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Politician of Unknown Partisan Affiliation Is a Notorious Serial Sexual Harasser

Posted on | July 17, 2013 | 45 Comments

It’s time once again to play our favorite game, “Name That Party”!

“God forbid, if you were a single woman he found the
least bit attractive. He was relentless and disgusting,
and sometimes unforgiving.”

Need a hint? Amanda Marcotte hasn’t said a word about this creep. And no, not on her Twitter feed today, either, that I can tell. But then again, maybe you need some more clues.

A city councilwoman and two lawyers, formerly allies of
the mayor, held a press conference to air the charges
lodged against Mayor Filner by a variety of women.

Hmmm. What party could this be?

Donna Frye described other specifics about a victim:
“He grabbed her, kissed her, jamming his tongue
down her throat.” Frye went on to describe another
encounter: “The Mayor quickly had his hand
down the inside of her bra.”

Gee, maybe this creepy molester should be getting some attention from the media — “War on Women,” and all that — but Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner is scheduled to give the keynote speech at a benefit for victims of sexual assault, so I guess his heart is in the right place.

And his tongue is down your throat.

And his hand is inside your bra.



  • John LaRosa

    What’s with all these perverted liberals who have an “er” at the end of their names? Spitzer, Weiner, Filner…someone better keep an eye on Boehner.

  • Dana

    Alas! I don’t have the access to embed images on this fine site — help me, your wombatness! — but this one should explain it all:

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  • Dana

    And maybe you can use this video on the #FreeKate series!

    Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry.

  • Dana

    Of course, maybe it was more apropos when it was done by Jerry Lee Lewis.

  • Steve Skubinna

    “War on Women?” Way to give it away – obviously Republican. Duh.

    Actually I’m in San Diego right now on TDY and the local news is all over this, even if the national media has never heard of this story. Which is probably the reason the national media isn’t covering this – they don’t do local stories, as with the Kermit Gosnell one.

  • DaveO

    Filner is getting his loving from a group using sexual assaults against women in the military as a springboard for getting female service chiefs and a female CJCS.

    Of course, military men reporting being sexually assaulted outnumber military women, but they had it coming, right? Repealling DADTDP has exposed men to the joys of rape.

  • Bob Belvedere

    If Cryin’ John tried to sexually harass a gal, he’d screw it up.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I saw a report on Fox last night.

  • Richard McEnroe

    What do you think he’s crying about?

  • Finrod Felagund

    I’m reminded of the woman that toured with Meat Loaf to sing on Paradise By The Dashboard Light complaining that he managed to get his tongue all the way to her tonsils during the ‘baseball’ part of the song.

  • Patrick Carroll

    Why was his tongue never bitten….off?

  • Patrick Carroll

    Gerber British Commando Knife. ’nuff said.

    (Heh. “Commando.”)

  • Patrick Carroll

    Right. As if that orange, lachrymose sack of chicken excrement could put the moves on anything but a Democrat-sponsored bill.

  • Regular Right Guy

    It stands to reason that San Diego (yes, they actually visit the tanning salon before going to the beach) would elect this wackadoo.

  • Richard McEnroe

    Patti Russo. Listen to her sing ‘Bring Me a Bible and a Beer’ on youtube. Awesome.

  • ThePaganTemple

    I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed that for one of my blogs-

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  • Richard McEnroe

    For the same reason Marlon Perkins always sent Jim to bite the tongue of the rutting Cape Buffalo while Marlon sold you the Mutual of Omaha insurance. First, you gotta let go of the buffalo. Second, it’s gotta let you.

  • daren