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Flipping The Benghazi Bird

Posted on | December 8, 2013 | 18 Comments

The wind farm news is probably more symbolic than anything.

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  • SwiperTheFox

    Is it bad that I can’t really get motivated to care about any animals hurt by power generation?

    So some people are upset about damns hurting the poor fishes. Or wind farms hurting the poor birds. Or oil drilling hurting the poor clams.


    Humans come first. Don’t like that? Try getting through life with just candles and ice boxes, and see how long your activism lasts.

  • Charles G. Hill

    The question: if they fall, can we catch them?

  • Quartermaster

    Without the proper licenses, no.

  • stuvantine

    I wonder if the carpetbaggers who left 14,000 abandoned windmills scattered around the US will get a presidential pardon for the birds their relics are still killing. Nice folks. Get subsidies by promising 25 year payback of public $$. Build turbines, keep big profit. Run wind farms on operating subsidies, sell power for 4x market cost per kW, screwing consumers. Keep big profit, put no $$ into maintenance. When subsidies run out, 10 yrs, maybe, windmills can’t make money. Worthless anyway, many beyond repair. Greenscammers skip town, nobody removes windmills. Some of them turn for a decade or more, generating nothing but dead birds. Greenscamers move to new locale, start scam all over again. Obama’s environmentalist pals.

  • Anon Imus

    How long until Barry throws the wife and the two kids under the bus? He already tossed his mother under there along with Stevens. You know they are wondering the same thing…

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