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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Whatever Your Problem Is, ‘Vote Democrat’ Is Never the Solution

Posted on | July 27, 2013 | 148 Comments

That’s a 10-word sentence that would fit on a T-shirt or a bumper sticker, or which any Republican politician could add to his stump speech — an effective answer to the perennial message that the Democrat Party offers to the aggrieved and malcontented.

Democrats and their media allies are very good at suggesting that people have problems that can be solved by liberal policies. Democrats imply or suggest that these problems — poverty, racism, violence, whatever — are somehow the fault of Republicans: “Corporate America,” for example, being a handy code, a way of telling the working class that those greedy Republicans are ripping them off. Mitt Romney was made into a proxy for irrational economic resentments, and his GOP handlers were unable to figure out how to combat this cunning theme.

Hey, guys, how about telling the simple truth? Like for example: “The Democrats are stirring up irrational economic resentments. Rich people aren’t the cause of our nation’s problems. You can’t blame ‘Corporate America’ for the job-killing effects of Democrat policies that most business leaders warned would be bad for the economy. And whatever your problem is, ‘vote Democrat’ is never the solution.”

(Crowd at Ohio rally goes wild with applause.)

No GOP consultant would ever approve that speech. A phrase like “irrational economic resentments” isn’t the kind of dumbed-down language GOP consultants recommend: Too many syllables — it sounds too smart. But voters are much smarter than GOP consultants give them credit for, and they don’t like being talked down to, as if they were too dumb to understand anything except Fourth-of-July platitudes about “good jobs” and making America great again.

It’s amazing how much better people respond when you talk to them as if they were intelligent grown-ups, and tell them the plain truth.

These thoughts were inspired by a Tweet from Tammy Bruce:

Calling attention to my 2008 column, “Future Ex-Democrats,” was not merely self-promotion, but an attempt to remind Republicans that they don’t have to write off vast demographic segments of the electorate. It’s not just that Tammy Bruce’s neighbor is a Hispanic who voted for Obama, but that Tammy Bruce herself is not exactly a stereotypical corn-fed Midwestern “family values” Republican.

Tammy Bruce is a secular Jewish lesbian feminist who was the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women until a dispute over the O.J. Simpson trial woke her up to the brutal reality: Her allies in the feminist “sisterhood” were just a bunch of selfish dishonest power-oriented political hacks, which is another way of saying, they’re left-wing partisan Democrats.

As an ex-Democrat myself, I understand how that kind of political disillusionment can be. You grow up as a Democrat — and trust me, I came from a fiercely partisan Democrat family — you think that your party is the be-all end-all of political virtue. There is always some “cause” or inherited loyalty that explains your allegiance, some mythological explanation of why you owe everything to the Democrat Party because of what they did for “your people.” And if you’re that kind of Democrat, your mind is inevitably crowded with stereotypes and rationalizations for your allegiances. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your rationalization for being a Democrat is, you learn — you are taught — to make “Republican” a synonym for whatever you hate.

Hating Republicans, however, won’t solve your problems. And the minute a Democrat figures that out, he’s not a Democrat anymore.

Between 1992 and 1996, I figured it out, and when I turned, I turned.

Folks, America is at a turning point now, this very minute. We can either keep going the way we’re going — the road to hell is paved by liberal Democrats — or we can turn the other way and try to get back to basic, common-sense American values. As Ronald Reagan once said, there are no easy answers, but there is a simple answer. It’s not really complicated, but it will take hard work and most of all, courage. We need leaders who are not afraid to speak simple truths.

The truth may not always be popular, but it is always the truth.

We have 45 million Americans on food stamps. We have a $16.9 trillion national debt that grows by about $3 billion every day.

We have an unemployment rate that is too high, and would be 40 percent higher if not for the millions of Americans who have simply given up trying to get a job, or who are scraping by with part-time jobs because of a Democrat “health care reform” law that discourages companies from hiring full-time workers. Vote Democrat!

