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Clarifying Friday’s Trayvon Martin Post

Posted on | April 15, 2012 | 22 Comments

by Smitty

On Friday I posted, pertinent to the charging instrument in the case of George Zimmerman “If The Strategy Was Always Propaganda, Why Is A Charging Instrument That Sounds Like The Squawk Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask A Surprise?
Once again, this time with emphasis:

Law is based upon reason, and a reasonable person sees through the farce at work, as the truly sad death of a little boy is molded, claylike, into something completely different. The judge is going to apply reason, and reject this, and the Left is going to cry foul. And there will be an appeal. And it will fail upward, rolling up to the SCOTUS, if possible.

Referring to a teenager as a ‘little boy’ is a bit off, I admit. A bit more editing would have substituted ‘young man’. But the point here is that there are two threads afoot:

  1. the sad demise of Trayvon Martin, whom George Martin killed, and
  2. the disgusting, propaganda-driven spectacle to which I was reacting in the post.

Blind to point #2, the concern trolls come out:

Zimmerman isn’t charged with “raaaaacism” and he isn’t charged with Crimes Against Obama. He’s charged with second degree murder because he shot and killed somebody. As it turns out, Bill Ayers isn’t the governor of Florida and Saul Alinsky isn’t the prosecutor—Florida’s Republican Governor, Rick Scott appointed Angela Corey to investigate the case.
From the available evidence, the conservative movement these days is little more than a tribe and the important issue in any public dispute is who is Us and who is Them. Smitty and his fellow rightwingers seem to have decided that George Zimmerman is one of Us.

The question thus moves to whether Clark Stooksbury is oblivious to the Orwellian assault on Western Civilization being undertaken by the Progressives. Or maybe the President’s personal involvement, “If I’d had a son. . .”, and the presence of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to the detriment of justice for the case, is just beanbag. Also, I have yet to hear anybody attempt to claim that GZ is one of ‘us’. Though perhaps a trip through the belly of the Progressive Cthulhu will help clarify matters.

Thanks, Clark, for the prompt to clarify a post which, admittedly, could have been stronger the first go-round.

Update: via Fishersville Mike, here are myths surrounding the case.


22 Responses to “Clarifying Friday’s Trayvon Martin Post”

  1. Adobe_Walls
    April 15th, 2012 @ 3:22 pm

    Conservative for Cthulhu object to prefacing “Cthulhu” with the descriptor “progressive”. Characterizing voting for Obamsky (the greater of two evils) would be frowned on, tho roughly accurate.

    Zimmerman is one of us in that as a human he has the right to bear arms and use those arms to defend himself.  Except for his laudatory devotion to his community I see no evidence that he is a conservative which I believe was the inference of Mr Concerntroll’s comment.

  2. DonaldDouglas
    April 15th, 2012 @ 3:49 pm

    Amazing that the “American Conservative” is defending the left on Trayvon Martin…

  3. Mike G.
    April 15th, 2012 @ 3:52 pm

     I believe Zimmerman has been identified as a Democrat. Perhaps after all this is over, Z will turn away from the dark side.

  4. Adjoran
    April 15th, 2012 @ 3:55 pm

    The fact is the “tribalism” effect was quite pronounced – but on the part of the Trayvon supporters who adopted a meme about a 250 pound white vigilante brandishing a weapon and chasing an angel-faced little boy with bad intent, none of which has turned out to be true.

    It is the threat of mob violence, not a blind dedication to justice, which has led to a 170 pound Hispanic Democrat who was a Neighborhood Watch volunteer who spotted a suspicious character walking along the houses, not on the sidewalk, in an area which had suffered several burglaries and even a home invasion attack recently being charged with murder and his life disrupted.

    Every young death is regrettable, but there are so many who are the innocent victims of the thug culture and never intended to be part of it.  I’ll save my tears for them, not the violent young felons who pick on the wrong victims and pay a heavy price for it.

  5. Dandapani
    April 15th, 2012 @ 4:21 pm

    Hey, Smitty, great job on the mobile format!

  6. DaveP.
    April 15th, 2012 @ 4:24 pm

    …actually,  the only “us” I view Zimmerman as, is the “us” who are gun owners who get attacked and railroaded by an overly politicized legal system and a bevy of self-proclaimed ‘experts’. That’s it. I know about his politics; in fact I think it’s most noteworthy  that he’s being sold down the river by the very people he trusted, identified with, and worked to support.
    The difference is that I can see past Democrat Zimmerman to Citizen Zimmerman. I think it’s kind of telling that “american conservative” cannot.

  7. RhymesWithRight
    April 15th, 2012 @ 4:51 pm

    Given that George Zimmerman is a registered Democrat, it is amusing to see the concern troll attempt to make the argument about tribalism.

