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In Case You Missed It, @MileyCyrus Got Super-Skanky on the VMAs Last Night

Posted on | August 26, 2013 | 217 Comments

Of course, I didn’t watch MTV’s Video Music Awards, but the morning news shows were running . . . er, highlights of her performance, from which I gather that the name of her latest hit song is, “Do Me in the Butt, Total Stranger, Because I Need Money to Get Me Some Meth.”

OK, I’m hat-tipping Ace of Spades for that joke, because that’s what Ace would have said circa 2006, before he got all “respectable” and stuff. The inspiration lives on. Anyway . . .

How skanky was Miley Cyrus last night? Mika Brzezinksi felt the need to condemn it as “disturbing,” because Mika would never let a total stranger do her in the butt, not even if she needed some meth.

Mika’s not working on a Masters degree in Gender Studies, however, and doesn’t understand how 21st-century pro-sex feminism regards this whole “do me in the butt” thing as empowerment.

Da Tech Guy has some relevant thoughts, none of which involve the phrase “do me in the butt,” for which I’m sure you’re grateful.

UPDATE: Can I pick ’em, or what?

Apparently, linking to the “about” page on @Andria_XX‘s blog constitutes harassment. The real problem, however, is that when you’re living inside an intellectual cocoon — and if a graduate program in Gender Studies doesn’t fit that description, what does? — you’re not accustomed to being directly criticized, let alone ridiculed as a nincompoop, and you may actually forget that the secondhand radical ideology you’re being spoon-fed is controversial out in the real world.

UPDATE II: Aannnnddd she just switched her account to protected status, an experience which I’m sure she’ll blame on the patriarchy.

UPDATE III: Blame where blame is due:

Hats off to SooperMexican, who spotted Andria’s Tweet, and to Zilla Stevenson who realized I needed to see it, and I think there was An Army of Heteropatriarchal Davids who spontaneously decided that Andria deserved Dumbest Person on Twitter recognition.