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‘Homo-Maniacal’ Cyberstalking

Posted on | June 16, 2014 | 41 Comments

Jeanette Runyon (@No1Important00) is a name that should be familiar to our regular readers. During the weeks when the Kaitlyn Hunt case was the subject of in-depth coverage here, Jeanette distinguished herself in keeping tabs on the “Free Kate” movement, which embraced the lesbian sex offender as a victim of homophobia (see, “Kaitlyn Hunt Is Guilty and, Yes, There Is a Movement to ‘Normalize Pedophilia'”). What she did was actually very simple: Jeanette screen-capped comments from the “Free Kate” Facebook page and posted them to Twitter. As simple as that sounds, it took a lot of dedication and, by exposing the bizarre claims and crude hatred of Hunt’s supporters, Jeanette’s work did a lot to show how dishonest and deranged the “Free Kate” movement was.

They hated her for that. Bad causes attract bad people, and “Free Kate” supporters included some of the most vicious people imaginable, who did everything they could to make Jeanette Runyon’s life miserable.

John Biver at BarbWire has a column about what kind of harassment Jeanette has experienced over the years — an experience that long preceded the “Free Kate” drama:

A few months ago BarbWire’s senior editor Jeff Allen used the phrase “homo-maniacal” to describe the behavior of these radical lefties.

Biver quotes Tammy Bruce:

Childhood trauma, stress disorders, and the resulting malignant narcissism all play a part in the Left’s victim mentality and in their effort, mostly subconscious, to shape our world to mirror their own damaged psyches.

Read the whole thing. Biver promises this is just “Part One” of a series, and I look forward to future installments.



  • Kirby McCain

    I was thinking of Jeanette, in particular, when I commented about the subjects of the Atlanta brawl using the Ladies room. I visualized a anti-matter explosion.

  • BlackMass

    Runyon is a Christian fundamentalist freak show, bigot, and evil, ignorant, moron, who went on a crusade over teenage sex, and mostly because of the homosexuality. She’s probably loaded with sexual hang ups herself, and secret fetishes. As they say, those who shout the loudest about deviancy tend to have the most secrets. She deserves whatever abuse they throw at her, and I hope they continue to throw it hard.

  • Kirby McCain

    And who’s the hater?

  • BlackMass

    And quoting Tammy Bruce? Talk about self loathing! An out lesbian who traffics with people who thinks she’s an abnormal deviant. She’s really one to talk about malignant narcissism, too.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Are you running out of socks in your sock drawer?

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Who knows Mr Mix has been recruiting homosexual activists bullies on his twitter timeline
    Ive gotten under their skin 🙂

  • Jeanette Victoria

    And so “brave” too! Waves at the loon

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    The left reserves its most vehement hate to those who go off their reservations…

  • Cactus Ed


    Come on. The “Don’t feed the trolls” policy applies double to psychotic 10-year-old vegan trolls whose comments (and the lunacy therein) will all be deleted anyway.

  • Mike G.

    You said hard…wishful thinking?

    What a douche!

  • Kirby McCain

    BTW, the Atlanta brawl was right up your alley. It was definitely bat shit crazy.

  • Adjoran

    Bang! Bang! Wombat’s silver hammer will come down on his head . . .

  • Adjoran

    Responsible gay people, including even Andrew Sullivan, have decried the radical “gay mafia” that seeks to destroy anyone who doesn’t voice full approval of their agenda. Good for them.

    The wackos even target the other clients of law firms that defend traditional marriage laws, threatening to organize protests at the client businesses, to intimidate legal counsel.

    They are un-American little fascist bastards, and they are getting away with Gestapo tactics.



  • RKae

    Isn’t a “sexual hangup” the act of fighting against natural sexual tendencies?

    Wouldn’t that be an exact description of same-sex attraction?

  • Quartermaster

    The leftist loon you don’t have to be Protestant to be a fundamentalist. However, the meaning of the word has broadened far beyond the original Protestant movement of 120 years ago even among conservatives.

  • Quartermaster

    Same-sex attraction is definitely a hang-up.

  • Quartermaster

    Using the term “responsible” in concert with “Andrew Sullivan” is a rather strange application of the word.

  • rustypaladin

    Kaitlyn Hunt was convicted of statutory rape of a 14 year old. Jeanette Runyon only pointed this out. Don’t worry, NAMBLA has a place for you! (And Marlon Brando has nothing to do with this)

  • Wombat_socho

    Nah, just banned them. Leaving the gibbering lunacy up so we can point and laugh.

  • Wombat_socho

    Andy has his rare moments. Credit where credit is due.

  • Kirby McCain

    To the lunatics on the left a sexual hangup is anything which prevents an individual from engaging in sexual activities outside marriage. Any virtue is therefore a sexual hangup in this sense.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    My beliefs are mainstream and have been for 2000 years

  • Jeanette Victoria

    The loon is projecting his/her deviancy

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  • Mm

    Ah, so you admit that it’s abuse. Good to know, Thomas.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Ehh, just throw a bucket of hot water on ’em.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    OMG I had to share Mr Mix is upset. Sadly his screen shots don’t prove his case Part One: Online Stalking from Right Wing Extremists’

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  • maniakmedic

    So you’re the one who stole my missing toe sock! I would demand you return it immediately but I think the decontamination process I’d have to do would destroy it anyway so I’ll just go buy another pair.

  • IvanRider

    Stop repeating that discredited garbage from a bunch of drug addicts in a magazine in 1991. You only make yourself look like a drug-addled fool for repeating it.

    They conspired to get her daughter kidnapped, you SOB!!! You call her evil for wanting to crusade against those who wanted her children abducted???

    I bet you’re jealous of Adam Walsh’s killer too. You wanted to be the one decapitating him. Well rot away!!!

  • Zohydro

    That link might not be safe: my mobile device went apoplectic there…

  • Jeanette Victoria

    It’s OK maybe your mobile device doesn’t like poorly written screeds

  • Zohydro

    It’s good now, but still weird: on the second try I get “This page has become unresponsive, etc.” again so I enable ‘Show security warnings’ then read the screed, and everything was smooth as silk! Android, don’t ya know! I’ll see what it does on Windows later…

  • Jeanette Victoria

    His page is rather sad poorly written and none of his screen shots support him. I wonder how he will get past this? He deosn’t care if what he posts is true or not

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Christian Fundamentalism is a conservative movement within American Protestantism that aims to uphold traditional Christian beliefs in the face of many modernist challenges.

  • Zohydro

    Ha! (Hang in there—if anyone can endure the slings and arrows, it is you! I couldn’t do it…)

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Waves at Mix’s sock

  • Jeanette Victoria

    I feel as a Christian I am duty bound to stand against evil. And because I can I don’t post anonymously

  • Jeanette Victoria

    So folks anyone want to start writing campaign to get
    Sheriff David Grice of Davidson County interested in stopping the cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment The NC cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment law been clearly violated N.C. Gen. Stat. §§ 14-196.3 N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-196(b)

    The progressive stalkers don’t get it, posting stuff like how I beat my mother almost to death and was committed to the loony bin as a result is not only a lie but it endangers my safety.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Call the cops on twitchy they are stalking