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#RLC2014 Ready to Rock

Posted on | May 28, 2014 | 18 Comments

We left Atlanta about 4 p.m. Tuesday, but the legendarily gridlocked city traffic hindered us only slightly as we made our way down I-85 and soon we were on our way toward Montgomery. We stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the Alabama capital.

By dinnertime yesterday, the story that I was first to report — that Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson would speak at the Republican Leadership Conference — was all over the media. (“Gee, Stacy, how did you get that scoop?” Don’t ask, don’t tell.) We didn’t arrive here at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside until after midnight and then met with RLC staff for a walkthrough of the empty venue.

This morning I had a long, late breakfast, then did another walkthrough about noon — the place was still empty, but when we went back at 4 p.m., the crews had begun setting up.

You can check out the schedule for the RLC — Sean Hannity will be broadcasting his Fox News show live from here Thursday.

Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform arrived for RLC this afternoon and we met up with him. Campus Reform has a great story today:

UCLA to host event encouraging
students to masturbate instead
of studying for finals



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  • Matt_SE

    “UCLA to host event encouraging students to masturbate instead of studying for finals.”
    Why can’t it be both?

  • Adjoran

    They are also teaching about having sex for fun, because UCLA couldn’t figure that out.

    But I finally found out what “LGBTQQIAA” means:

    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer Questioning Intersex Asexual & Allies.

    Not sure I want to know what “Intersex” means.

  • Adjoran

    Ha! The pictures remind of when I used to travel to chess tournaments fairly often, always tried to get a jump on traffic and all on Friday, and would get to the site in plenty of time to check in at the hotel, eat, relax, and clear the head for the night round.

    Then I’d check out the playing rooms, find them all deserted like this, and ask myself, “Why am I so early, again?”

    You should try to get on Hannity.

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  • Bradoplata

    Did Akbar ever get his blog problem cleared up?

  • RichFader


    “U! (fap!fap!fap!) C! (fap!fap!fap!) LLLLL! (fap!fap!fap!) A! (fap!fap!fap!)
    UCLA! Fap, fap, fap!”

  • M. Thompson

    Intersex is being physically/genetically neither sex due to some kind of issue prenatally.

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