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Gigantic 50-Year-Old Transsexual College Women’s Basketball Player Is Not Crazy

Posted on | December 6, 2012 | 39 Comments

Sports news or the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

It was the debut of Gabrielle Ludwig, and at 6 feet 8, 220 pounds, with tattoos on her arms and legs, she stands out in the Contra Costa College gym. At 50, the Fremont resident is about three decades older than her Santa Clara community college teammates and opponents — and much taller.
What many at the 19th annual Comet Classic did not know was Ludwig had only been a woman since July, when she had a sex change operation. They didn’t know the long path traveled by the father and Desert Storm veteran, and how she may be the first transsexual athlete to play college sports as both genders.
While her coach, athletic director and supporters applaud Ludwig’s addition to the team, opponents and their followers question whether it’s fair.
As a young man, Ludwig briefly played at an East Coast community college and in pregame warm-ups before the Dec. 1 tournament championship game, she displayed a natural shooting touch.
“In time,” said Corey Cafferata, her coach, “she will be the most dangerous player in the state.”

Middle-aged trannies playing college basketball? No one would dare to disapprove in the 21st century where — I’m sure you’ll be glad to know — progressives are celebrating the news that “the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has ratified the DSM-5 . . . so as of Dec. 1, trans persons are no longer classified by the medical community as mentally ill.”

Therefore, 6-foot-8 Gabrielle Ludwig is completely normal, and if you don’t think so, it must be because you’re crazy. Don’t worry. I’m sure ObamaCare will pay for treatment of “transphobia.”

UPDATE: Yeah, I’m sure you want to see the video:

Imagine you’re the parent of an 18-year-old community college basketball player and this sideshow freak just got a court order requiring that She-Hulk be permitted to play on your daughter’s team — and share the locker room with your daughter. Ain’t “equality” wonderful?


  • jsn2

    Heshe became undicktified and shed hisers nuts like an pecan tree in September. Sounds crazy to me.

  • mare

    Yeah, that’s totally normal. It’s us, not those statistical few who prove the abnormality of their desires.

  • Katy Benningfield

    It just keeps getting worse. Why isn’t he/she coaching instead? Good grief. Beam me up Stacy and Smitty!

  • McGehee

    The doctors misread the surgery order and gave him a lopitofomy instead of a lobotomy.

  • Adjoran

    The APA went certifiably nuts decades ago.

    But I’m not sure where the worry about the locker room comes from. “She” has been “transgendered,” which involves the removal of the potentially threatening organs.

    Unless you suspect “she” is now a lesbian, but concerns about that make you racist or something.

  • RightInCali

    He/she/it is a degenerate. And he/she/it is getting love in a newspaper.

    Amazing, how a weirdo whose values would have been considered degenerate and vile as little as a generation ago (hell, five years ago) gets raves in the media, while Tea Partiers are vilified.

  • Adobe_Walls

    I believe the correct word is “it”.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    But can trannies play on the women’s basketball team in the Olympics or at NCAA level? Apparently it is okay in the Olympics, after two years.

  • L.N. Smithee

    Contrast the fawning over Ludwig and h** military veteran anatomy with the invective that is spewed at people like Marcus Bachmann, and those whom he counsels about resisting same-sex attraction. Gay people who say they don’t like they way they feel seek to change from within, and are vilified. On the other hand, other people who say they don’t like the way look from without are celebrated.

    Think about this, seriously: In the same state where legislators voted to prohibit minors from seeking counsel to change their attraction, a 50-year-old person born with a penis puts on makeup and ingests hormones to give himself breasts and a higher voice, and can sue to declare that the muscle-bound body that was once in combat overseas is suddenly that of a woman. We’re all supposed to chuckle at some of the mannerisms of Mr. Bachmann, but nobody will shield you from the wrath of those who demand that you pretend that the plodding, massive Ludwig wasn’t always female.

    Political correctness is the mortal enemy of logic.

