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Raaaaacist Furniture

Posted on | September 21, 2012 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Via Drudge:

A Northwest Austin homeowner, who hung a chair from a tree meant to symbolize President Obama, has taken it down.
The political blog first talked about the display in the Spicewood Estates area Wednesday night.
The fold-up chair, with an American flag attached to it, was hung from a tree in front of Bud Johnson’s home and some neighbors complained that it was racist.

I may require some brief fun with a chair, the tree in front of my house, and a camera. Antagonizing people is uncool. But so is this Orwellian noise that even your furniture could be raaaaacist.


  • jlwellfonder

    Wow….furniture is raaaaacist…we’re in trouble…

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  • FenelonSpoke

    Was it a brown chair by any chance; LOL

    Well, I guess the “Empty Chair” memo has stuck.

  • richard mcenroe

    No one takes the time to do a decent hangman’s noose anymore…

  • smitty

    Maybe you’ll be able to use one of them 3D printer gizmos to get one.

  • JeffS

    I learned how to tie those as a Boy Scout.

    Unofficially, of course….

  • Christy Waters

    Does this mean the left concedes that Obama is an empty chair?