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Does ObamaCare Suck Enough, Or Need It Suck More To Get Us To Single Payer?

Posted on | February 24, 2013 | 31 Comments

by Smitty

Troublesome stuff at the WSJ:

The provision, part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, requires health plans for individuals and small businesses to cover 10 categories of services, including prescription drugs, maternity care and physical rehabilitation. Many of the specifics of what is covered in those categories will be left to states to decide.
Insurers and some business groups have argued that mandating such coverage would make policies too expensive, and they had lobbied the federal government to scale back the scope of what needs to be covered.
But if anything, the final regulations released Wednesday beefed up the requirements for certain services beyond what regulators proposed in November.

It’s not fair to pretend that this pattern is new with the Obama Administration. Instead of elected representatives who are on the hook for their votes doing the governing, Progress means that the tools who stand for election are passing an outline, and un-elected officials are doing the heavy lifting. To say that this urinates all over the spirit of the Constitution is, I think, a reasonable assertion.

Read the whole thing, and understand that the details will only get more grizzly over time.

Over at Reason,

President Obama and other so-called progressives insist that the American people are not overly dependent on government. They also predict dire consequences if the automatic budget “cuts” known as sequestration take place March 1.
Both claims cannot be true. If modest across-the-board “cuts”—mainly cuts in the rate of growth—in military and domestic spending pose a threat to the American people and the U.S. economy, then the country is alarmingly dependent on government.

What’s needed here, both for ObamaCare and the government in general, is a moment where leadership emerges, is honest about how jacked up all this is, and points in a direction of reform. Rick Perry was probably the closest of the 2012 candidates to offering some of that.

Absolutely no good will come from our current course. These homo bureaucratus lemmings are going to feed the cancerous growth of legislation until the whole thing capsizes. And then the clowns who’ve wrought our Cloward-Piven destruction are going to double down with a Single Payer, which is really “Lacking a Single Prayer”.

Don’t let them suppositorize the escargot!

via Dan Riehl and PreciseBlogs

Update: linked at Aewl’s Abode and The Daley Gator.


  • Garym

    Oh it fucking sucks. Right now I am paying as much for my health insurance as I am for my mortgage. You can tell this is designed to discourage us to drop our current coverage and get into an exchange. And/or get us to scream for universal health care. Fucking statists!

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I am sure that was the goal from the get, but I am not sure the country will go there (or more importantly really can go there). That strategy would only work if the country was not teetering on financial collapse. But that was their goal.

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  • DaveO

    Fortunately, there won’t be enough doctors to treat whatever is covered, unless we start importing them wholesale from other parts of the world. The Healthcare crisis is real – the growing lack of doctors – but the Prognazis went for the Big Pharma and Insurance payoffs instead.

  • jsn2

    Yeah, but Obombuh Care will lead to advances in ear candling, bloodletting and euthenasia techniques. Everything has its silver lining.

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  • CPAguy

    Rick Perry? As a Texan, I scoff at that. The rest is spot on.

  • PhillyCon

    So, right on the money. They want us on the government program so they can “control us” per Dingell. Talk about government literally in your bedroom and at your doctor visits. The irony here its the Left and Obamacare who will get between “your God, doctor, and healthcare.”

  • Dandapani

    Just keep repeating the mantra: You think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it’s FREE!

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  • K-Bob

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and some of these totalitarians will slip and fall on their ear candle.

  • K-Bob

    Thanks, Smitty. For a moment there, I thought I’d spend a Sunday with normal blood pressure.

  • Shawny Lee

    That’s why it had to be passed as a tax. It’s not about healthcare. It’s about control, coersion and confiscation of wealth like any successful mafia enterprise or communist dictatorship. This is a win-win for taxation without representation, the will of the people be damned. It’s time American taxpayers get wise to the remarkable similarity between so-called progressivism and sodomy. All their cures require us to bend over first.

  • McGehee

    When you get right down to it, as far as the influence market is concerned a doctor is just another working stiff. If you want to rake in the big bucks you need to pander to someone that already has a lucrative lobby in place. The AMA just doesn’t qualify.

    It won’t be long before the AARP doesn’t either.

  • Bob Belvedere


  • Dana

    I’ve been saying for along time that ObaminableCare was designed to fail, at which point the Communists progressives will throw up their hands and say, “See, we tied private market principles, and they just didn’t work; single-payer is the only option left!”

    They knew that single-payer could never pass, even in 2010, but they had to establish the principle that the federal government is ultimately responsible for the individual’s health care; once that was done, single-payer was virtually assured, just down the road abit.

  • Rick Caird

    I know a lot of people agree with you Dana, but I cannot see how they could convince people that if ObamaCare does not work, a completely controlled government health are would. A large part of ObamaCare is going to hit people before the 2014 elections. My fervent hope is that a large number of Democrats will be gone after that.

  • higgins

    Once again, a win-win situation for Obama.

  • DaveO

    Yes, but we still won’t have doctors as those remaining will be reserved for Party Members and the wealthy (a redundant term). Americans will have to return to folk medicine.

  • DaveO

    If the masses are worried about where their next meal is coming from, they won’t be looking at peripheral events like Single Payer Universal Healthcare.

  • Shawny Lee

    You’d be right if they actually gave a shit about convincing the people. It should be obvious by now that the will of the people was never a consideration, moving the agenda forward was. The only way this doesn’t become single payer is if the Roberts Supreme Court ruling is overturned or an overwhelming number of states go forward with nullification. Just like prohibition, it may take awhile but the American people, once they start suffering the effects, can say no.

  • SDN

    And as another Texan, I scoff at your scoffing. From where I sit in Plano, Rick Perry has done a pretty good job.

  • McGehee

    That would explain why, as Spock pointed out, Dr. McCoy will still be using beads and rattles in the 23rd century.

  • jsn2

    …or euthanize themselves

  • CPAguy

    No. No he has not. He has created economic slush funds in the line of Obama’s “green” cronyism and the state’s budget is in disarray as Perry and Friends use every trick in the book to make it look balanced from a governmental accounting perspective.

    Every year, Perry’s liberal roots show more and more.

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  • 1389AD

    Many people won’t be able to get insurance at all.

    I think that another intent of the law is to make medical care unaffordable for, and thereby kill off, those pesky baby boomers who have medical conditions that need care but who are not quite old enough to retire. That way, we won’t be around to draw any Social Security or Medicare benefits. We warned everyone about those death panels…

    Those who are in Obama’s base (welfare slackers, criminals with no reportable income, unionized employees, un-fireable affirmative action drones, and grabberment employees) won’t worry – they figure they’ll get their health care no matter what.

    Until the money runs out.

  • K-Bob

    Between the Europeans and their new style of euthanasia, and Barack’s Death Panels, the odds just improved that they will!