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It’s not much more complicated than that. When Donald Douglas began Tweeting out photos from an anti-police protest in Anaheim, California, I was initially confused: Who were these victims of “police brutality” the demonstrators were naming? In a word, “Criminals“:

The protest in Anaheim was on the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of Manuel Diaz, a 25-year-old gang member known as “Stomper,” whose death was ruled justified by the Orange County District Attorney’s office. Diaz had an extensive record of drug dealing and violent crime. At Sunday’s protest, some activists held a banner demanding that California Attorney General Kamala Harris prosecute for “murder” an Oakland police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Alan Blueford in May 2012. Police said the officer fired at Blueford, who was on probation for a burglary conviction, after the high-school senior pointed a pistol at police.

You can read the rest at Viral Read, but the photos were taken by Donald Douglas, so please also read his account at American Power.

UPDATE: Irony? Yeah, we’ve got irony:

Sweetheart, you’re not a victim. You are not the oppressed proletariat. Now, run along and fix me a sandwich.



  • John Bradley

    While I can understand their objection to the police, you’d think that self-proclaimed ‘anarchists’ would be in favor of vigilantism.

  • robertstacymccain

    Obviously they do have a “police brutality” problem in California: The cops aren’t nearly brutal enough, or else these Commies would be afraid to go anywhere near Anaheim. If I were police chief, I’d send the SWAT squad with machine guns to kill every one of those Commie bastards.

    Too bad I didn’t pursue a career in law enforcement, eh?

  • JeffS

    You might want to link that one “Occupy NY” post with the extensive discussion on tactics and weapons systems. Just so we don’t have to repeat ourselves. What works in NYC should work in Anaheim.

    IIRC, it came down to mini-guns for efficiency, and Vickers for the audio-visual impact. Perhaps some combination of both?

  • Mme Scherzo

    The ‘people’, (excluding conservatives of all hues) that sacrosanct cause which must always be virtuous, is howling for Barabbas. And there are nothing but Barabbi all around. Trayvon was a Barabbas. All these thugs are.

  • Finrod Felagund

    The problem is that the police are being brutal to the wrong people:

  • JeffS

    Goldsberry wasn’t arrested or shot despite pointing a gun at a cop, so Wiggins said, “She sure shouldn’t be going to the press.”

    Gee, thanks, Mr. Fed, for that opinion.

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  • Patrick Carroll

    Is that a syllogism lurking in the undergrowth of your prose?

  • Patrick Carroll

    I’m fairly sure that young lady is featured on a NetVideoGirls calendar shoot.


  • Patrick Carroll

    Oh, and forget the sandwich. I have other ideas.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Notice how he never mentions that the cops were the ones doing the gun-pointing first without clearly identifying themselves as cops.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Photography, eh, photography, he asked him knowingly.

  • physicsnut

    sure are a lot of commies and degenerates and moral midgets and reprobates around these days. They like to promise ‘after the revolution there will be strawberries for everybody’ BUT what they deliver is DETROIT ! Jeepers – you would think that democrats would be able to put their minds together and figure out how to avoid a mess in Detroit, but after 40 years of hearing about Detroit, I guess they have nothing. And now who gets stuck.
    Someone on BAI said the demonstrations are a way to train the ‘next generation of revolutionaries’. I had heard enuf of that bs back in the seventies. What a bunch of phonies.
    I dont just flap my gums about AlterNet – you can see what the libs will be doing months in advance, as they crank up their various campaigns – to grab guns, and get rid of Stand your Ground laws, and ALEC and all the rest of it.
    OF course, Reality might bite them in the rear, which is why a whole lot of people become conservatives.

  • Quartermaster

    Given what I’ve increasingly seen from the Cops, it’s hard to have much sympathy for them. SWAT is badly abused, and the type of cops that go on those teams are not the best in terms of temperment. There is a place for them, but they have been way overused and they have shown that murder is not beneath them.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Stacy makes a good point (and RSM/Douglas’s tweet is funny) but…Sometimes innocents are abused by law enforcement…

  • JeffS

    I did notice that. If Wiggins didn’t have a badge, he would be arrested.

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  • Finrod Felagund

    Not to mention that they seem to kill dogs at pretty much every opportunity. Over at they have the tag ‘puppycide’ because it’s that damn frequent.

  • Quartermaster

    He should be now. Just because he has a badge does not excuse such behavior. The Police subculture is a deeply disturbing one, especially among big city cops and the federales. by and large, they have simply become costumed thugs.

  • Scribe of Slog

    I’ve forgotten a lot about sexist oppression since I got married, but I’m sure it’s like riding a bicycle.

    Or something.

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