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Hate, Lies and ‘Social Justice’

Posted on | November 8, 2016 | 1 Comment


Dishonesty, selfishness and cruelty are the basic principles of the Democrat Party in 2016, although “social justice” is what Democrats call their perverse ideology. As the American people go to the polls today, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are expressing their dangerous beliefs:

“What about diversity of opinion?” That question has been a common response to our real fear for our and others’ safety from the hate- and fear-mongering of Trump’s campaign. Those who ask often define inclusion as requiring all people and views to be included?– regardless of how they promote excluding others. We find this definition offensive and reject it.
Trump is uniquely harmful, because his actions are beyond political speech — he actively promotes and festers hate and violence.

In other words, disagreeing with Democrats is not “diversity of opinion.” Disagreeing with Democrats promotes “hate and violence,” and therefore it is wrong, bad and evil to disagree with Democrats. This totalitarian certainty, the belief that no one has a right to oppose “social justice,” is a preemptive justification for the suppression of dissent.

A similar argument was made by Sarah Lerner, a young California Democrat who believes it is wrong for anyone to suggest that people who vote for Donald Trump are deserving of empathy or compassion:

If you vote Republican, you’re a hateful, racist, sexist ignoramus, Sarah Lerner says, and certainly every Democrat shares her opinion. You may be sure that Hillary Clinton has only contempt for you, Republican voters.
According to the final Real Clear Politics average of national polls, Clinton has 45.5% support to 42.2% for the GOP nominee Donald Trump. Four years ago, about 125 million Americans voted in the presidential election. If this year’s turnout matches the 2012 total, that means about 53 million people will vote for Trump — 53 million hateful, racist, sexist ignoramuses, per Ms. Lerner.
If you are one of these 53 million, Ms. Lerner says, you deserve no empathy. She informs us that “racism and xenophobia” are the “driving force” of your support for Trump. Also, your “hateful attitudes toward women.” . . .

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Never doubt that Democrats hate you. Hillary Clinton believes you deserve to be hated, and everyone in the liberal media agrees with her.



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