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Commies in Anaheim?

Posted on | July 20, 2014 | 18 Comments

ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is a front for the Marxist revolutionary Workers World Party. This is simply a fact, but a fact routinely omitted from media coverage of ANSWER protests. This was the case in California, where the local CBS affiliate deliberated ignored the communist orientation of this weekend’s “march against police brutality” in Anaheim:

Reporter Art Barron ignored the radical, anarcho-communist protesters, many of whom wore shirts and held signs calling for death to the Anaheim Police Department. Even worse, the back bloc anarchists are shown at the video without even a 10-second description or explanation of the real and violent ideological program.

That’s from Donald Douglas, who covered the protests and has compiled a series of reports on the event at American Power:

Cowardly #ANSWER Communists
Violently Harass ‘American Power’
at Anaheim Police Brutality Protest!

– – –

Responses to ‘Cowardly #ANSWER Communists’

– – –

Hey, Leftists: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger
Collectivist Army to Shut Down ‘American Power’!

Notice the red flags? I became familiar with ANSWER when they organized “peace” protests in D.C. during the Iraq War. Of course, commies don’t want peace. They want to destroy America.



  • richard mcenroe

    I’ll say it again: aren’t we conservatives supposed to be the raciss’ h8ers? Why are we leaving it to the commies to keep young black and brown men killing each other?

  • ChandlersGhost

    It’s pretty ironic when a bunch of communists protest police brutality.

  • JeffS

    “Commies in Annaheim?”

    You have to ask?

  • M. Thompson

    Out sourcing. Also, there’s no money in fights like that.

  • M. Thompson

    California commies.

    I hate California commies.

  • Quartermaster

    It would be nice if the Police didn’t give the commies ammo.

  • Federale

    A lot of fat Mexicans as well.

  • Mike G.

    They’re the worst kind.

  • RKae

    It sure would be nice if the cops had some sort of “we won’t tolerate idiots in our ranks” code. Instead, they have the “we always protect our own” code.

    I think it’s union thinking.

    Teamster here: speaking from experience.

  • Matt_SE

    What that town needs is a good, old-fashioned purge.

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  • Jeanette Victoria

    Cali a good place to be from

  • Diogenes_of_NJ

    What no “Free Mumia” signs? Maybe he’s over just like Cindy Sheehan. No Che T-Shirts either. What’s up with that? Are you sure that these guys are commies? All-in-all I’d say that the movement’s really slipping. Bring back flower power and the great American chicken foot signs, drop some acid…. man I’m tripin’ now!!!!

  • Quartermaster

    The union label may be part of the problem, but over the years the Cops have acquired the idea that they are some sort of super class and not mere civilians like the rest of us. They have made it an us vs them issue and the sickness has truly spread to the point that we need to deal, perhaps harshly, with Police departments and force them back into the position they are supposed to occupy in a civil society, instead of being some sort of para-military organization.
    I think the founders might have been tempted to hang a lot of them for treason and/or murder. The behavior of the cops has become intolerable in many places. No knock warrants, no matter what the courts say, are illegal and have become a serious problem, even in states like Texas.

  • Quartermaster

    Can we involve the H1B wetbacks somehow?

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