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Canada Mass Murder: Gunman Kills Eight, Commits Suicide in Edmonton

Posted on | December 31, 2014 | 28 Comments

His life was falling apart, the Daily Mail reports:

A crazed gunman killed six people — two of whom were children — then committed suicide in a Canadian town, police believe.
The man, thought to be 53-year-old Phu Lam, was found dead after an alleged rampage in which he attacked his victims in two different parts of Edmonton, Canada, before fleeing and taking his own life.
Police said that one of the victims was a young boy, and another was a young girl. They also found bodies belonging to four women and two men who were murdered.
One of the victims was named late Sunday as 37-year-old Cyndi Duong, who was killed at a separate home to the other seven. . . .
Edmonton police chief Rob Knecht called the attacks a ‘senseless mass murder’, which he said was a result of domestic violence.
He later described the killings, carried out with a 9mm handgun which was stolen eight years ago, as ‘planned and deliberate’ and said they were the city’s worst mass killings since 1956.
He added the man was well-known to police and had a criminal record dating back to September 1987. . . .
Duong shared the home where she was found dead with David Luu, 41, according to property records viewed by the Edmonton Journal.
Further records reportedly showed the home where seven more bodies were found is owned by Phu Lam and a 35-year-old woman named as Thuy-Tien Truong. According to the Journal, Truong was sued by the Royal Bank in 2013 and Lam filed a bankruptcy proposal in the same year.

The Edmonton Journal‘s article about the victims gives some hint of the problems that led to this horrific event. What needs to be explained is why Lam, despite his criminal record, was not in prison.



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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    If you held everyone in jail who could potentially do something like this, you would be incarcerating millions more. Most don’t ever go off. This guy did.

    What it shows is even with strict gun control, you can’t prevent this sort of thing from happening. That 9mm was almost certainly illegal in Canada. Didn’t stop the shooter from getting one. His victims never had a chance.

  • Jim R

    My God, what IS it with these people??? What puts the idea in their heads that it would be just swell to go shoot a lot of folks, including children???

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Evil. The Father of Lies. Could it be…Satan?

  • Jim R


  • RS

    Handguns have been illegal in Canada for decades. People intent upon murder will always find a way.

  • Kirby McCain

    They also found bodies belonging to four women and two men who were murdered. I’m sorry that’s just a horrible sentence.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    He murdered the sentence.

  • Daniel Freeman

    I had mixed feelings reading the first few paragraphs. The author made a point of identifying the sex of all the victims as equally important, but the phraseology was atrocious. It might just take some time for reporters to develop new ways of putting things, as they abandon structures like “the bodies of six adults, four of them the sex that you care about whether they live or die women.”

  • K-Bob

    It’s the kind of thing you have to do to get the facts in, though, without writing longer paragraphs.

    One can have dead bodies without them having been murdered.

    I often wondered why people bothered to state “we found a dead body,” when the vast majority of time, finding “a body” implies it’s also dead. But unfortunately that’s colloquial, and not specific.

  • Quartermaster

    If we incarcerated everyone with criminal tendencies, there would be no one to vote DimoKKKrap.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    So how long before progressives find a way to blame the NRA?

  • theoldsargesays

    Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, William J. Jefferson, Bill Clinton, Alcee Hastings……

    The Democrat voters are voting for those who represent them.

  • theoldsargesays

    “They also found bodies belonging to four women and two men who were murdered”.

    Where were these bodies found? How did they die?

  • Daniel Freeman

    For all I know, we’re talking about finding the living bodies of an indeterminate number of slaves owned by four women, and by the way two men were murdered.

    As I said. Atrocious phraseology.

  • theoldsargesays

    I suppose we have to remember these were quotes from Canadian sources.
    They probably think that we talk funny too.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    We all have criminal tendencies. Conservatives just admit it and recognize why limited power and checks and balances are a good thing.

  • Daniel Freeman

    That is a point. They have a mixed-language tradition, and it could’ve been someone more comfortable with French than English.

  • theoldsargesays

    Oh, hadn’t looked at it that way. I was just poking fum at Canadians.

  • Daniel Freeman

    Ah, I didn’t get it. I hadn’t really thought about it consciously before, but there is a remarkable lack of Canadians poking fun at us, so I take them seriously in return.

    That means that I take it seriously when their crazy feminists go nuts on a lecture by a serious academic, but still. One way or the other…

  • theoldsargesays

    Happy New Year man.

  • Daniel Freeman

    Happy New Year!

  • PCachu

    Just because you haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it hasn’t already happened. Myself, I have full faith that our dropped-on-their-heads-during-infancy brethren and sistren are already decrying the Evul ‘Murican Gun Culture’s role in this.

  • DeadMessenger

    Too bad the victims weren’t also armed. Might’ve reduced the number of victims.

  • DeadMessenger

    It’s that Canadians are typically good sports when you poke fun at them.

    For instance, I work with lots of Canadians on my job. I’ll say, for example, “I need you to do xyz task”, and one will inevitably say, “What?” And I’ll say, “Here, let me translate that to Canadian for you: I need you to do xyz task, eh?” And far from taking offense, they laugh uproariously.

    And one time, being from Canada South (Florida), I asked one of them what “Je me souviens” meant on Quebec license tags. He said, “We buy souvenirs”, which was pretty funny, I thought. (It means, “We remember”.)

    They will poke fun, too, but their humor is dry…probably we don’t realize they’re doing it a lot of times.

  • DeadMessenger

    Eric Holder sold that dude the gun, after all.

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