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An Opportunity For Romney To Run Affirmative Action Right Up The Middle

Posted on | September 30, 2012 | 12 Comments

by Smitty

Via Althouse, we have Politico pointing to the 10 October SCOTUS argument on Affirmative Action:

In court briefs, the Obama administration has backed the University of Texas’s right to run its affirmative action program. It’s being challenged by Abigail Fisher, a white undergraduate applicant who was denied admission. But Obama aides have a history of being skittish about getting publicly enmeshed in debates over race — and education-related affirmative action in particular.
A federal government policy statement on the use of race in education languished in protracted interagency debates until last December.
“It took three long years to pull that policy out of the Obama administration. It was only after we pestered and cajoled them that they finally got it out,” John Brittain, a civil rights activist and law professor at the University of the District of Columbia, said in an interview soon after the document was released. “The administration had a paralysis of analysis. …. Overall, the Obama administration just has a reluctance to take on race and equality, and when they do so everything is so carefully sanitized and scrubbed to make sure it’s the least offensive thing possible.”

This blog would like to suggest that Romney say something like:

“Racism is intolerable, and antithetical to the liberty upon which this country was founded. Sure, you can point to where the reality took time to catch up to the ideal, but that does not negate the ideal itself. In contrast, Affirmative Action is to liberty what the Hammurabi Code is to vision and dental health; great work if you’re an optometrist or dentist, but cui bono, other than bureaucrats?
A Romney Administration would seek to eliminate all federal Affirmative Action legislation. It is fundamentally wrong for a taxpayer of Asian extraction to fund a system that may be used against that taxpayer. Liberty and meritocracy are essential to who we are as Americans, and continuing to fund systems used by the likes of Elizabeth Warren to tilt the game in her favor is just false.”

I submit that such a statement would be worth 2-3% on election day.


  • Mike Tuggle

    As governor of Massachusetts, Romney did end “Affirmative Action.” But when Civil Rights warlords in the NAACP screamed bloody murder, Romney backed down and reinstated the old policies of government-backed discrimination.

    We can expect the same of a President Romney.

  • Jake

    Republicans are going to be called “Racists” no matter what, we might as well back policies that end affirmative action that have around 70% support. I really can’t think of a single conservative issue that shares as much support.

    I would LOVE to see Obama have to defend racial set asides to the American people.

    I’d say it’s worth an easy 5% on Election Day.

  • Bob Belvedere

    1) It is imperative that we unelect Comrade Obamnin.
    2) Once Willard takes the Oath, we have to be well-prepared to deal with The Wimp Factor.

  • smitty

    But, as Scott Walker shows, this sort of evil dies hard.

  • Tennwriter

    If Romney did this, and stuck to it, he would not be a RINO. He is a RINO. Hence, nice idea, but no cigar.

  • K-Bob

    Some people are just not born to carry the message of individual liberty. Not Althouse (fast becoming the female David Brooks of the trendy blog set), not Romney. I’m not sure what Smitty wrote is comprehedible to anyone on Team Romney.

    Doesn’t matter. Obama must go.

  • Senator Blutarsky

    In addition to any electoral benefits, such a statement would have the added advantage of being true

  • K-Bob

    BTW, Scoop has the vid from Univision on F&F

    Holder should be in jail already. With forced conjugal visits by Meghan McCain.

  • CPAguy

    Romney shouldn’t touch this issue with a million foot pole.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Indeed, but Willard was especially wimpy on this and even more so on ‘gay marriage’.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Eighth Amendment, buddy.

  • K-Bob

    D’oh! Nailed on both counts!