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Brett Kimberlin Has A Friend In Lee Stranahan, For ‘Worst Nightmare’ Values Of ‘Friend’

Posted on | May 22, 2012 | 34 Comments

by Smitty

Via Ace who throws down the gauntlet:

There are a lot of smaller bloggers who’ve heroically covered this. And one big blogger. And another big blogger is very interested (and I imagine that blogger will post soon; I just don’t want to commit this blogger to anything).

I will note them later. Right now, I’m just disgusted. Disgusted at my allies, disgusted at myself.

Cowards die a thousand deaths.

I already died 40 cowards’ deaths this past week. That’s enough for me. I will die no more of them.

Am I to understand only the smallest, least-well-financed bloggers are going to be covering this? While large media franchises with lawyers on retainer all decide “we’d rather let tiny one-man blogs take the lead on this?”

Does that make sense?

comes this:
With Lee Stranahan on the case, and videos like that one, Brett will soon be getting the media attention he deserves.

As a veteran, I didn’t mind having my life in harm’s way over all manner of people: sincere pacifists, vegetarians, homosexuals, Hari Krishnas.  Liberty does not discriminate. But when I see a piece of trash like Kimberlin (admittedly, some distant relatives come to mind) I feel a deep anger. Such scum simply do not deserve their American citizenship.

Daily Pundit notes:

I suspect that this Kimberlin whackjob is going to regret taking on Stacy McCain.

Update: Here is a fat roundup of those who linked today’s noon post about bailing out of the People’s Republic of Maryland:
American Power

Brett Kimberlin Death Threats Against Robert Stacy McCain?
I don’t know, actually.
Robert Stacy McCain wrote yesterday that the police had been notified about the suspicious behavior of Brett Kimberlin, so my first thought was that Robert and his family were in physical danger. See: “Never Doubt That God Answers Prayer.”

Stacy made it clear in a phone conversation that the answer to Mr. Douglas’s reasonable question is: No. There have been no specific threats against RSM or his family from Mr. Kimberlin.
An Ex-Con’s View:

For once, we need to rise as a unified voice and say: “NO FARTHER!”
It is scandalous that this saga has gotten this far! Man (or woman) up and ACT!

The Camp of the Saints

I spoke briefly with Stacy a short while ago and he assures me that he and his family are fine.
You can never be too careful, however, when it comes to psychopathic/sociopathic people and Brett Kimberlin is just that kind of person.


Free speech can be dangerous when you’re dealing with an unhinged terrorist.

Richard Fernandez

How does he get away with it? By getting away with it. The only recorded instance in which Bill Ayers expressed admiration for America was when he realized that he could escape punishment more easily than he thought. “Guilty as sin, free as a bird, it’s a great country”.
Blogger Robert Stacy McCain may have accidentally found stumbled onto part of the reason for impunity. McCain is in hiding after becoming the latest target of Kimberlin. McCain had discovered that Kimberlin is associated with Democratic Party operatives and wrote about it.


I don’t want anybody trying to shame people into publicizing this story, at least yet. It’s reasonable, though, to believe that those whom you support and help to boost might take at least a passing interest in helping to get this awful story the publicity that it so richly deserves. Asses like Brett Kimberlin survive and thrive because people find it to inconvenient to help put an end to their behavior, and that is why they persist in it.

Legal Insurrection

The story is not about McCain as such. It’s about how bloggers, who don’t have large organizations and cadres of lawyers standing behind them, can be the subjects of attempted intimidation through a perceived weakpoint, such as an employer.

Nice Deb

Kimberlin is an evil menace to society, and must be stopped before he hurts someone again. Just as chilling is the fact that there are powerful and deep pocketed entities on the left that are willing to fund his nefarious operations. That anyone in their right minds would want to have their names associated with such a miscreant should be shocking, but we’re talking about institutional left, here. There is apparently no limit to the depths of depravity Marxists will sink to in order to destroy their enemies..

The Tatler

Right now, the terrorist turned activist — who gets money from major Democrats including Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbra Streisand — is apparently threatening McCain’s family. Given Kimberlin’s history of bombings, harassment and thuggery, Kimberlin is unfortunately a real threat and the state of Maryland needs to step in and stop him.

Da Tech Guy

To my friends on the left who are financing this fellow: Do you have any actual honor left? Have you become so secular, so utilitarian that you have reached this point? I have no problem with redemption and forgiveness, Christianity demands it but the person in question is not behaving in an honorable way, and if you are paying a man so he can force a reporter/blogger, his wife and children on the road to avoid him you have to ask yourself: Have you no decency? Have your totalitarian impulses becomes so strong that this is what its come to?

The Daily Gator

McCain has drawn the attention of one Brett Kimberlin, a Leftist terrorist, and scumbag in general. Kimberlin would love to silence bloggers like McCain, who has dared to try and expose Kimberlin and his allies for what they are.

That Mr. G Guy

Kimberlin is hiding something and people are getting closer to figuring it out. He’s running scared. Funny thing is, he’s just bringing more attention to himself. He’s doing the equivalent of screeching up to the bank across the road from the police station with the intention of robbing it. Way to keep a low profile dude.

The Lonely Conservative

Stacy McCain and his family are still in an undisclosed location. I suspect it will be that way for a while. I have no idea if they’re in Timbuktu or Vanuatu, I only know they aren’t at home in Maryland. He did another post today that does a great job summarizing things to date. For telling the truth about a dangerous man he’s now in hiding. God bless America.

Granite Grok

Well, leftists and terrorists (but I repeat myself) can be vindictive when cornered or exposed, and Stacy had worked over the record of a certain ‘gentleman’ with such sharp prose that you could have gotten paper cuts just by reading the articles!

Film Ladd

Stacy fled because he believed that Brett Kimberlin, convicted domestic lefty terrorist bomber, was overly curious re: Stacy’s geographic location.
This curiosity was most likely generated from Stacy’s very loud reporting on Kimberlin’s money ties to George Soros and Barbara Streisand.
I had a conversation with a political consulting friend about the matter.
“Is Stacy serious?” my friend asked. “I look at this post and he’s rattling his tip jar? I thought he was joking.”
Yes, I said; that’s just Stacy. It’s serious.

Update II: A special shout out to our kosher pal The Lid

Think about that for a second.. most bloggers get nasty emails, even threats and rebukes from politicians and public figures. Heck Steve Israel has sent out at least two fundraising letters pointing out things I’ve written as the reason he needs extra funds. But Stacy didn’t get an overt threat those are easier to deal with–he got the implied threat, the kind that can’t be acted on by the authorities.
I spoke to Stacy McCain tonight and you wouldn’t know he was on the run from a terrorist/sociopath (the guy was accused of killing his Grandma). McCain was calm, cool and determined to see this story through because he won’t shy away from the truth.

Kimberlin may not be wise, but you neglect his low animal cunning at your peril. Thus, while Stacy is playing perhaps a hyper-cautious hand (a wife and five children remaining at home limits flexibility, given Kimberlin’s history) there is also the understanding that Kimberlin’s less kinetic strategies resemble the bad guy in the Scooby Doo episode. Kimberlin seeks to bully and intimidate people, and he’d would’ve gotten away with it, too, if not for that meddling Stacy McCain shining a light into inconvenient history and still less convenient, rich Lefty ties.

Let’s see if those ties, and more recent skullduggery don’t become the focus as this story unfolds. I don’t know much about Kimberlin at all. But if he proves to resemble the dirtbag archetype I have in mind, then it may be that Kimberlin hasn’t really breathed an honest breath in a long, long time. Hope I’m wrong on that call.

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