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Rule 5 Sunday: Dirty Denim

Posted on | August 17, 2014 | 20 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

The band formerly known as the Electrocutes

Can’t remember where I first heard the Donnas; probably in 2002 when they were having their 15 minutes of fame from “Take It Off”. Anyway, for reasons only a psychiatrist would be able to unravel, I’ve always liked the band and its songs, and both seem to fit what we do here at the weekly Rule 5 roundups pretty well. As usual, refrain from making with the clicky on the links where others might get bent out of shape and/or accuse you of being a Giant Patriarchal Tool, with unpleasant consequences for your relationships and/or work.

Goodstuff leads off this week with a megablog featuring (among other things) Grace Parks and nanoboobs. Ninety Miles from Tyranny chipped in with Hot Pick of the Late Night, Girls with Guns, and Morning Mistress; Animal Magnetism contributes Rule 5 Friday and the Saturday Gingermageddon, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot adds Rule 5 Linkfest with Katy Perry, and First Street Journal is as usual all about our women in uniform; this week he spotlights The Big Red One.

EBL’s herd this week includes Radical Lesbian Feminists, Lauren Bacall, two hot girls in a hot car, Fountains of Wayne’s “A Summer Place”, and Joni Ernst.

Postaldog returns with Jessica Alba, vintage see-through hotness, Courtney Stodden, Sally Charles, and Carrie Coon from “The Leftovers”.

A View from the Beach makes up for lost links last week with Lana Del Rey – Enough to Sing a Gay Girl Straight“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”It Took a Brave Woman to Tame the CowSilly Brits Think Gardening is Racist“Thunderstruck”Actress a Bad Judge of SchlockCNN Anchor Accused of Drunken Biting“Sonnentanz”, and Desert Pete’s Vision.

At Soylent Refuge, it’s the breakfast spread, Sweater Puppy Interferometry, Evening Awesome Ahoy Matey!, your Monday Motivationer, French Black Panther comics, The Only Reason I’d See Another Batman, Tuesday Titillation Sideboob Sonata, Overnighty – Another Future Ex-Mrs. Soylent, Humpday Hawtness Leanna, Falconsword Fursday Vintage, Fursday Overnighty Awesome, Corset Cornucopiainator, T-GIF Friday Milkshake, Evening Awesome Wild Flower, Weekender Tiffany, and Bath Night Bamboo.

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Kat Torres, his vintage babe is Teri Garr, Sex in Advertising is Fashionable, and with the return of the NFL, here’s The Power of the Cheerleader. At Dustbury, it’s Electra and Elise Avellan, Lauren Bacall, and Kesha, while Three Beers Later checks in with Rule 5 – Village Girls!

Thanks to everyone for your linkagery! Deadline to submit links to the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox is midnight on Saturday, August 23.

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