling on.

    Sweet, sweet, squishy sound of piling on. I’ve been missing that.

  • Captain K

    “NO one even TRIES to get in there anymore.”
    Not true. Ask The Boiler Room Crew. They’ve got season tickets. 😉

  • MrPaulRevere

    Since the buffoon went on his bizarre jihad to destroy the careers of anyone he thinks is ‘right wing’ he has succeeded in destroying only one reputation: His own.

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  • AngelaTC

    So, the TEA Party Nation is sponsoring an event that has absolutely nothing to do with taxation, and is pretty much against reducing the size and scope of Big Brother when He tells us he’s keeping us safe.  Sorry, but the Tea Party Nation is a sellout to the cause.

  • Bob Belvedere

     Ah…pleasant memories.  That was and remains brilliant.

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