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‘Outreach to the MSM Community’

Posted on | December 5, 2012 | 14 Comments

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Last week, I was interviewed by Rebecca Diserio of Fidelis Radio Network and Monday, Becca Lower posted a transcript of the first half of the interview. Tuesday, Becca posted the second half of the transcript, including this:

[Republicans] have people whose expertise — supposedly — is media, right? And these people are called media consultants. Meanwhile on the left, they have people who are experts on the media who are called “network news anchors.” People who are called “Pulitzer prize-winning journalists.” People whose job titles include “Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Post.”
The problem is that this disconnect between the conservative movement and the Republican Party and mainstream journalism — how much of this can we blame on liberals, and how much of it is the fault of the Republican Party itself?

This is something that conservatives, who believe in personal responsibility, should take seriously: If we all agree that media bias is a problem — and I believe we do — shouldn’t we ask why the Republican Party has been so ineffective in addressing this problem? The GOP spends millions annually on “media consultants,” and what do they have to show for it? Isn’t it irresponsible to scapegoat the media as a means of exculpating Republicans? Doesn’t the GOP’s consistent failure in this regard suggest that maybe it’s time to try new strategies? The interview continues:

In too many cases, I think, the idea of a Republican press operation is to make sure that nobody in the press corps ever gets close to the candidate. . . . This idea of treating the press as the enemy, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.
And you know, people have talked about outreach: “We need to outreach to the Hispanic community, we need to outreach to the black community.” Well, how about this? We need to outreach to the MSM community. Because there are probably a few — God bless them, most of them are to the left of Lenin in their politics — but there are a few of them, there still are a few people in there who care about real facts, who care about budget projections that involve actual numbers, people who actually care about economic reality . . .

Please read the whole thing at Becca Lower’s blog and don’t forget to show your appreciation by hitting Becca’s tip jar — I did.



  • smitty

    I’m moving toward the conclusion that the GOP is precisely as effective as it wants to be in addressing media bias.

  • Becca Lower

    I certainly didn’t expect that last line. Thank you! And I got some very nice RTs from Ms. Diserio, also.

  • Rick Bulow

    Very nice indeed 🙂

  • K-Bob

    This strikes me as a concept more in people’s imaginations than reality. On the one hand, Stacy has been able to showcase how screwed up the campaigns are about reaching out to anyone who can help them in any way at all.

    But on the other hand, are folks who are smart enough to brand certain publications and outlets as the low-rent Democrat mafia that they are.

    So I’d prefer seeing this message be more like: find the Breitbarts out there and feed them the good stuff about campaign schedules, press meetups, conferences you’re attending, whatever. But starve the outlets that exist to distort and diminish everything you say.

  • McGehee

    Yes. This. A thousand times this.

  • jsn2

    Immediately following the election Axelrod spoke of his plan to encourage a new generation of “Journalists.” He means left leaning journalists. Republicans should consider a similar strategy.

  • jsn2

    I’m not sure they know how to address the problem. They’re act more like ostriches than elephants.

  • SDN

    Find the Breitbart’s (like Stacy and Smitty, DaTechGuy, Jeff Goldstein, etc.) and throw them some cash.

  • K-Bob


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  • Bob Belvedere

    And make sure bloggers, like myself, promote their work as much as possible.

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