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Cravers of Boy-Flesh: Yet Another Sad Example of a Disturbing Trend

Posted on | December 12, 2013 | 33 Comments

Elizabeth Aponte: She likes ‘em young, allegedly.

Once you start covering stories like this, people keep sending you tips. Having just recently reported the latest development in the case of Michigan teacher Neal Erickson, this one arrived via e-mail:

A 28-year-old woman charged with having sex with a 13-year-old boy in Allentown must face trial after giving up her right to a preliminary hearing on Thursday.
Elizabeth Aponte of Allentown was interviewed by police in October and admitted having two sexual encounters with the boy, the most recent on Sept. 27, according to court records. Authorities said she told a detective both sexual encounters were consensual and she thought the boy was 14, which is still a crime.

(Another stupid pervert who thinks “consensual” makes it OK, and doesn’t seem too clear about what “illegal” means.)

Aponte was charged with statutory sexual assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years old, both felonies of the first degree. She waived her preliminary hearing before District Judge Donna Butler and remains in Lehigh County Prison under $100,000 bail.

(“Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse” — wow, they really give their sex crimes scary names in Pennsylvania, huh?)

The boy’s mother told police her son came home on the night of Sept. 27 with hickies all over his neck.

(“Hickies all over his neck”? Putting a hickey on someone’s neck is so 10th-grade, isn’t it? You see what I mean about Aponte being stupid: “Hey, I’ll just create some evidence of my crime.”)

She checked his Facebook page and found sexual messages from a 28-year-old woman, identified as Aponte.

(Facebook messages = more evidence.)

The boy’s mother confronted her son and he told her Aponte forced him to have sex.
The boy was interviewed Oct. 3 by a child interview specialist and again said he was forced to have sexual intercourse with Aponte at her home on Lehigh Street.

At this point, maybe you’re skeptical: How does a woman “force” a boy to have intercourse with her? Involuntary arousal? She overpowered him, held him down and threatened him with severe injuries if he didn’t satisfy her insatiable lust for adolescent flesh?

However, just because the boy is lying, doesn’t mean he’s not a victim, nor does it excuse Elizabeth Aponte’s perverted crime. And this case helps expose the flaw in the claim — made repeatedly by supporters of Florida sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt — that what she did was really OK, because it was “consensual.” Do I think Aponte “forced” this boy to have sex with her? No, as anyone who has ever been a 13-year-old boy could tell you, that’s both impossible and unnecessary.

When I was 13, I was like the warning you hear on those Cialis ads: “If you experience an erection lasting more than four hours . . .”

Four hours? Is that all? I experienced an erection that lasted basically from eighth grade until my sophomore year of college, when it stopped for about a half-hour and then immediately returned.

So if “consent” could legally or morally justify it, any 28-year-old woman — or 38-year-old woman, or whatever — could have had her way with me, and certainly I wouldn’t have told the cops, although I’m sure I would have bragged about it to everybody at school.

Alas, I grew up in a long-ago time when no one had ever heard of a 28-year-old women wanting to have sex with 13-year-old boys.

So what’s up with this rash of women getting arrested for having sex with teenage boys? There is now an entire Web page devoted to chronicling the crimes of Female Sex Offenders, Does anyone remember how shocked we were to learn about the cases of Mary Kay LeTourneau (1997) and Debra Lefave (2004)? Now it’s a trend.

Something weird is happening to the sexual culture in our society, or else you wouldn’t see all these headlines about adult women chasing madly after sex with boys who aren’t even old enough to get a driver’s license. Be afraid, America. Be very afraid.


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  • M. Thompson

    Oh the times! Oh the mores!

  • RS

    I firmly believe the perpetrators of these crimes are so emotionally damaged, that they deliberately seek out other innocents to destroy. It’s “misery loves company” writ as pathology.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Well it sort of started with Summer of 42, but at least that involved a youth above the age of consent. Talk about a slipperly slope.

  • Dianna Deeley

    I don’t understand. It’s all mad – why one earth would a grown woman be interested in a kid? Ugh!

  • John Bradley

    How does a woman “force” a boy to have intercourse with her? Involuntary arousal?

    Perhaps she suffers of that rare syndrome so artfully described by Robert Palmer. I speak, of course, of Involuntary On-Turnage.

  • Robert Evans

    Veal-eaters, I call ‘em.

  • Joe Dokes

    Lake of Fire, lest she repent.

  • archonix

    Involuntary arousal is actually a thing. The mind can be unwilling, but the flesh responds to basic physical stimuli regardless of that.

    This woman used her position of authority over the boy to force him to do something sexual. Calling him a liar because he “obviously” wanted it – because his body responded to a physical stimuli regardless of his conscious desire – is victim-blaming.

    Simple fact is, this was rape and should be treated as such.

  • NCMountainGirl

    Funny how when it is a female public school teacher it is barely a local news story, A male teacher and it seems to stay in the local news longer. Make it a Catholic priest and it become huge news, No, there is no agenda in the reporting of sex crimes against the under aged.

  • K-Bob

    Hook up culture, combined with a need to be in control, topped by radical denigration of anyone daring to bring “shame” into the picture.

  • Alessandra

    The more psychologically and ideologically dysfunctional people are, the more it affects and deforms their sexuality. Just look at homosexuals! Born this way, nothing! Deformed this way, after birth.

  • Alessandra

    Emotionally yes – but also completely lacking in character. And our society, instead of telling people to go deal with their profound psychological problems related to sexuality, keeps telling them everything is normal, that people must act out on their sexual desires, that they are born that way, etc.

  • Alessandra

    “NAMBLA” is being normalized and mainstreamed to other categories, like women. Thanks to liberals and how they seek to normalize every kind of sexual perversion.
    Once you pervert the union of a man and woman, it goes in all directions. Every pervert wants to act out their dysfunctional and disgusting mind.

  • K-Bob

    Let’s see… I think if we dig a little more we can pick out two problems going on simultaneously. They don’t so much pervert the man/woman thing as debase it by claiming their perversions are co-equal. That’s one. The other is that They have perverted the concept of “equal rights” to mean that many criminal acts are perfectly normal behavior.

    They got away with item one, and and are using it to try and get away with item two.

    I feel creepy just trying to reason in this area.

  • Steve Steinbeck

    Women’s Liberation Movement is to blame.
    They wanted to be totally free of dependence
    upon men, and now they behave like men.
    But not to defend these disgusting females,
    male teachers are just as rotten.

  • Zohydro

    You’re serious, aren’t you?