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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Evidence In Sony Hack Suggests Possible Involvement By Iran, Chicoms, Russia

No evidence of forced entry – an inside job?
Sony execs say The Interview “desperately unfunny”
Norks’ long term target may be telecoms, utility grid
So what’s Obama going to do about it?

Obama Bets On More Cigars To Win Over Congress On Cuban Embargo
Hoping more trade changes the dynamic in Congress

What You Missed At Vladimir Putin’s Bizarre News Conference
Protests, a stuffed crocodile, and a bear in the woods

Colorado Vows To Defend Legal Pot Against Neighboring States

Weed on display at a Denver dispensary

Nebraska, Oklahoma petition Supremes to strike down Colorado weed law

Jeb Bush: Praised By Liberals, Drawing Flak From GOP

EPA To Issue Guidelines On Handling, Storage Of Coal Ash

Vermont Gives Up On Single-Payer Health Care

Review: Secret Service Needs Outside Leadership, Culture Change

$10 Billion UN-Linked Climate Change Fund Wants Immunity From Prosecution

Obama Sets Up Commission To Improve Police-Community Relations

Congressional Critics Ready To Block Obama’s Cuban Moves

Asian Crude Rebounds In Volatile Trade: WTI $54.74, Brent $59.43
Eurozone Stocks Set For Biggest Weekly Gain Of 2014
BASF, Gazprom Scrap Planned Asset Swap
Wall Street Has Best Two-Day Gain Since 2011 On Fed Optimism
Jobless Claims Lowest In Six Weeks
Hellmann’s Maker Unilever Drops Suit Over “Just Mayo”
ICANN Hacked In Spearphishing Attack
Google Aims To Put Kibosh On Android Lawsuit
BlackBerry Launches New “Classic” Phone
Pot, Meet Kettle: MPAA Calls Google’s Defense Of Free Speech “Shameful”
“Minecraft: Story Mode” Spinoff Announced By Mojang

Jaguars Hold Off Titans For 21-13 Win In Home Finale

Jaguar RB Jordan Todman smiles after a 62-yard touchdown run

Clash between 3-12 Jaguars, 2-13 Titans generally regarded as unwatchable

FCC Dismisses Petition To Strip Snyder of Radio Station Over Redskins Name

Blue Jackets Fall To Caps In OT

Kemp Goes To Padres Despite Arthritic Hips

Celtics Ship Rajon Rondo To Dallas In Mega Deal

Canes Snap Slump With 4-1 Thrashing Of Leafs

Warriors Beat Thunder 114-109 After Durant Injury

Ducks Edge Habs 2-1

Davis, Pelicans Take Down Rockets

Nats Trade Souza To Rays In Three-Team Deal

Ashleee Simpson Pregnant With Second Child

Her first with new hubby Evan Ross

Will join Ashlee’s six-year-old son Bronx by ex Pete Wentz

Jennifer Aniston “Cranky And Irritable” When She Stopped Exercising

Gamer Beats Out Jay-Z, Beyonce For Epic LA House

Brad Pitt Dismissed From Jury Duty: Too Distracting

Marvel Gives Spider-Woman A Modern Makeover

Madonna: Unfinished Album Leak “Artistic Rape”

Celebrities Lose Millions Of Followers In Instagram Purge

Former Fugees Star Makes $1.7 Million But Won’t Pay Child Support, Says Ex

Clint Eastwood Eager To See “Unbroken”

James Franco Cozies Up To Lady Gaga Amid “The Interview” Cancellation

Eight Children Found Dead In Australian Home
Why Pakistan Won’t Hunt Down The Terrorists Within
Kurdish Forces Break Mount Sinjar Siege
Boko Haram Strikes Again
Britain Moves Closer To Allowing Women In Combat
Tusk: EU needs Long-Term Strategy To Deal With Russia
Nigeria Sentences 54 Soldiers To Death
Mandy Rice-Davies, Key Figure In Profumo Scandal, Dies At 70
Hamas Diverting Reconstruction Materials To Terror Tunnel Construction
ROK Constitutional Court Orders Unified Progressive Party To Disband For Pro-Nork Activities

