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Could the Creepy Orwellian Vibe at MSNBC Possibly Get Any Creepier?

Posted on | September 6, 2013 | 78 Comments

Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters notices that MSNBC’s Facebook page is basically publishing pro-Obama propaganda memes:


Ace of Spades highlighted this, and I was tempted to write an entire post explaining how MSNBC has maneuvered itself into its current bizarre predicament as The Bomb Syria Now Network.

I Watch MSNBC So You Don’t Have To™ and I can report that it’s Crazyville over there nowadays. Viewers must find themselves waxing nostalgic for the calm and reasoned voice of Keith Olbermann.

The other day, I saw Andrea Mitchell interview Bill Kristol on MSNBC and, if you have any memory at all, you know that Kristol was the Evil Neo-Con Liberals Hated Even More Than Karl Rove during the Bush era. This morning, I woke up early and caught the 4 a.m. replay of Rachel Maddow, and she was so rabidly pro-war you half-expected her to break out into the “Patton” monologue:

Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.
Men, all this stuff you’ve heard about America not wanting to fight — wanting to stay out of the war, is a lot of horse dung. Americans traditionally love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle.

What the hell has happened to MSNBC? Like I said, I was tempted to write an entire post explaining it, but then I decided to save that for a Monday column at The American Spectator. But having unfairly teased readers with this idea, now I’ll let you guys help me write the column. (Future headline at Media Matters: “Right-Wing Blogger Plagiarizes His Commenters.”) One of the texts by which I intend to analyze MSNBC is this 2003 item, “An Evening With Eric Alterman.

See where I’m going with this one? Share you insights in the comments. Link your research. Make it easier for me to write that column.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers!

UPDATE II: “Feckless Mendacity Marks the Fall of the Unicorn King.”




  • DonaldDouglas

    Great post!

  • TC_LeatherPenguin

    You sound Southie 🙂

  • Dungeonmaster Jim

    Just a Howie Carr fan with a good memory and a love of press-bashing.

  • Jb

    Putin declares our Secretary of State a liar, and Americans are not outraged or even offended. Indeed, millions of duhs! followed the accusation. Outplayed again.

  • Quartermaster

    Dershowitz is not above slander either. His vendetta against Finkelstein is for the books. Finkelstein caught Dershie cold and outed him as a liar and plagiarist. Dershowitz has hounded Finkelstein out of academia and lied through the entire affair.

    Understand, I don’t like Finkelstein either, but Dershowitz is deserving of the same type of treatment he gave Finkelstein. Frankly, he shouldn’t expect any better.

  • M. Thompson

    It is increasingly the Obama MiniTrue.

  • Bill Gryan

    Not even Ringling Brothers?

  • SwiperTheFox

    MSNBC is a political machine for recycling stale left-wing talking points, what else is new?

  • SwiperTheFox


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  • Coffey Kin

    I am not sure what you mean by: “MSNBC has maneuvered itself into its current bizarre predicament as The Bomb Syria Now Network.” After all, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

  • DocinPA

    Call it The Limbaugh Law: Liberalism must, MUST, be protected at all costs. The remainder of Obama’s presidency is threatened with utter irrelevance if this craters as bad as it looks like it might. The liberal project is in mortal danger of at least being put on a three year hold and that would just not do at all. Forward!

  • owenmagoo

    I hear a lib blowing the racist dog whistle on that one…
    Me like.

  • Bill Gryan

    Imagine if he had called Eric Holder a liar. The duhs! would even be louder.

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  • Cain

    This reference is about Libya instead of Syria but it definitely helps make the case. It’s impossible to read Zirin’s quotes without laughing out loud. It’s 2013 and he’s banging the drum about an incident 9 years ago that Bush had ZERO connection to yet this moonbat wants him charged as a war criminal. No mention (at this link anyway) of Obama’s arguably criminal negligence and repeated, documented lies regarding the 4 men killed, including his own ambassador, in Libya just a few months earlier. The left is perfectly represented by these pathetic tools at both MSNBC and this twit Zirin from The Nation.

    Saturday morning on MSNBC, Dave Zirin of The Nation questioned why former President George W. Bush had not been held accountable for alleged war crimes…

    “I’m a sports writer by trade,” he explained. “That means one of the things I’ve done in the last ten years is get to know the family of Pat Tillman, the story of Pat Tillman, the NFL player turned army ranger who died in an instance of friendly firing in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman thought the war in Iraq was illegal and I agree with Pat Tillman about that. His family was lied to by the Bush administration about the circumstances surrounding his death, and George W. Bush gave speeches about Pat Tillman and his heroism that were lies.”

  • brother bob

    With all of the “The two teams swapped jerseys at halftime” talk has anyone noticed the one person who has stayed consistent? Secretary of Flip Flop, that’s who! At least he stayed consistent in his belief that France should dictate our foreign policy!

  • Proof

    Our democracy is also stronger when the people’s representatives stand together against the president, when he is doing or planning something stupid, un-Constitutional or both.

  • xbox361

    didn’t they hear Hillary scream about how dissent is being REALLY American!