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Thank You, Everybody! (And Thank God)

Posted on | September 1, 2012 | 10 Comments

STARKE, Florida
This town is infamously the location of Florida State Prison, but don’t worry, I’m not on a chain gang. Spent the night at a Best Western motel here beside Highway 301 and — wow! — I’m impressed with the reader response to my post about the problems with the 2004 KIA Optima. The car’s got 194,000 miles on it, and if it will just get us home . . .

Well, best not to get into contingencies. What happens, happens, and everything happens for a reason, so I won’t worry about “if.”

“If” is the biggest two-letter word in the English language.

A lot of people talk about “stepping out on faith,” but few of them ever actually do it. There is an ad on TV which humorously plays on the role of the mom as having to say “no” to all her children’s requests. Toward the end of the commercial, the woman’s husband asks, “Can I quit my job and start a blog?”

My wife always laughs at that. Yeah.

Anyway . . .

News — I’m supposed to be reporting it, or at least aggregating it. Did you know that Michelle Fields got 86’d at the Daily Caller?

You may remember Michelle as the reporter who got trapped amid the frothing mob of Occupiers when the hippie scum tried to storm the AFP Summit last November.

Why would Tucker Carlson fire her? I dunno. What happens, happens. Jammie Wearing Fools has a great headline today:

Seven Dead From Isaac; Also
Known as a Slow Night in Chicago

Speaking of Chicago — which is, of course, now classified as a racist dog-whistle word, according to Chris Matthews — here’s a story by Elizabeth Harrington of CNS News:

As part of her anti-obesity Let’s Move campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama is now presenting a brief online course: “Supermarket Shopping 101.”The course, which now appears on the website, provides novice shoppers with tips such as “steer clear of the cookie, snack and soda aisle.”
Supermarket Shopping 101: Read This Before You Hit the Grocery Store,” written by Lisa Cericola, was first published among the materials the first lady presented online last week when she was a “guest editor” at Now, it has been republished on the Let’s Move blog.
As previously reported,, which featured Mrs. Obama as a guest editor, also features graphic sex tips, including from prostitutes.

Otherwise known as “a slow night in Chicago.” And speaking of “graphic sex tips . . . from prostitutes” . . .

Forgive me for not knowing the source of that artwork. Somebody “shared” it on Facebook with Ali Akbar, and it was funny: The contrast between GOP congressional candidate Mia Love and Sandra Fluke is rather illuminating, yes?

Well, checkout time at the Best Western is 11 a.m., and we’re already running late, so there is no time to thank everyone individually, but know that you have my gratitude for your contributions to the Shoe Leather Fund. And if you can’t afford to give, your prayers are equally appreciated. This grand experiment in reader-supported journalism requires both money and prayer, and we ought not doubt the power of the latter, because what happens, happens.




  • Taxpayer1234

    Prayers for your safe return to the family at your Undisclosed Location.

  • Beto_Ochoa

    At 194,000 it’s probably the crank or camshaft sensor throwing the timing off. Common failure in Kia engines at that level of service.

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  • Zilla of the Resistance

    I’m happy to see you in better spirits today, Stacy, and I’m glad that I was able to help you. I hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly and that you’ll be safe and happy at home again soon.

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  • Dianna Deeley

    I didn’t see this until just now – I wasn’t on line yesterday evening and I didn’t wake up until 11, etc. etc. etc. & co.; but prayers and a small contribution going up.

  • richard mcenroe

    Howcum Stacy hasn’t said anything about those suspicious antler marks on the hood?

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  • A Fool’s Game

    I’m not a big believer in the power of prayer, based on my own experience, but you’ll have my prayers anyway.

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