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Lying Felon Can’t Stop Lying

Posted on | May 24, 2012 | 65 Comments

‘Speedway Bomber’ Brett Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years in 1981

“Law enforcement officials have been made aware that convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin appears to be engaged in an attempt to intimidate me into being silent about his sordid criminal history.”
“Never Doubt That God Answers Prayer,” May 21

Readers who have followed The Kimberlin Files will remember that I called the “Breitbart Unmasked” site Not Brett Kimberlin: The site’s Twitter account denied being Kimberlin, yet seemed obsessed with attacking people who tell the truth about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin. Tuesday was my turn, and his resulting deranged screed demonstrated the limited vocabulary of Not Brett Kimberlin:

right wing extremist Robert Stacy McCain … his right wing racist friends … McCain and the right wingers who support his racist writings … McCain’s racism and hatred … his past vocal racist rants online. … he was basically shown the door at the Washington Times when it cleaned house of all the racists who had accumulated there, which caused circulation to drop over their continued racist articles in which many were written by McCain himself. … rid themselves of such a racist stink bomb as Robert Stacy McCain.

Perhaps by “racist articles,” Not Brett Kimberlin means my 2007 feature profile of a certain multimillionaire restaurant executive:

ATLANTA — Herman Cain laughs a lot, and he has lots to be happy about — including a successful business career and a popular talk radio show. Inside the Atlanta studios of WSB Radio on a recent Saturday, he told his listeners about a local newspaper columnist who wrote that “being a black Republican is not only oxymoronic, it’s simply plain old-fashioned moronic” and singled out Mr. Cain as a “token” and a “sorry opportunist.”
“He forgot — I’ve got a radio show,” Mr. Cain says as he issues an on-air challenge for the columnist to call in, then goes to commercial, laughing all the while. . .  .

Feel free to read the whole thing, which is rather relevant, in light of what a certain former Republican presidential candidate sent out on his Twitter feed Wednesday night:

This has been one of the most remarkable episodes in my 26-year career as a journalist, but the important thing to remember is that this story is not about me. This story is not about Mandy Nagy or Seth Allen or Patrick Frey or Aaron Worthing or anyone else that has been targeted, smeared, blamed, accused or harassed in the past several months.

This story is about Brett Kimberlin — or, as Jimmie Bise Jr. calls him, “lying felon Brett Kimberlin.”

Yeah: Kimberlin was convicted of perjury before he graduated high school, and his habitual dishonesty is one of the most consistent traits of his sociopathic personality. In sworn testimony in a court proceeding involving Seth Allen, Kimberlin falsely claimed to have been “secretly exonerated” (???) of the heinous crimes for which he was convicted in 1981. His self-serving effort to create a false myth of his own innocence — the Big Lie of Kimberlin’s criminal existence — has become an increasingly desperate losing battle for the convicted terrorist infamously known as the “Speedway Bomber.”

Both Patrick Frey and Aaron Worthing had expressed suspicion that Kimberlin is “Breitbart Unmasked,” a site no honest person should ever link, but which has proven to be a sturdy rope with which Kimberlin has now hanged himself. Why? Because, you see, there were some elements in my small slice of this story that I have never disclosed online — key facts that only lying felon Brett Kimberlin could have known — which appeared in the false “Breitbart Unmasked” attack on me.

Given that “Breitbart Unmasked” has in recent months been used to publish smear after smear against various of Kimberlin’s enemies, this attack on me therefore provides crucial evidence indicating that, while Kimberlin claimed these law-abiding citizens were “harassing” or “stalking” him, quite the reverse is true.

Could this be proven beyond a reasonable doubt?

Hey, I’m not a lawyer, just a working member of the press corps, trying to report an obviously newsworthy story.

This story is about Brett Kimberlin, and involves a Neutral Objective Fact that can be expressed in four simple words:


UPDATE: “Immediately recognized as newsworthy.”

UPDATE II: A crucial strategic consideration:

[I]f we allow our friends to be picked off one by one, we will all be picked off. It is imperative that we stand together, and face this together as a united front.

Update (Smitty): thank you, Instapundit!