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#Winning: Va. Tech College Republicans

Posted on | October 18, 2012 | 10 Comments

Danielle Saul is youth coordinator for the George Allen campaign. When I saw her in Charlottesville last night, Dani said she was on her way to Blacksburg where tonight Allen will debate Democrat candidate What’s-His-Name on the campus of Virginia Tech University. She said something about putting up signs. I thought nothing more about it until today when the Roanoke Times  posted this:

This morning Virginia Tech officials ordered the George Allen for Senate campaign to remove all but 100 of the about 1,000 signs erected overnight in grassy areas in front of Squires Student Center.
Allen and Democratic challenger Tim Kaine will hold their final live debate tonight in Squires.
Permission had previously been granted for both campaigns to erect signs at Squires, Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said. . . .
But officials didn’t think to mandate a limit on the number of signs each campaign could erect. This morning every square inch of the designated area was covered in signs for the Allen campaign.

Click here to see the photo. Attagirl, Dani.



  • Red Dawn

    Well done.

    It’s not “Virginia Tech Univsersity”, though – just “Virginia Tech”.

  • rosalie

    That’s great, and they did it very neatly too.

  • egd

    She can leave the Romney ones then, right?

  • Ginny Saul


  • Ginny Saul

    great job Stacy and they did an awesome job of displaying the signs in the middle of the night too. Sad they had to take them down, but cooperated and complied quickly.

  • OCBill

    Now, THAT’S funny. It looks like they ringed that one area completely so that the only place for the Democrat’s signs was in the middle where they couldn’t be seen. Somebody hire that young woman!

  • Carl Creed


  • Wombat_socho


  • Keith Curtis

    That is fine, they can be spread around the rest of the state.

  • Bob Belvedere


    That’s playing politics at it’s best.