  • Bob Belvedere

    It’s the end of the world as we know it
    It’s the end of the world as we know it
    It’s the end of the world as we know it
    And I feel fine

    [Full Disclosure: I do have quite a supply of bourbon on hand]

  • M. Thompson

    Best idea around. However, you might end up shooting at tax collectors. And miss!

  • Bob Belvedere

    Always have a designated sober shooter!

  • Adjoran

    Boy, there are going to be a lot of banned East German women who are really ticked off by this.

    And if there is someone you don’t want to tick off, East German “female” athletes have to be high on that list.

  • Adjoran

    Aim at the one in the middle. 😉

  • John LaRosa Quagmire’s “Dad” is hotter.

  • Paul Mauwalter

    Hey, She-Hulk is all woman. This guy in the story isn’t. You take that back, RSMC!

  • Phillip McGuire

    I bet she has a great transition game…

  • Garym

    Don’t go away mad, just go away.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Lifetime Movie Title: Ludwig And The Angry 80 Inches.

  • Bob Belvedere

    He’s armed with grapeshot, so that makes sense.

  • Bob Belvedere

    One may assume, quite assuredly, that ‘dike is already mad – in the clinical sense, at least.

  • Garym

    The whirled would be such a nicer place if we all would just SUBMIT to progressive orthodoxy. ; )

  • Garym

    Excellent reference!

  • Dai Alanye

    Basketball is kind of a sissy sport anyways–let’s simply make it unisex. Thame for thynchronithed thwimming, altho.

    Balance beam? I dunno, that looks kinda tough.

  • Libertxy Girl

    Eh, more trans hate on RSM’s blog. As I’ve noted before, RSM was friendly enough to a trans woman (me) when she was sitting on his lap and was happy to ask for a ride back to his hotel at CPAC. He also has ‘A Conservative Shemale’ at the top of his blog roll. Could you knock off the cheap shots, Stacy?

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  • Roxeanne de Luca

    War on women!

  • Wombat_socho

    This word “hate”, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Libertxy Girl

    You made me wonder whether I picked too strong a word. I don’t think so. Stacy’s remarks, and comments left by readers on this and other trans-related articles, convey complete contempt for the trans folk. It’s not that this choice of topic is hateful–as far as I’m concerned it’s legitimate to ask. But it’s apparent the choice to feature this story had just as much to do with creating an opportunity to take cheap shots. Sorry if my abbreviating that whole attitude as “hate” offended the grammarian in you.

  • Quartermaster

    I have a former Air Farce Pilot friend that prefers Barbancourt 5 Star. He’s prolly supporting the Hatian economy single handed the way things are going these days.

  • Quartermaster

    The proper “honorific” is “It.” as “he” has been neutered.

  • Quartermaster

    It’s not hate, it’s revulsion at the normalization of the perversion. Sorry if you think that’s hate, but it really is sad to see someone who should have been helped glorified for indulging their mental illness.

    The guy is not a “transexual.” He’s just a guy who had cosmetic surgery to resemble a girl. Now he’s just a neutered guy, but still a guy where it really matters, in his genes.

  • Jason Rideout

    It’s not a “she” or a “her”. Just sayin’.

  • Dandapani

    Ok, let me guess. S/he is a lesbian. And so am I, and I’m trapped in a man’s body which is ok with me, thank you. IYKWIMAITYD!

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  • Meghan Bowes

    But that’s a man and still has male DNA, still has male body. How is that fair for the other teams full of women?

  • Linda de Bergerac

    I’m not a “sob”. I’m guessing that was supposed to be “s.o.b.s”? I’m actually a WOMAN, and I know this because I was born with an XX chromosome set, a vagina, and when I hit puberty, my mammary glands started developing. I don’t have delusions of XY’s and penises, or thinking that I might be anything other than what I was definitively born as. Not like your quite insane friend up there in the article. So, to you, that’d be “d.o.b.”, but my mom is actually quite nice, and not a female dog, either.