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David Gregory: He’s So Crazy, He Thinks We’re Still Watching ‘Meet the Press’

Posted on | April 21, 2014 | 26 Comments

The Washington Post reports that NBC hired a “psychological consultant” to interview David Gregory as part of a desperate effort to find out why ratings for Meet the Press have fallen to their lowest point ever — as in, since 1947.

The accuracy of the Post‘s reporting has been called into question, However, no one has any doubt that the problem at Meet the Press can be summarized in two words: David Gregory.

You don’t need a “consultant” (truly America’s most elastic job title) to unearth the problem here. Gregory is a smug, self-satisfied narcissist; the kind of person who’s more interested in hearing himself ask the question than bothering to listen to the answer. He’s Piers Morgan without the patina of credibility that comes with a British accent. Is that really someone you want in your home for Sunday breakfast?

Ed Driscoll has much, much more.



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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Rosalie

    He’s a blatant liberal who loves to ask gotcha questions. And that’s all he has to offer. Maybe the fact that he had a gun magazine on his show illegally and then got away with it hurt him too.

  • Charles

    Correction: pseudo psych consultant. That’s so much better.

  • Quartermaster

    As we used to say, that’s about his speed. One is as silly as the other.

  • kansas

    Meet what? The Obama Ass Kissing Show?

  • John Scotus

    Great headline! He doesn’t really come across as crazy to me–more like completely clueless. Of course, the difference between crazy and clueless is very small.

  • Julie Pascal

    “He’s Piers Morgan without the patina of credibility that comes with a British accent.”


  • Anon Y. Mous

    Whether it was a “Brand Consultant” or a “Psychological Consultant”, why in the world would they be interviewing Gregory’s family? If they are working on the brand, they should be talking to the audience, or rather, the people who they want to be their audience. How is talking to Gregory’s family going to help them with any kind of rebranding?

    On the other hand, if there is some kind of psychological issue at play, you still have to wonder why they would be speaking to his family. In most workplaces, if there is some reason to bring in a professional regarding some employee’s psychological issue, they would be talking to the employee in question, not the employee’s family. Unless the guy is so unbalanced that they are worried about him doing harm to someone or himself, perhaps. Of course, any kind of normal job, they would just get rid of anyone who was that much trouble.

  • cubanbob

    NBC doesn’t need to spend money on shrinks for Gregory. The board of directors needs to spend that money on the management in charge of NBC.

  • Adjoran

    NBC went crazy after the story was published, then insisting it was a “brand consultant” they had hired and not a “psychological” one. But the author sent the article to NBC TWICE before publication to check for accuracy, and they did not object to the “psych” designation either time.

  • Adjoran

    Gregory has always been a leftist flack. He can’t be anything other than what he is. It’s amazing he has lasted as long as he has in Russert’s chair.

    Of course, I also find it amazing that anyone still watches major network evening news shows.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    This Schadenfreude is as thick and tasty as maple syrup and butter over pecan pancakes…

  • RKae

    I say the psych consultants should do to everyone on that show (Gregory, producers, tech crew) what they insist is the best course of action for “the little people” out here in the public: put them all on “perfectly safe” psychotropic drugs.

  • Rosalie

    They may already be on them from the indoctrination camp they attended.

  • Rosalie

    “Of course, any kind of normal job, they would just get rid of anyone who was that much trouble.”

  • Frankly Bored

    I love Meet the Press. Roger Mudd & Marvin Kalb sure know how to do an interview. Exactly who/what is David Gregory?

  • Rosalie

    As long as it’s as far left as it is, there’s no chance that NBC will improve.

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  • Wait a minute.

    Let’s take a look at what was you said again:

    “He can’t be anything other than what he is.”

    How many times does it have to be said: he isn’t anything. He commands about as much respect as Hoody Doody wiping his ass..

    That’s what he is, and always and ever shall be.

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  • cmdr358

    The lowest ratings since the birth of television must be pretty depressing.
    More people probably stop to watch QVC as they channel surf than watch Gregory’s Meet the Press. That’s no good for one’s self esteem and I’m certain that Mr. Gregory used to have an abundance of that.

    Perhaps there is genuine concern that with his rating’s so low Mr. Gregory might think about hurting himself ?

  • cubanbob

    Let the Republicans push for cable unbundling and gross receipt taxes on the entertainment business as was in place until the Eisenhower Administration and watch them become rabid conservatives.

  • Cube

    Whatever it takes. Funny how easy it is to be a liberal as long as it doesn’t take a bite out of your own wallet.

  • Rosalie

    And you can tell people what to do but you don’t have to do it.

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