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Hard Times for Gender Studies Major

Posted on | August 30, 2013 | 341 Comments

Hilarity ensued Monday after @Andria_XX complained that social-media criticism of Miley Cyrus included “bodyshaming/slutshaming” and “heteropatriarchal crap.” Readers will recall that Andria has an “Honors BA in Social Justice and Peace Studies” and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. So . . . how’s that going?

I have a honors BA and I’m defending my MA thesis
in two weeks. I am also apply for jobs and I can
only find stuff in the
service industry. I applied
for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk job today.
My degrees mean NOTHING.
I am at the end of my rope.

What? Being an advanced student of useless ideology doesn’t result in meaningful employment? That’s just really . . . unfair.

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  • ghebert

    Her own fault for not taking the time to research the fact that other than gender studies professors there’s no demand for people with a gender studies degree.

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  • Kristophr

    Before taking a useless ideology degree, one should be sure that you have political pull for a government or foundation job.

    Or parents rich enough to buy you one.

  • J.J. Sefton

    Back in the Pleistocene Era of the late 70’s early 80’s, I took a metal sculpture class. On the first day, my instructor, an accomplished artist in his own right gave an impassioned description of the course, the history of the genre, its practitioners, etc. He wrapped it all up thusly:

    “…and at the very least, if you get nothing else out of taking this course, you’ll be fully qualified to get a job at an auto body shop.”

    Thank you, Murray Israel!

  • Finrod Felagund

    A good friend of mine used to refer to AIX and HP/UX as “aches and pukes”.

  • David Davis

    Your degree means nothing because of what you studied. Any degree title containing more than one word, or two at most – and especially the word “studies” – is death. You could have worked that out for yourself, even if all your teachers both at your school and your “uni” weren’t GramscoFabiaNazis.

    Also, I’d not have studied at “The University of Studies”, myself, if I’d thought about it, if I had been you.

  • allison

    Hope the thesis defense is more dramatically correct.

  • verbracity

    Serves her just about right….
    I hear there are openings at the feminist clown college.
    So glad my two blond daughters were home schooled.

  • HealthyAmerican

    Has she considered the front desk position with ‘Ghostbusters’?

    Too obscure?

  • Edohiguma

    A hotel front desk job? Good hotels will take people who have finished training in schools that specialize in hotel staff.

    And what the heck is “social justice and peace” studies anyway? I live in a European country and there’s no such thing at college here. Not even remotely.

  • d1stewart

    You just don’t understand. Grammatical rules and so-called “correct spelling” are part of patriarchal oppression, class oppression, and white skin privilege. What matters is that when you read it, you know what she meant.

    It may take a little time to figure out what she meant, but wanting to save time and understand upon first reading is part of patriarchal oppression, class oppression, and white skin privilege.

  • Howdy Dowdy

    She can’t make a sandwich but other government clowns will seek her input on policy and laws. We’re bleeped.

  • zmortis

    Why did no one bother to tell her that her useless degree would be useless?

  • Mike Power

    I see teaching in your future…………….Oh my God……….so more kids can go to uni and take the same useless degrees you did.

  • bungopony

    If there are any typos in this post,it’s because my vision is blurred from the tears.Cry me a river,Adria,dear.Me.I’m laughing you one!Stupid cow

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  • Rogoraeck

    Andria! Being a strong woman you should take responsibility for your own stupidity! Don’t blame the MCP for your idiotic decision to take a degree which is not worth the paper printed upon it! We only hope that you’ll qualify with your MBA to flip burgers at Macca!

  • Rogoraeck

    The only one which maybe told her about the useless degree were some MCP & of course being a feminazi she wouldn’t listen to them!

  • dumb idiot

    Sad but true…

  • dumb idiot

    If she just had highschool and spent the last 7 years in prison that twit would have been better off. I’d higher a convict over a social justice monster because at least I know I won’t get sued or have to hear bitching about how some privelaged group oppressed all the victim groups (ie. white men oppress non-white women), ignoring actual history, science, common-sense. daily observation, nature, etc.

  • dumb idiot

    Strong woman? What kind of strong woman would have such a weak mind as to waste 7 years and thousands of dollars doing something with no hard transferable skills where any simpleton could teach themselves the same junk for the cost of the textbooks.

  • Rogoraeck

    I always call a stupid sheila, a strong woman!

  • Lee Reynolds

    Because those most aware of its uselessness were the most motivated to lie to her.

    Higher education has become a farce. Scholarship has been replaced with propaganda. The day will soon come when possessing a degree from one of these degraded fields will actually count against the person when it comes time to find a job. Would you hire a “women’s studies” major? For any position whatsoever? I would not want such a person around as they would be a negative influence.

  • Lee Reynolds

    Depends on whether the H is silent or not. I’ve seen words like historical used with both versions of the indefinite article.

    I’d cut her some slack on the a/an issue.

  • Lee Reynolds

    The value of any education comes from how much it enables the creation of economic surplus. Someone who studies facts and ideas that can be used to solve problems is valuable. Someone who studies leftist propaganda is actually LESS able to function than someone who has studied nothing at all (beyond high school) and is therefore unhirable.

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