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#BrettKimberlin Says He Was ‘SWATted’; Why Do Maryland Cops Say Otherwise?

Posted on | June 11, 2012 | 48 Comments

Patterico suspected Brett Kimberlin was lying — which is what Kimberlin seems to do habitually and routinely, perhaps pathologically — when his 501(c) non-profit Velvet Revolution claimed Sunday that Kimberlin was “SWATted” on May 31.

Lee Stranhan contacted police in Montgomery County, Maryland, who say no such thing ever happened. Now we can probably expect Kimberlin to claim that the cops are part of a right-wing conspiracy against him.

Little Brett is always the victim, y’know.



  • Adjoran

    No real surprise here.  This has been his Alinksyite tactic all along – look at the things he accused Aaron of in getting the peace order:  all the stuff he was doing to Aaron!  It’s a bit preemptive – when Aaron comes in and tells what BK has been doing, it sounds like he is the one copycatting.

    He is trying to sneak into the victim class with this claim.  Mr. Sooper Genius forgot all that stuff is public record, and even the audio of 911 calls is kept.  Kimberlin thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.  That’s how he was able to get the federal government to provide him with FREE room and board for so long!

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  • melanerpes

    Perhaps Brett did not report the SWATting to the police.  Oh wait, that doesn’t work.

  • vermontaigne

    It was an Ewok with a mask on that responded to the 911 call, light saber drawn.

  • ReaganiteRepublican

    Uh- because he made it up?

  • JeffS

     What, you mean a sociopath actually might lie?

    Be still my beating heart!

  • JeffS

    Maybe it was a local Girl Scout troop selling cookies.

  • Bob Belvedere


  • blaster

    He’s going to say it was the result of the Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin Day a week prior.  And try to use that to get everyone’s identification. And then get peace bonds.  And all that.  

  • crosspatch

     Rather typical tactic.  If I were stealing shovels from my neighbors’ garages, I might attempt to avoid suspicion of involvement by claiming my own shovel was stolen, too.  Of course, that assumes that none of my neighbors would actually follow up on it by checking.

  • Joe_Detweiler

    Didn’t he say “attempted” SWATting? You have to think the way Kimberlin thinks (diffi-cult, I know.)

    In his mind any suggestion, even on the internet, that he is involved, in any way, in any criminal activity COULD lead to to a police investigation. And that COULD lead to escalation. And that COULD lead to a SWAT team becoming involved.

    Therefore, he is justified in calling such a suggestion an “attempted” SWATting.

    Just thinkin’ like a sociopath, is all……..

  • jwallin

    That’s true and does seem to point to his inability to NOT lie as Stacy has pointed out.

    I and probably everyone has known someone like this. They lie for no good reason.

    What I’m surprised at is the number of Judges who’ve let him get away with it. Most Judges acquire a finely tuned nose for liars especially when they don’t even bring facts as visual aids and corroboration.

    This guy Vaughey must be senile or so full of himself (or pissed that he got brought in for something he considers petty) that he let BK make unsubstantiated claims with only his word that his proof said what he meant.

    That Walker wasn’t able to counter this goes more to Vaughey’s prejudice and ignorance than Walker’s ineptitude but there was a bit showing  when Walker didn’t stick to the arguement about what those twitters and google alerts and comments meant in real life and got sidetracked by Vaughey’s folksy little tales.

    It showed in Vaughey’s PRIDE in his ignorance that he’s not suitable to be a Judge.

  • Dianna Deeley

     But not long enough.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Everyone’s getting side-tracked, haring off after Kimberlin’s latest fabrication.

    Deep breath. Now, point and laugh, and move on with disassembling his tissue of lies. 

  • bradley

    I and probably everyone has known someone like this. They lie for no good reason.

    Know? Hell, we (collectively, as a nation) elected one of ’em President a few years ago. On a whim, apparently.

  • Carolina Girl

     You’d think he’d at least have had to serve half the sentence instead of 1/3rd!

  • Carolina Girl

     Pointing and laughing.    Because I needed that

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  • McGehee

    Kimberlin’s only genuine superlative quality is his patheticness.

  • Dianna Deeley

     Hey, you! I owe you a lunch, my friend!

    And – well, yes, but it was the fashion, and the times….

