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Our Tolerant Liberal Overlords (Unexpectedly!) Mock Dancing Lesbian

Posted on | February 17, 2012 | 11 Comments

She insists on being known as “A Conservative Lesbian, Cynthia Yockey,” because that gets her to the top of any alphabetically ordered blogroll, at least until I change the name of this blog to “AAA Homophobic Sexist Patriarchal Theocratic Right-Wing Swine.” But I digress . . .

A video of Cynthia dancing to a rap song by Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch at CPAC went viral, which earned her mockery at Wonkette and at Mediaite, where Frances Martel wrote, “There is also an elder white lady grooving that is either hilarious or tragic” before subsequently updating to acknowledge that the “elder white lady” was in fact Cynthia, who is (a) merely 58 and (b) what would otherwise be regarded by liberals as a Sacred Victim of Unjust Discrimination.

Cynthia has taken notice of this, and there are a couple more things I’d like to point out:

  1. Would Mediate ever describe Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, or any number of other liberal Baby Boomers as “elder”?
  2. Why is the sexual preference of conservatives only noted when they are caught in “hypocrisy,” or outed by liberals, or openly gay and criticizing the GOP as homophobic?

Seriously: There are lots and lots of gay people who vote Republican and support conservative policies and never complain about discrimination or get caught in scandals, but you’d have no idea of this if all you knew was what you read in the liberal media.

For example, there were thousands of lesbians at CPAC. How do I know this? Well, there were many women attending the conference who did not fling themselves in lovestruck desperation at me, and so therefore . . .

Well, need I say it? I think not.

Anyway, Cynthia Yockey is good people and you should go hit her tip jar immediately, because when I flew back from Florida and no one else could get to the airport to pick me up, Cynthia was “AAA Ride Home From the Airport.” Some have entertained angels unaware.


  • smitty

    @rsmccain:disqus , if you’re an angel, we’re all in the theological equivalent of kimchee. 😉

  • robertstacymccain

    Not me, her.

  • smitty

    Ah! Because the logic of what you wrote looks like it ‘tried to go to heaven but it went the other way’.

  • AngelaTC

    “There are lots and lots of gay people who vote Republican and support conservative policies and never complain about discrimination or get caught in scandals, but you’d have no idea of this if all you knew was what you read in the liberal media.”
    I am under the impression that CPAC’s leadership changed because the old guard allowed GOProud to have a booth last year.   There may well be gay people who vote Republican, but the Republicans aren’t willing to lean libertarian on social issues.

  • Mike Rogers

    “AAA Homophobic Sexist Patriarchal Theocratic Right-Wing Swine.”
    AKA “Male Chauvinist Pig”. Been there done that, and you CAN wear the tie:

  • Mike Rogers

    An angel indeed. Not just transport, but transport for one very driven journalist!

  • Finrod Felagund

    Very true.  For that matter, Rick Santorum has said some ugly things about libertarians, things that scare me.

  • Adjoran

     You should hear Mark Levin.  No, I take that back, no one should be subjected to that.

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  • Cynthia Yockey

    Thank you for this post, Stacy. Lots of your readers are clicking over to check out my side of the story, but alas! no donations to the webcam fund so far. I can call the Left to account for its efforts to weaponize grievance groups in ways that few others on the Right can. I think making YouTube videos will be the most powerful way to do this. But I need reader support to put the necessary tools in my hands. If I can raise $300, that will buy me the calibre of webcam that Steven Crowder told me to use, a decent microphone, pop filter and mic boom. I appreciate your help in rattling the tip jar. 

    By the way, since you note my preference for alphabetical listing for my blog, you also would be doing me a big favor if you list my blog in your blogroll as, “A Conservative Lesbian.”

    And you can call me for rides home from the airport any time.

  • Quartermaster

    There’s a lot of very ugly truth one can tell about Libertarians because they give the name a very bad name, if you get my drift. It would be better to call them Libertines, because it fits far better.