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Now That the Election Is Over …

Posted on | October 8, 2016 | 8 Comments

Trump recorded having extremely lewd
conversation about women in 2005

Washington Post

Ryan ‘sickened’ by Trump,
joint appearance scrapped


Trump on Hot Mic: ‘When You’re a Star …
You Can Do Anything’ to Women

NBC News

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia urges Trump to drop out of race
— Washington Post

Mike Pence’s Team Boots Reporters
After Audio Emerges Of Trump Saying
He Can Grab Women ‘By The P***y’

— Huffington Post

Congressman Jason Chaffetz withdraws
his endorsement of Donald Trump


Donald Trump Tried to Fire Nancy O’Dell
After She Rejected His Sexual Advances

Daily Beast

Coffman: ‘Trump Should Step Aside’

This is what pilots call a “non-recoverable error.”


Any attempt to dismiss this as “locker-room banter” runs up against the problem that Trump was not just talking about women’s looks or sharing tales of his sexual adventures, but was boasting about how his status as a wealthy businessman and reality-TV star enabled him to get away with what was arguably sexual assault. Now, what Trump said may actually be true, that “when you’re a star” it’s possible to do this. Which is to say, some women may actually be so flattered by the attentions of a high-status man that they do not object to such behavior. Anyone who has spent much time around sports or show business knows that some women will just throw themselves at a “star.” However, a candidate for President of the United States is judged by an entirely different standard than would apply to a rock musician, an actor or an NBA player.

This election is over. Write “–30–” at the bottom and file it.


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