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Apartheid in New York City

Posted on | April 15, 2014 | 15 Comments

Huffington Post has some maps, produced by a graduate student, showing a profound pattern of residential segregation in New York City. It’s a follow-up to a recent report which “found that New York City has the most segregated schools in the country.”

Maybe folks down in Mississippi and Alabama should rent some buses and ride up to New York to protest this situation.



  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Rents and prices in New York have a way of sifting the 1% from the rest of society. And given how badly minorities (blacks, etc) have done during the Obama years, the segregation/apartheid has accelerated. DeBlasio ran on fixing it but he will make it worse.

  • Kirby McCain

    The north has always been more segregated but the media hub of the world is NYC. Southern racism is much more interesting to the readers up there. Distracts them from the local varieties of raaaaacism.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    You want segregation, go to Boston. Then Chicago.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    As for DeBlasio, he cut charter schools that save black kids to appease the teacher’s union. He knows who butters the bialy in NYC!

  • Comando Hans

    True! He is the worst and will make NYC even worse for the working and middle class!

  • Adjoran

    Some years ago the rural newspaper I managed hired a receptionist from New York City. It turned out that her husband had moved there after high school, and returned to the South 20 years later, with wife and family, to spare his children the gang exposure.

    When I met him, our conversation went to the culture shock from NYC to rural South Carolina. He told me, “I much prefer it here. If I speak with a man here, I know his racial attitude in 30 seconds, nobody hides who they are. In New York, they will slap me on the back, maybe even buy lunch, but I’m still not getting the job.”

  • Adjoran

    My mother lived outside Boston, born in 1920, until Pearl Harbor when she moved South. She told me she had never seen a black person in real life until her trip down. She had seen pictures and movies, but never saw an actual black in Boston at all.

  • Quartermaster

    Libtards always promise what they can’t deliver. If they promised poverty, they could deliver that, but they can’t deliver anything else.

  • RS

    The Progressive Elites believe they have divine right to rule the rest of us. With that come the perquisites of ruling. Among those are making sure that everyone else knows his/her place. Land use policies are the best way to effectuate that. Call something “historic preservation,” or “environmental protection,” and you wind up making housing unaffordable for all but rich Progressives. This then pushes the poor and middle class to the fringes in blighted ghettos as well as keeping the upstarts away from the nicer restaurants and bars where the Elite can compare various fois gras canapes.

  • dwduck

    And he will — it’s just that his definition of “fixing it” involves packing up the remaining undesirables on horse carriages and shipping them out of Manhattan.

  • Bozikek

    Come on, we let the Italians into southie until sundown.

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  • Bob Belvedere
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