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The Democrat-Media Complex

Posted on | December 3, 2012 | 15 Comments

Andrew Breitbart’s description came quickly to mind:

In conversations with POLITICO, some of the left’s most influential voices in media said that, with the concerns of re-election over, they intend to be more critical of the president’s performance and more aggressive in urging him to pursue a progressive agenda as the clock ticks on his last four years in office.
“Liberals in the media are going to be tougher on Obama and more respectful at the same time,” Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker’s chief political commentator and a former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter, told POLITICO. “He was the champion of our side, he vanquished the foe….. [but] now liberals don’t have to worry about hurting his chances for re-election, so they can be tougher in urging him to do what he should be doing.”

Matt Welch has further thoughts on the bootlicking propagandists.

UPDATE: Did the CEO of the New York Times cover up a pedophile sex scandal at the BBC? “Progressive agenda” and all that.


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  • JeffS

    “Progressive agenda” my ass. More like proggressive allies.

  • Denmark Vesey

    A guy who gets his news from Hit and Run, CNS, and the Spectator (the ultimate partisan rag) complains about someone else committing the same “crime”?

    Conservatives, lovers of Fox News and — what a Hit and Run blogger calls — epistemic closure, have once again assassinated irony and spit on her memory.

    h/t Wombat

  • M. Thompson

    If you’re looking to solve the budget deficit, let’s go with taxing the big media companies first. The puff pieces on the Obama Family gave them a nice edge on low information voters. Hit the Dem’s where it hurts.

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  • SDN

    Definitely something rotten about Denmark…

  • Adjoran

    Yeah, the telltale odor tells the tale.

  • scarymatt

    Soooo….all those posts criticizing guys with Rs after their names on this blog didn’t actually happen. You must be new here.

    Either you’re dishonest or just don’t understand what epistemic closure means or you’re just talking out of your ass. Though I would bet on all of the above.

  • K-Bob

    Hmmm. Using an assumption not in evidence to come up with a way to use a clumsy insult. Must be a leftist hack.

  • yanksrule

    get back on your meds clown boy

  • yanksrule

    Get back to Huff Po Troll Boy…

  • yanksrule

    Leftist Troll Alert Above

  • K-Bob

    Dissent is fine. Unwarranted accusations and outright hackery is what you are offering here. It’s what we see over and over with leftists: okay to take a dump in someone else’s living room, but scream bloody murder if anyone calls you on it.

    And why the overweening concern with skin color with you racist hacks, anyway? It’s all racism, all the time on the Dem plantation.

  • scarymatt

    Fine. Your clarified comment is still just as silly and shows that either you don’t read this site or you don’t pay attention to what you read.

  • scarymatt

    Yeah, because we all agree on everything around here. Thanks for confirming your lack of comprehension.