Detroit went bankrupt after being promised by Democrats that the solution to their problem was a multi-billion-dollar bailout for the auto companies. Instead, the bailout was a ripoff that handed more money and power to the same corrupt labor union bosses who were the cause of the problem in the first place. But hey, vote Democrat!

How’s that “Arab Spring” working out for ya, huh? More than 100 protesters killed in Cairo, because vote Democrat!

We have a dead U.S. ambassador and three other Americans — including two former Navy SEALs — who were killed by radical Islamic terrorists armed with weapons provided through a secret State Department program. The administration started lying about the Benghazi attack on Day One and they’re still lying about it now, so . . . vote Democrat?

And let’s talk about spying, OK? If you’re afraid of the government reading your e-mail, just send an e-mail to the White House Press Office with “Benghazi” in the subject line. I guarantee you, they’ll never read that e-mail, and they sure as hell won’t answer it. Vote Democrat?

The FBI couldn’t stop the Boston bombers, maybe because they were too busy investigating the Associated Press and Fox News.

We have a president who praises communist dictators while the IRS is persecuting the president’s enemies. The husband of Hillary Clinton’s assistant is sending meat-tweets to 22-year-olds and the perverted Democrat mayor of San Diego says he’s “taking responsibility,” so he will run the mayor’s office from the psychiatric rehab facility where he’s getting therapy for his problems.

Please, explain to me again how Democrats will solve my problems, because maybe I didn’t quite understand it the first time.

The Democrat Party is a pathetic joke, and this would all be a whole lot funnier if it weren’t for the fact that millions of Americans are still laboring under the delusion that Democrats are the solution to their problems. In fact, Democrats are the problem.



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Do you agree with this? Does this represent the way you feel?  Then please help spread this message to your friends, family and neighbors. Post this to your Facebook page, or recommend it on Twitter, or send the link by e-mail to people you know. Send it to your favorite talk-radio host, or send it to your local Republican state representative or congressman, or the leaders of your local or state Republican Party.

Never underestimate your own influence. Don’t think that you’re a little nobody or that politicians are too important to listen to you. Don’t believe that America’s problems are so big that you can’t make difference, because you can make difference, if you try, and if you encourage the people you know to join you in the fight.

Thank you for reading, and please: Keep fighting every day!

Robert Stacy McCain



  • DaveO

    We’ve seen the efforts at reforming the GOP from the inside. There have been some successes, but those are outliers. The GOP always sides with the Prognazis when it comes time to take action.
    America is ready for more parties. Their choices are ‘left of Prognazi,’ anarchist Libertarians, and little else.
    A solid third party will attract the social-fiscal conservatives, small ‘L’ libertarians, and Dems who can’t escape to the GOP.

  • DaveO


  • Lance_man

    Heh. What a coincidence. You left the ‘rat party and that other McCain joined them.

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  • Proof

    “the road to hell is paved by liberal Democrats” who also received a substantial kickback from the contractors!

  • Kauf Buch

    ROSETTA STONE article. *applause*

  • Thomas L. Knapp

    Oh, so very, very close. Remove the word “Democrat” and it’s PERFECT.

  • John LaRosa

    <== I know a "GOP consultant" who wouldn't mind hearing some straight talk from his clients. (Hint: He's bald, but he's definitely NOT Karl Rove.)

  • Kauf Buch

    If the GOP supports any form of Citizenship-for-Illegal-Immigrants, THEY *ARE* DEAD.

    NOT dumping the GOP at this point is enabling the deathgrip on America to which you refer.

  • Kauf Buch

    “REFORM” the GOP?!?

    You mean…AFTER Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, Romney…and possibly Christie or Jeb Bush?!

    You mean…AFTER how the GOP “rewarded Conservatives for winning the House in 2010?!

    Tea/Conservative/Freedom Party, NOW!

  • Kauf Buch

    Between this article and THIS ONE

    you’ve got the solution to free America.

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