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Kook City, USA: Awaiting Verdict, Maybe Riots, as #Zimmerman Jury Deliberates

Posted on | July 13, 2013 | 41 Comments

Let’s be honest: The George Zimmerman trial is “news” because it’s what TV producers have decided is news. However, if you watch too much TV news, your brain has probably atrophied to the stage where you can’t make distinctions about what is more important:

A. This trial in Sanford, Florida, involving people you never met and never heard of until you saw it on the TV news;
B. Something that might actually matter to you.

TV-induced mental health issues aside, the outcome of the Zimmerman trial might make a difference in your life if the jury votes to acquit and there are riots. Other than that — and you might want to check Zimmerman Jury Watch at Legal Insurrection — this might be a good time to explain why you think this is important.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin was just local news, until a left-wing group decided this case could help them demonize the so-called “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida which, however, isn’t really relevant to the case (go figure). Then the Usual Suspects of racial ax-grinding (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al.) got involved and President Obama’s political advisers decided he should get involved, too. So there was a press conference in which a reporter asked a pre-approved question, to which President Obama gave a scripted answer.

Somewhere along the way — and I haven’t checked the timeline — NBC News deliberately edited the recording of a 911 call to make it look like Zimmerman is a racist who was “profiling” Trayvon.

Madcap hijinks ensued.

And, if all you know is what you see on TV news, you might believe that Trayvon Martin is the only black teenager who got shot to death in America in 2012. (Hint: He wasn’t.) So now they’ve had around-the-clock national TV coverage of this trial in Sanford, Florida — a town you’ve probably never been to — involving people you’ve never met, and you’re glued to the TV, transfixed with anxiety, as you await the jury’s verdict. Because you’re mentally ill.

Your TV is making you crazy. Stop watching so goddamned much TV. And that’s really all I’ve got to say about it, for now.



  • gastorgrab

    I’m surprised there were no sharks in the story.

    The media is leading everyone around by the nose. Any riot that occurs was scripted well in advance.

    The only real disaster for the left will be if no one shows up to riot after they spun the idea for weeks.

  • joethefatman

    If he’s acquitted, I’ll still be griping about how he never should have been charged in the first place.

  • Rusti

    I have thought that Americans fight wars too late and too hard. Why not stop Hitler when he reoccupied the Rheinland? It would have taken..what? A platoon? A company? Who knows what the butcher’s bill was in the end?

    Some time ago, I am pretty sure I heard someone on a talk show talk about how one has to be real careful about what happens when white people riot. I was pretty sure it was a guest on Rush but he tells me, no, it wasn’t him. I can’t prove it.

    The point was, when white people riot…Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Hamburg. Dresden. Chechnya.

    Too late; too hard.

  • Dianna Deeley

    I’d feel calmer if I were less aware of how show-trials work. The thought that it might work is what’s got me upset. And it wasn’t my TV, or my TV news, it was the internet that made me nuts!

  • Rain

    its strikes me that if Zimmerman is convicted on any charge, then the state of FL might as well declare you have no legal right to defend yourself beyond calling for help and hoping it arrives before you die within it’s borders…

  • Wombat_socho

    I’ve been following your advice about TV since about 2003, long before I met you. On the other hand, I have to read WeSmirch and Google News five times a week at your request. Beginning to think I would have been better off watching TV. Why, the Unspeakable Armenian alone…*shudders*

  • robertstacymccain

    Because I don’t watch much TV — except news and documentaries and true-crime stuff — whenever I check WeSmirch, there’s always a disconnect: “Famous celebrities” I never heard of, and “sex symbols” who, just a few years ago, were starring in Disney or Nickelodeon shows that my kids watched. So it’s either, “Who is this person whose divorce made headlines?” or “Holy crap, that kid’s got a DUI?”

    This works the other way, too. I mean, if you’re into politics, there are people you think of as “famous” that most people never heard of. Darrell Issa is Da Shizzle on Capitol Hill and a sort of Olympian god to conservatives, but good luck finding anybody outside the Political Junkie Bubble who’s ever heard of him.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    LOL those first 2 tweets are great.. too funny!
    We live in a time where the truth is either controversial or funny (in it’s irony & tragedy) & this time it’s definitely funny! (At least to my brain it is!)…. 😉 Ever get to the point you’re either going to laugh or cry? I guess that’s where I was!
    And yeah, I must say that over the past few days Nancy Grace has been acting more like a left wing, community organizing hack then I ever thought possible…
    There was a time long ago that I had some respect for the woman & I’ve been asking myself this past week, just how that was ever even possible (?)..
    I really can’t remember what it was that I respected about her, but I now view her as; ‘just another left wing bigot’ that’s stirs up division while ruling from her throne on the Communist News Network.
    Anyway,thanks for posting the tweets! I missed em on twitter earlier & really did need a good chuckle!
    Hunker down, keep your eyes wide open while on *verdict watch* duty… Lock n’ load & keep your powder dry!


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  • robertstacymccain

    TV is so much about feeling. TV is not rational.

    TV doesn’t provide syllogisms. TV provides pictures and noise. Watching too much TV diminishes our ability to reason and makes us prone to false perceptions. People can’t seem to grasp the concept that television is produced — it is not organic — and that the producers make decisions, most importantly decisions about what is or is not going to be the subject.

    Of all the homicide cases in America, why should this case have been chosen as the most important one? Well, if you stop to think about it, this case happened during an election year, in a swing state, and the idea of ginning up the sense of racial injustice for political advantage certainly must have been in the minds of the TV news people who turned this into a national circus.

    Why don’t people notice when they’re being manipulated, and why don’t they resent it? That’s what puzzles me.

  • Wombat_socho

    Alas, this is very true. Unfortunately, the celebrity culture has engulfed much of American culture, including politics, and we’re all very much worse off because of it.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Any conservative who sees Issa as a hero needs to have his head examined.

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  • Quartermaster

    Anyone that would make a nice guy like the Wombat read WeSmirch and Google News that often needs to have something unspeakable happen to them.

    72 straight hours of the unspeakable Armenian would not be sufficient retribution for such an atrocity.

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  • JohnFranklin1

    Grace’s prosecutions should be investigated for prosecutorial misconduct. She had the Duke lacrosse players convicted from the start. And when all hell broke loose, I was disgusted but unsurprised she was not kicked off the air, considering her superiors’ biases: men want to victimize women. This time, the shrew tried to convict an obviously innocent man because she got away with it in the Duke lacrosse case. Now that she went down in flames again and is still on the air, I am expecting her to worsen. An attorney swears to uphold the Constitution. Grace is an oath breaker.

  • Pineapple Cowgirl

    Looks like the Revolution is on schedule…I would like to share some words of wisdom from a friend of mine- Bill Wilson: Thursday, July 18, 2013
    First the Coup then the Revolution

    It is a sad state of affairs. The United States experienced an Islamic
    Marxist coup beginning in 2002–progressives, socialists, communists,
    Muslim Brotherhood, illegal aliens, homosexuals,
    abortionists–took over the country and have been running things ever
    since. It is a coalition of the unrighteous ruling over the citizenry
    like never before seen in American history. These are folks who have a
    new definition of America. They love America–they’re America–the one
    they are remaking into a third world country while good people are so
    busy surviving that they cannot bring an opposition to the field. But
    now that the coup is complete, the revolution follows…Read the rest of
    The Daily Jot

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