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Rule 5 Sunday: Double-Stuf Veterans Day Weekend Edition

Posted on | November 10, 2013 | 27 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Because things just got completely out of hand last weekend…

For the benefit of those reading Rule 5 compilations for the first time, or who have forgotten since last time: some of the links below are most definitely Not Safe For Work and could contribute to the pollution of your precious bodily fluids. Don’t say you weren’t warned; the rest of us will just point and laugh.

We take you now to the long-ago days of October, when Laughing Conservative submitted Jordan Carver for our consideration. Unfortunately, that’s expired, so you get to enjoy Charisma Carpenter instead. YankeePhil contributed some Photoshopped ladies and zombies, while at Randy’s Roundtable we had Kathy Eusse – and Stevie Lynn Clark. Animal Magnetism chipped in with Rule 5 Friday and Ginger Solo Saturday, Goodstuff contributed Miranda Kerr (and naked pawn star Olivia Black) and Reaganite Republican had Miss Vietnam, Dang Thu Thao. Also, Miss Aerobik 2013! 90 Miles From Tyranny sent in Morning Mistress, (week 2), Hot Pick of the Late Night, (week 2), SteamPunk Girls With Guns, and Women with Weapons. Fishersville Mike featured a Big Bang Theory/Disney Princess crossover and some Kellie Pickler, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot’s Pretty Girls on a Thursday was all about the Halloween Hotties, (and then We Love Geeks) while First Street Journal featured Fort Jackson and the Wooden Shoes edition.

EBL’s herd of interesting heifers included Selena Gomez and tattooed sluts, a study on staring at breasts, Retro Rule 5 with Dorothy Lamour, Day of the Dead, Rule 5 Failure, Oklahoma Bigfoot, Wendy Davis, Heidi Montag, bad dolphins, Margot Robbie, and a Pussy Riot update.

A View From The Beach  offered Covert Coyote Piper Perabo, Trick or Treat, Halloween Music, Hush Katy!, Britney & The Pirates, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies, Some Downhill Biking, Great Moments In False Modesty, Drunken Sluts Have Rights Too, White House Stiffs Smithsonian Over Unspeakable Armenian Rug, Dancing With Brooke Burke, Car Detailing In Brazil, “Stella Blue”, Coming To A Boat Near You, Let’s Hear It For The Cheerleaders, “Touch Me”, and Last Neanderthals Found On Jersey Shore? This week’s lot included Ana Hickmann, a naive actress, “A Soft Place To Fall”, The Cheerleader Effect, Science Confirms People Are Pigs, Is This Typecasting Or What?, Body Image In The Photoshop Era, and Nope They Don’t.

Wine Women and Politics had TGIF babes, Sexy In Fur, Great Balls Of Fire, Smug Seduction, It’s That Day Again, Kitty Lea, and Tuesday Titillations.

Soylent Green’s first installment included Magic Mirror, Morning Coffee, Evening Awesome Ashley, Monday Motivationer Barbara Rossi, Overnighty Leather Sweat, Tuesday Titillation Sandy, Humpday Hawtness Bailey Rose, Halloween Overnighty In The Kitchen with Fur & Lace, Corset Casabas, TGIF Friday Twofer, and Weekender Clam Sisters. This week, Coffee Creamer, Hey There Little Red Riding Hood, Monday Motivationer Shallana, Tuesday Titillation Cali, Linky Love Contender Marisa, Overnighty, Vintage Humpday Hawtness Kelly, So You Want To Play Wonder Woman, Evening Awesome Jade, Falconsword Fursday Sushi Mana, Click To Embiggenify, Corset Friday, T-GIF Friday Bodice RipperOne Last Thing, and Weekender Crimson Carumba.

Postaldog gets in under the wire with Olivia Sprauer (a/k/a Victoria V. James), a Demi Moore/Jennifer Aniston stripper comparison, Ana Braga, Hilary Duff, and Anastasia Christen.

Proof Positive had Alyssa Milano and Helen Lindes, vintage babes Ramsay Ames and Adele Jurgens, vintage underwear ads and Christina Hendricks in the Sex In Advertising segment, and the obligatory 49ers cheerleader (take two). Dustbury offered Gabrielle Union, Lulu, Paris Hilton, and Susan Tedeschi; and at The Camp of the Saints, Sophie Mei and the Rule 5 News.

The DaleyGator’s DaleyBabes for this past fortnight included Kanon Hokawa, Piper Perabo, Vanessa Mae, Tianna Gregory, Dakota Johnson, Stephanie Cook, Kitty Lea, Iyrna Ivanova, Tatiana Ramos, Livia Brito, Lindsey Strutt, Yolanthe Cabou, Minase Yashiro, a second helping of Miss Yashiro, Sade, Ayaka Arima, Kim Lee, Madison Riley, Miss Gabon Jennifer Ondo, Emma Rose, Marina Saito, and Miyouu Suzumura; also Wrestling Fake?, The War On Hooters, and Saturday Beauty.

Thanks to everyone for their linkagery! Deadline to submit links to the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox for next week’s Rule 5 Roundup is Saturday, November 16. Also, don’t forget Pinups For Vets!