  • richard mcenroe

    If we can’t SWAT Brett, can we Swift Boat him?

  • Dianna Deeley

     Since it didn’t happen, and bless Lee Stranahan’s pointy goatee for the information, he can indulge in any flights of fancy he pleases. It won’t change reality, and it’s eating away at what credibility he might ever have had.

  • Dianna Deeley

     Lessee, “pathos” is a quality that evokes pity or sadness; Brett doesn’t do it for me. However, there is also “bathos”: Insincere or grossly sentimental pathos, and that fits oh, so much better! Let us call him bathetic!

  • Dianna Deeley

     If, like me, you think the SBVFT were truthful, yes. Oh, yes.

    If you don’t believe them – well. I’m not really sure what to say to you.

  • Adjoran

     Another reason Aaron shouldn’t have tried to defend himself:  a Maryland attorney would have known that state law prohibits testimony from anyone with a perjury conviction.  But these things have to be brought to the court’s attention.

  • richard mcenroe

     I bought their book and they got my vote.

    Happier moment in Los Angeles: went to the Studio City Bookstar to preorder.  The smug hipster clerk (ahead of the trend) smirked and said, as he checked his monitor, “I wouldn’t worry,  I don’t think we’ll have much demand for… oh…”

  • Dianna Deeley

    I’m throwing this out here because I’m afraid no one’s going to go back to the story it ties to “Anonymous Connection”.

    Neal Rauhauser mentions Jen Preston of the New York Times. I’m a little lost in the weeds, here, but wasn’t she one of the reporters who got dragged into the whole Weiner muddle? I don’t know if that’s relevant or not, I merely mention it.

    I admit that I got to the point where I simply didn’t care who was doing what to whom on that story. Maybe I should have. Sorry. 

  • blaster

    Apparently doesnt matter in Montgomery County court. I am just saying what I think he’ll say.

  • Lefty

    Expect Kimberlin to have a SWATting called on himself shortly, claiming it was one of the SWATted ones “out for revenge” or other such cr*p.

  • DaveO

    Expect Kimberlin to escalate.

    As Ace so ably pointed out, Kimberlin, like Obama, always doubles down.

  • McGehee

    Well, he’s a sad excuse for a human being, and not all pity is benevolent — certainly mine usually isn’t.

  • babybull40 Dirks

    Just as I had thought.. All 911 calls are public record.. so in BK’s failed attempt to try fit in with the victims of actual “swatting”.. The truth has and will come out and the seams have already burst.. He’s sociopath with some severe personality issues..

  • Dianna Deeley

    Just read the “trenches” article RSM tweeted. My question: Does Mike know about this?

  • JeffS

    He’s sociopath with some severe personality issues.

    Not being a medical profession, I just stick with “nucking futs”.

  • Adjoran

     As in the classic line, “I don’t hate Balboa; I pity the fool.”

  • Adjoran

     Also like Obama:  if he were half as smart as he thinks he is, he’d be twice as smart as he actually is.

  • Adjoran

     Well, we usually prefer “futz” because this is a family place – but I only play the piano and have no idea what goes on upstairs.

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  • Bob Belvedere


    This is why, when you want a divorce, you hire a divorce attorney – someone who knows [hopefully] all the little nuances of probate law.  The judges certainly can’t keep up with it all and many are political appointees [ie: failed lawyers].

  • Bob Belvedere

    Rings a bell, Dianna.

  • Bob Belvedere

    REMEMBER FOLKS: Don’t Shoot The Piano Player.

  • Ellie Mae

     Jen Preston was the reporter from the NY Times, who dumped the story. On twitter she alluded to darker forces being involved.  It was almost like she was told to quit reporting on it for some reason.  I keep thinking of that tweet of hers as this story gets closer and closer to the truth. I think it was Neal, playing Dan Wolfe, who set Mike up as a Weinergate fall guy and then also had Ron swat him.  I want to know why Jen quit reporting on it.  Who told her to stop?

  • Pat

    I suspect this was a defensive move and might be very telling. The claim comes on the heels of a  Good Morning America report on Swatting and a conservative blogger who was swatted. They played the 911 tape and it was clear to everyone that it was the clear intent of the caller to have the blogger shot.

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