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In The Mailbox, 01.19.16

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Vivian James alerts us to another front in the Culture War.
(h/t The Political Hat)

EBL: Transgenders Stoned
Da Tech Guy: The MSM’s “I’m Not Defending Bill Clinton” Caucus
The Political Hat: Metal Misogyny Isn’t
Michelle Malkin: Marco Rubio’s Second Worst Immigration Bill
Twitchy: Bristol Palin Slams Ted Cruz – “Makes Me Hope My Mom Does Endorse Trump”

American Power: Family Of Robert Levinson “Betrayed And Devastated” By Obama Administration
American Thinker: Why The Media Don’t Want You To See The Must-See 13 Hours
Conservatives4Palin: Portland Community College To Devote An Entire Month To Whiteness Shaming
Don Surber: What Trump Really Is Like
Jammie Wearing Fools: Mexican Cartel Expert – Clown Sean Penn Worse Than Entry-Level Journalist
Joe For America: Nutso Nancy Pelosi Chases Congressman Across House Floor
JustOneMinute: Now What?
Pamela Geller: German Refugee Aid Worker – “I Can’t Take It Any More”
Protein Wisdom: RIP Glenn Frey
Shot In The Dark: Why We Fight, Part IV – The Underdog
STUMP: RIP, Boomers – Death Comes For Us All
The Gateway Pundit: Trump – Obama Has Done A “Terrible Job” For African-Americans
The Jawa Report: Sandcrawler PSA – World Still Going To Shit
The Lonely Conservative: Socialist French President Declares State Of Economic Emergency
This Ain’t Hell: Petraeus’ Stars On Chopping Block?
Weasel Zippers: Duke Student Claims Free Speech, Murder Separated “Only By A Matter of Degree”
Megan McArdle: Self-Driving Cars Will Thrive With More Regulation
Mark Steyn: The Man Who Sold The World

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