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Brandeis Brownshirt Talia Lepson Hurls Crude Insults at Pro-Israel Student

Posted on | April 28, 2014 | 77 Comments

Talia Lepson (@tlepthechamp on Twitter) is a Brandeis University sophomore “majoring in Politics and minoring in Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies” who describes herself as an “avid MSNBC viewer.” In case you forgot the recent campus controversy:

Understanding the radical climate at Brandeis — where a freedom fighter like Aayan Hirsi Ali is unwelcome — what sort of attitude would you expect a left-wing sophomore at this campus to exhibit?

A top J Street leader at Brandeis University harassed a pro-Israel student activist early Saturday morning, calling the student a “shit bag” and telling him that “Jews hate you,” according to those who witnessed the incident.
Daniel Mael was walking to his dorm room on the university’s campus late Friday night when he encountered Talia Lepson, a J Street U Brandeis board member, who purportedly referred to Mael as a “shit bag” and angrily told him “Jews hate you.”
“I don’t feel comfortable on campus knowing people will lob verbal insults at me simply because we disagree,” said Mael, who has filed an incident report with the Brandeis police over what he described at the “uncivil environment that is developing on campus and the attempts to isolate students with differing opinions.”
The incident is just one of several at Brandeis lately in which pro-Israel students have come under fire for their attempts to defend the Jewish state on campus from groups such as J Street.
Mael said that he and a friend were returning to their dorm rooms at around 12:45 a.m. on Saturday when he came across Lepson — who says she currently works as a political intern at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — and a group of her friends.
“As they approached, Talia Lepson give me a really, really intense stare and then I turned to the students and said, ‘Shabbat shalom,’” said Mael, who is an observant Jew. “I was being serious. I thought that religion and politics are not necessarily intertwined. I thought you could still be nice.”
Lepson “responded by saying, ‘Jews hate you’,” Mael said. “As she continued to walk, she screamed, ‘You are a shit bag.’”

Daniel Mael (@DanielMael on Twitter) writes for Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt site, which reports how Talia Lepson boasted about her radical activism with the far-left group J Street:

Throughout this past academic year, I have served as Political Director of J Street U Brandeis. While serving as Political Director, I have led a delegation of Brandeis students to lobby Senators Warren and Markey against the Kirk-Menendez bill; have co-moderated a panel discussion with Lara Friedman, Director of Policy and Governmental Relations for Americans for Peace Now; and assisted in creating and leading a weekly meeting on AIPAC’s withdrawal of support for the Kirk-Menendez bill. In my spare time, I enjoy discussing politics and going on rants against the patriarchy.

Cultivating a climate of totalitarian terror on campus is the mission of the academic Left, and the shrieking hatefulness of Talia Lepson is evidence of how well they have succeeded in that mission.



  • DaveO

    Bill S – is that you?

  • DaveO

    You are lying. J-Street is anti-Israel and anti-zionist.

  • Joel

    You called a girl that teaches at a local temple a “Brownshirt”. Do we really need to split hairs?

  • Dana

    Well, she shaves her fairly shapely legs . . .

  • JeffS

    Yes, because you (through one of your sock puppet personnas) has been doing exactly that.

  • JeffS

    Splitting hairs, are we, hmmmm?

  • JeffS

    Hair splitter!

  • Kirby McCain

    Was this bullying? And the Left is so concerned about bullying! The Marxist Left is two faced and lying out of both.

  • Kirby McCain

    She is a bully. The Left is so concerned about bullying. And apparently, you also condone it.

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  • Kirby McCain

    Peace process, how laughable. When has any talks with the Palestinians resulted in peace? You mean Israeli dispossession talks.

  • Kirby McCain

    Pro Israel and Pro Peace, as I said, two faced and lying out of both.

  • Finrod Felagund

    When trolls come here to dump their poo on threads like this, I tend to upvote every single other comment in the entire thread, just out of spite.

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    Or OFA.


    Good idea!

  • Joel1

    How exactly have I been splitting hairs you half wit, douchebag? She’s a pro-Israel, devout Jew, and apparently so is he. Saying “Jews hate you” isn’t anti-semitism, schmuck, especially when it’s coming from a Jew. He’s not being attacked for being a Jew, either. He’s being attacked for his support of Israeli settlements which are controversial and out of favor with the majority of the Israeli population. Are they all anti-semities, too? Do I really need to explain this to you, or does nuance really exceed your grasp by this much? And you what anti-semitism really is? Calling a girl that teaches kids at her local temple a “brownshirt”, or dumb fucks like you agreeing with that remark.

    Ok, I’ve destroyed your piss poor narrative. Admit you’re wrong now and again. It’s the Christian thing to do.

  • NimrodFelchamanOrTwo

    Oh, boy! You up voted their responses! Wow, you sure did show me, sparky! Like I said, you’re dull, and unimaginative, and now I’ll add petty to that, too.

  • Bananz

    They left out the other issue with Al-Quds University… What has happened to this University?

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    Aw, the poor widdle troll is butthurt.

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    If she works for either, I bet she’s paid less than the men.

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    Lying leftist trash. Begone!

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    Opinions are like …, everybody has one. Yours especially.

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    That damn Patriarchy!

  • maniakmedic

    This guy is freaking hilarious. I’m not sure why he keeps coming back. You’d think at this point the idiot would realize we’re all just laughing at him and that he consistently keeps proving every point he rails against. Not to mention the delusions of conservative extinction and a new world order composed of the oh-so-superior liberals, who are peaceful and fun loving… unless you disagree with them, in which case you should be lined up against a wall and shot with your whole family.

  • maniakmedic

    It’ll be a cold day in Hell before anything but a mosque sees the light of day in SA. Lived there for 2 years when I was a kid and holy crap, talk about a backward culture. But it’s the Christians who are intolerant bigots. Because they have the audacity to disagree with you! The horror! Those lovely Muslims that will stone you to death if you’re a woman and happen to be raped by, well, anybody? They’re the very definition of tolerant and accepting.

    Do you ever find your head hurting trying to understand the pretzel logic that is liberal thought? O swear it’s like an object lesson in “you can’t fix stupid.”

  • Quartermaster

    Same difference as my daddy used to say.