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Yes, @kmo75947, Feminists Do Hate Men

Posted on | November 16, 2016 | 3 Comments


Kelsey Mo (@kmo75947 on Twitter) is a student in the Barrett honors college program at Arizona State University, where she is enrolled in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She decided to clear up a “misconception” about her radical ideology:

I walked along the street on my way to a Barrett, the Honors College event with a good friend when she asked me out of the blue, “So is feminism just man-hating?” A little caught off guard, I patiently explained that feminism is not about hating men but about equality between the sexes. It surprised me that my friend would ask me that question because I talk about feminism often enough that I assumed she knew my sentiments. . . .
The misconception about feminism comes from a lack of understanding what feminists’ goals are.
“I don’t think they understand feminism as well,” said Lauren Barnes, president of the Barrett Feminist Club. “I think that there’s obviously with any movement there are some people who are radical, there are people who just misunderstand things, and they don’t hear what the real definitions are or what the real movement is.”
The goal of feminism is to achieve gender equity in all aspects. . . .
“Feminism is trying to counteract that and to give equality for everyone and to allow everyone to pursue their own careers and live their lives as they believe. Not in some sort of constraint under some gender roles,” Barnes said. . . .

Oh, “gender equity in all aspects”?


As of 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Education, there are about 12.4 million female students enrolled in American colleges and universities, compared to about 9.1 million male students. In order to achieve “gender equity” in college enrollment, we must either (a) do something about the anti-male discrimination in our nation’s school systems, or else (b) expel about 3.3 million college girls.

After all, don’t feminists believe that the absence of “gender equity” (e.g., the disparity between men’s and women’s average annual income) proves that women are victims of sexist discrimination? By this logic, then, isn’t the shortage of male students on U.S. campuses proof that universities are discriminating against men?

If, as Lauren Barnes told Ms. Mo, feminism’s goal is “to give equality to everyone,” why aren’t feminists protesting against the inequality in higher education? And the answer is, because feminists hate men.


Feminists are against equal educational opportunity for male students. Feminists claim to be victims of oppression, falsely accusing men of “sexist” discrimination. This dishonest propaganda tactic serves to compel government to discriminate even more against men, an anti-male bias that feminists justify as necessary to “gender equity.”

Women have been a majority of U.S. college students since 1978, and the male-female enrollment gap has widened significantly in the past 25 years. Despite this clear evidence that the American education system is biased against male students, Ms. Mo and Ms. Barnes believe that militant feminism is still necessary on university campuses, and why? Because “equality for everyone and to allow everyone to pursue their own careers” requires elimination of “gender roles,” according to Ms. Barnes.


Ms. Barnes posted that photo of her backpack to her @radsaddfeminist Twitter account, displaying her fanatical commitment to feminism, an ideology that is about ending the “constraint” of “gender roles.” Notice, prominently displayed on her backpack, this patch:


That design is from a 1993 flyer by Ann Carroll who was part of the so-called “Riot Grrl” punk-rock scene of the early 1990s. It reads:

Excuse Me
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am not going to smile,
act dumb, hide my body, pretend, lie, be silent for you. And that
everything I do I do for me and I’m not going to let you
laugh at me, make fun of me, harass me, abuse me or
rape me anymore. Because I am a girl and me
and my girlfriends are not afraid of you!

To whom is this hostile, accusatory message addressed? Who did Ms. Carroll accuse of all these evil actions? Answer: Men. All men.

Feminists do not smile for men. Feminists don’t do anything for men. Feminists hate men, because men are bad. Quod erat demonstrandum.

This was the anti-male message of Ann Carroll’s 1993 flyer, a message ASU feminist Lauren Barnes displays on her backpack, as she accuses men of being too stupid to understand what “equality” means:

“I think a lot of people think feminism is supposed to take power away from men or say that women are inherently better than men, but it’s just because men are so used to being in power that women being equal to them can seem as a threat, and they don’t understand that it’s also supposed to empower men,” Barnes said.

No, Ms. Barnes, we understand exactly what feminism is supposed to do, and obviously you do think you are “are inherently better than men,” because otherwise you might think they could understand what feminism is without you having to explain it to them. Feminism is an organized anti-male propaganda campaign in which feminists constantly accuse males of being “sexist.” Feminists deliberately insult males by acting as if men are too stupid to understand anything with being lectured about what men are doing wrong, namely, everything. No man has ever done anything right, according to feminists. All men are bad, wrong and stupid. Feminists believe no man is capable of thinking for himself, because then he wouldn’t need all these feminist lectures, would he?

Lauren Barnes is implacably hostile toward all men, falsely accusing them of criminal intentions — rape, harassment, etc. — merely because they are male, and because feminists believe all men are evil. My hunch, however, is that most men at Arizona State University are smart enough to avoid Lauren Barnes as much as they possibly can. Most men at ASU probably never even speak to Lauren Barnes. Men ignore her, because she’s a feminist, and feminists are notoriously obnoxious. She probably doesn’t notice the way men on campus carefully avoid any social interaction with her, because . . . Well, no one has ever dared to accuse Lauren Barnes of having a romantic interest in men, have they? I doubt it.

Even if she did harbor some heterosexual interest, however, what man could possibly find Lauren Barnes attractive? I mean, is the dating scene in Tiempe so dismal that guys are hitting on chicks with “KEEP YOUR POLITICS OUT OF MY UTERUS” patches on their backpacks? Really, how’s a guy supposed to strike up a friendly conversation with a girl who is into slogans like, “GENDER ROLES ARE A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT”?

No matter how much progress toward “gender equity” there has been in recent decades, my guess is most guys at Arizona State University are smart enough to avoid wasting time with Lauren Barnes. So, while it is hypothetically possible that she’s heterosexual, in reality . . .

Arizona State University is committed to providing “an inclusive and affirming academic and campus environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, questioning students and their allies. . . . LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Ally) Services at Arizona State University works to sustain an environment of respect, compassion and equity for all.”


It’s a free country. Lauren Barnes is free to hate men, and men are free to stay as far away as possible from Lauren Barnes. And being avoided by men would make Lauren Barnes happy. She’s a feminist, and ASU provides “an inclusive and affirmative” environment for . . . feminists.




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