First Street Journal: Even When Obama Gets Something Right, He Gets It Wrong
Proof Positive: Blazing Diplomacy
Doug Powers: Dueling Headlines – PETA’s Person Of The Year
Twitchy: Obama, Bill Clinton Bid Farewell To “Court Jester” Colbert
American Power: Transgender Movement Upends Feminism At Womens’ Colleges
American Thinker: Can We Send Alan Gross Back To Cuba?
BLACKFIVE: Ironic Is One Word
Conservatives4Palin: “Amazing America” Second Season Debuts January 15
Don Surber: New York Returns To The 19th Century
Jammie Wearing Fools: Cuba Protects America’s Most Wanted
Joe For America: Michelle Obama – Short People Are Racist
JustOneMinute: Let Me Highlight Charles Blow’s Auto-Humiliation
Pamela Geller: Gaza Jihadis Bomb French Institute
Protein Wisdom: Legendary MAD Magazine Illustrator Jack Davis Calls it Quits At 90
Shot In The Dark: When Lies Are All You Have
The Gateway Pundit: Second Major Chain Store Shuts Down In Ferguson
The Jawa Report: Tinyish Minority Of African Muslims Take 185 Women And Children Hostage In Yet Another Isolated Incident
The Lonely Conservative: No Recession For Government Bureaucrats
This Ain’t Hell: That Crazed Vet Thing Again
Weasel Zippers: “Fast And Furious” Gun Used In Phoenix Apartment Shooting

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12 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVESEVEN: 12.19.14”

  1. Fail Burton
    December 19th, 2014 @ 12:05 pm

    You missed Geert Wilders being prosecuted in Holland “‘on charges of insulting a group of people based on race and incitement to discrimination and hatred.'”

    Or in other words, exactly what the feminist inspired social justice warriors of the science fiction and fantasy community have been doing for the last few years with impunity with racial and sexual slurs, demonization theories about racial privilege and innuendoes about a Golden Age of SF KKK.

    The irony is delicious and straight to the point since SJWs hate men like Wilders while at the same time making him proud by mimicking what they call his hate speech. SJWs call their own hate speech “anger at books that rely on racist tropes” and “pointing out racism and sexism.”

    The problem is prominent SJW bloggers at the web site associate of the largest publisher of SF in the world leave sympathetic comments at sites that write “… we consider buffaloes especially stupid as animals go. The perfect analogy for white men”

    You have this stunning remark about “you, white person, probably straight cishet and able-bodied, have put everyone in their place and are left standing atop a pile of bodies” written by the SFF SJW person who created the #illridewithyou hashtags for Muslims before the Sydney Siege was even over. And what topic is she discussing there? Yup, the woman who made the crack about white men and buffaloes who was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award by the same morons who got rid of U.K. TV personality Jonathan Ross as a Hugo presenter because a former Hugo nominee literally cried on Twitter about a “White Dude parade.”

    And here’s a N.Y. Times best-seller who holds writing workshops for non-whites only: “White male privilege cares ONLY about white male privilege, and there is no goal except maintaining that position of power.”

  2. texlovera
    December 19th, 2014 @ 1:21 pm
  3. Wombat_socho
    December 19th, 2014 @ 1:43 pm

    Fortunately, I have no idea who those authors are, and doubt I’ll ever read (much less buy) any of the crap they’re peddling.

  4. Wombat_socho
    December 19th, 2014 @ 1:44 pm

    On the other hand, he’s going to run for re-election.

  5. Fail Burton
    December 19th, 2014 @ 2:22 pm

    The larger point is this mainstreaming of hate speech got a fraternity shut down and has deprived men in college of due process by calling hate speech anti-rape. Elsewhere someone has pointed out that “anti-racism” usually means “anti-white” in social justice warrior-land. People are seeing their jobs and careers threatened by discrimination that amounts to open public collusion. Anita Sarkeesian laughs at the Comics Code and feminists laugh at Geert Wilders while each mimics the thing they profess to disdain. It is a con game. People are not reacting to Sarkeesian because she is critiquing video games but because she is doing the equivalent to going into an ethnic neighborhood and yelling slurs. Wilders points up there is no race/gender-neutral definition of hate speech all can benefit by. He should have plenty of company. Back to SFF, when the SFWA expelled one of their members for hate speech, they essentially expelled themselves as well, but only one left.

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  8. andycanuck
    December 20th, 2014 @ 12:18 am

    I think Al Sharpton is actually the new CEO of Sony’s U.S. wing.

  9. Daniel Freeman
    December 20th, 2014 @ 12:45 am

    I recommend the American Power article for the spectacle of a single-sex school using gender-neutral language.

  10. Neo
    December 20th, 2014 @ 11:31 am

    Now, they demand an on-scene after-action damage assessment ..

    North Korea proposed a joint investigation with the United States on the cyberattack against Sony Pictures, calling the charge by the FBI that it was behind the hack “slander,” state media said on Saturday.

    An unnamed spokesman of the North’s foreign ministry said there would be “grave consequences” if Washington refused to agree to the joint probe and continued to accuse the North, the official KCNA news agency reported.

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