    But the reality is that there is an “us and them” here — between those who want #JusticeforTrayvon at all costs and use that term to mean that Zimmerman goes to jail or the country burns, and those of us who want justice under law for Trayvon and Zimmerman and therefore believe that the evidence needs to be examined and the requirements of due process followed — even if that means that Zimmerman walks.

  8. Charles
    April 15th, 2012 @ 5:02 pm

    Where you misfooted Friday was the titular suggestion that Angela Corey is part of the Orwellian assault.

    Your point today about the difference between 1 and 2 is spot on. Even if George Zimmerman is justly convicted, Al Sharpton and his race hounds at MSNBC and CNN deserve condemnation.

    I would put the list of myths somewhat differently:

  9. Smitty1e
    April 15th, 2012 @ 6:30 pm

    It’s all about the plugins.

  10. jim fulton
    April 15th, 2012 @ 6:51 pm

    “George Martin killed” as a producer.

  11. DaveO
    April 15th, 2012 @ 7:32 pm

    Concern troll is concerned

    Concerned for protecting the race hustlers who decided to use Martin as their tool. No one remembers the young person killed by the Tsarists that sparked the Russian Revolution. So too, in January the race hustlers will be looking for another young man’s death to use to attack Romney and blame Bush. 

  12. Dandapani
    April 15th, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

    Joe Biden, is that you?

  13. SVT
    April 15th, 2012 @ 8:29 pm

    I see that Stooksbury’s Rich Lowry Dress Up Kit arrived in the mail.

  14. Joe Biden
    April 15th, 2012 @ 8:37 pm

    If I was clever enough to read this blog, my head would ‘splode due to the self-awareness of my unbearable git-hood.

  15. Dandapani
    April 15th, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    But the “plugins” would protect your head.

  16. Adjoran
    April 15th, 2012 @ 9:29 pm

     In the meantime, young black men’s bodies pile up in Chicago and elsewhere without all the outrage, because their killers were not “white Hispanics”  . . .

  17. Adobe_Walls
    April 15th, 2012 @ 9:33 pm

    Would that be the coward Rich Lowry?

  18. Bob Belvedere
    April 15th, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

    Well, sure sounds like it, eh?
    Rich Lowry Is A Coward

  19. Adobe_Walls
    April 15th, 2012 @ 11:42 pm

    Angela Corey is at a minimum a dupe of of the Orwellian assault. Unless there is some information that’s unknown to the public (highly unlikely) there is no reason to second guess the local authorities initial judgement that Zimmerman had committed no crime. With a little self discipline Al Sharpton could have written the charging document which as been described as one of the worst. For instance in contains the phrase that “Zimmerman was told by the 911 operator not to follow Martin” (may not be an exact quote) this statement is false the 911 operator said “we don’t need you to do that” and in any case is a superfluous detail as 911 operators have no authority in the first place. Most of the assertion in the document are not backed up as to who said what, they do not reference police or witness statements, the assertions are just thrown out there.The sole purpose of this prosecution is to mollify the raaaaacilists in the hopes of calming things down and preventing a riot or perhaps riots across the country. In this it will fail also.

  20. The American Conservative » Us
    April 16th, 2012 @ 6:56 am

    […] Smitty replies and denies seeing Zimmerman as one of “Us” but he can’t  discuss the case […]

  21. ThomasD
    April 16th, 2012 @ 8:59 am

    Stooksbury is proceeding from a decidedly paleo version of conservatism.  Someone has substantially disrupted the civil order – by an independent exercise of public violence no less – and thereby allowed the rabble to be roused.  So he is presumed guilty of something and therefore must be punished.  All lest further individuals decide that their liberty trumps such concerns for the existing regime (Res Publica in latin.)

    This is also the form of ‘conservatism’ that now wishes no ill towards such statist monstrosities as Social Security – since by their long age and general acceptance they now represent the very fabric of our society.  It is also the version of conservatism that so willingly tolerates the nation being driven ever further leftward, if only at a slightly slower pace.

    It is important that this distinction be seen for what it is, since it is tension that has long existed within the American conservative movement (and practically speaking defines the European version of conservatism.  It is also a faction that must be dealt with if we are to reduce Uncle Leviathan to the point where he can be restrained by Constitutional bonds.

  22. BSDN
    April 16th, 2012 @ 1:42 pm

    Best I can tell,  it wasn’t even a 911 operator. GZ called a non emergency number.
    But you are right. The more you appease the jackals, the louder they howl for blood. Somebody needs to tell them to stick it and call out Jesse and Al as the Heckle and Jeckle they really are. These two racist buffoons have got to go as well as Holder needs to be impeached for dereliction of duty as the AG of all Americans.