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It Never Happened, Nobody Saw It Happen, and I Was Never There

Posted on | May 3, 2012 | 108 Comments

Ben Howe, Moe Lane, Roger Simon, Bryan Preston, Paul Mirengoff, Gabriel Malor, Rob Bluey, Dan Riehl, Ace of Spades,  Mike Flynn, Philip Klein, Jim Antle, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Justin Hart, John Hawkins, Adam Tragone, Alana Goodman, Mary Katharine Ham, Katie Pavlich, Stephen Hayes, Alex Pappas, Byron York, Matt Lewis, Lachlan MarkayJames JoynerAmanda Carpenter, Jim Geraghty . . .

You may ask: “What do these people have in common?”

Answer: They are all notorious right-wing liars.

So if any of them claim they were all together at a “secret meeting” with a so-called VIP Wednesday afternoon in D.C., don’t believe a word of it.

If someone tries to tell you that my phone rang in the middle of the alleged “meeting” and that, while trying to turn off my phone, I knocked over my coffee cup, which spilled in Alana Goodman’s lap . . .?

Lies. All lies.

Also, the thing about Ace calling Dan Riehl a “kiss-ass”? Never happened.

Which isn’t to say that Dan is incapable of ass-kissing – “Oh, thank you and your lovely wife for favoring us with your gracious presence, Governor” – but I’m pretty sure that Ace would have described him as an “obsequious sycophant” rather than a mere ass-kisser, had they ever been sitting next to each other in a meeting with a VIP, which they so obviously weren’t.

Never trust those lying liars. Because they lie.

UPDATE: Thanks to Zilla of the Resistance who, via Twitter, offers this new hashtag: #NotGoodEnoughForRomCon — heh!

To make clear: I officially deny everything.

UPDATE II: The Lonely Conservative is hurt that she didn’t get invited to The Meeting That Never Happened. William Jacobson says: “I would not have gone, so it’s a good thing you didn’t invite me.” Except of course, there was no meeting!

The wild-eyed rumors that such a meeting happened are being spread by Lying Liars Who Lie, and you shouldn’t believe them.

UPDATE III: Bethany Mandel offers helpful encouragement:

I think you are mentally unbalanced. You need professional help.

Thanks! I needed that!